Fitango Health – Digital Healthcare Patient Care Delivery System?


Founded in 2015, Fitango Health is an innovating company that has specialized in digital health solutions. The main mission of the company is to help health care organizations improve monitoring of collaborative care, increase plan adherence, lower costs, and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

The company prides itself for having the best heath care specialists who are committed to providing quality services that will improve the wellbeing of all citizens. The main aim of the company is to expand health care coverage with the goal of ensuring that the overall population is healthy.

Fitango Health has designed a highly innovative platform that helps to reduce readmission as well as improve the overall health and wellness of people. Their platform also helps to manage risks. As a digital platform, Fitango Health provides a highly integrated health care management system as well as member engagement solution that allows its members to move towards value based care. They offer unique and highly effective practices that are aimed at improving health outcomes, decreasing risk, and creating a sustainable health pattern.

About Fitango Health Highly Integrated Platform

Fitango Health is committed to provide high level of integration and it does this in several dimensions, including:

Functional Integration

Fitango Health actually believes that a good relationship between care management, population health, and patient engagement is vital in ensuring that the goals of the health care system are achieved. That is why it has put concrete measures in place to ensure that a strong integration is established between the three parties. This is very important, because it helps them to offer personalized medical care that satisfied individual results of patients.

Continuum Of Care

The integrated platform offered by Fitango Health actually covers a full continuum of care by providing quality and unique capabilities for each member on the continuum from preventative, post-acute, and chronic care patients.

Integrating Stakeholders

Fitango Health does not lock its stakeholder out. It provide access and quality services to all its stakeholders via the patient engagement portals and care management, all in the aim of ensuring that there is better communication between the company’s stakeholders.

Fitango Health has taken their expertise in care management and patient engagement to create an efficient platform that can be utilized by the organization to improve health outcomes of their patients as well as offer their health care services at a lower cost.

The company offers a wide array of tools that are aimed at inspiring its members to shift from health care of self-care. It has been able to create a platform that unites all parties involved by integrating a highly functioning team that is reliable and efficient to simplify communication and also enhance transparency.

Fitango Health provides healthcare facilities and equipment needed to help them manage their patients as well as help them streamline their discharge process and engage with their patients not only in the clinic but also outside of the clinic. Fitango Health understands clearly the importance of having a streamlined and comprehensive discharge process.

That is why the company has created an effective platform that enables discharge planners to engage with patients as well as get involved in their recovery process. The platform created by Fitango Health is able to submit dynamic tools that encourage a seamless experience for patients to enable them to become self-sufficient on their path to recovery and improved health.

Fitango Health has also created a platform that provides long term management for patients. Team members from various organizations, including providers, can take advantage of the platform and get involved in real time, getting clinical alerts and intense care management. All of this is in the aim of helping to prevent unnecessary hospitalization that is usually as a result of lack of opportunities to intervene.

Why Choose Fitango Health?

Quality Care Management

Fitango Health is committed to providing quality healthcare solutions to health care providers. That is why it provides real time clinical alerts, integrated care teams, and data analytics to enable health care providers to offer quality health care services to all their patients.

Quality Assurance

Home health provider can access the member care plan by simply logging into the Fitango Health website. The server will automatically send location and time data to the system upon arrival and departure.

They Provide Real Time Data

Fitango is committed to ensuring that all f their members are safe. That is why the company provides real time data, enabling its members to intervene to know if a member needs hospitalization or not.

Everything You Need In One Single Platform

Fitango Health is one of the few platforms that have everything that you need to know about healthcare. It has successfully integrated caretakers, patients, and health providers in a single platform that is highly effective. This is very important because it has simplified communication between stakeholders and it has enhanced accountability, transparency, and information sharing.

Provides Solution For Various Specialties

Fitango Health’s platform offers quality and well researched solutions to a wide array of specialties by offering comprehensive and specific action plans.

Fitango Health Review Summary

Fitango Health is a company that provides home health monitoring and management that can be accessed and tracked by the user’s healthcare professionals to ensure a patient’s safety and improve their quality of life.

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