Fit Star Lifestyle T Fit – Women’s Thyroid Weight Loss Wearable?


Fit Star Lifestyle T Fit is a regimen that helps consumers to lose weight with customizable meal plans and all-day access to nutrition and training apps. The program is available as a week-long trial first, after which time the user can pay monthly or yearly for access.

About Fit Star Lifestyle T Fit

Getting in shape is one of the most difficult times for anyone, since most people have to sacrifice a lot to reach their goal. The key to improving the body is to balance the right diet and exercise regimen, but every person has unique needs that help them to lose weight effectively. There is no point in taking on a one-size-fits-all type of regimen, since the key is to find a program that meets that user’s needs. With the T Fit: Fit Star Lifestyle, consumers have the control again.

The T-Fit regimen helps women to control their thyroid gland, which emits one of the hormones that can cause weight gain that does not go away. While most people have to take a medication to regulate this part of the body, the creators behind this regimen theorize that all the user needs to do is to change the way they workout and diet.

When someone participates in the membership for the T-Fit Lifestyle program, they have access to:

  • A smartphone app with access to a personal trainer
  • A health and nutrition coach
  • Over 100 recipes for healthier eating, which include a grocery list and alterations for both gluten free and paleo living
  • A guide that helps consumers to pick nutritious meals when they go out to eat
  • A kickoff to the Fit Start Challenge
  • At-home workouts, which update weekly and come with video demonstrations
  • An accountability group to keep up with the regimen
  • Monthly prizes
  • Additional guides to help with anxiety and gut health

There is plenty of content that consumers will have access to with T Fit that helps them to motivate themselves throughout their routine. Most people can visit their doctor to get tested for a low thyroid, but there are a few signs that consumers can look out for on their own. Some of the telltale signs include gaining weight despite low calorie intake, loss of confidence, feeling fatigued, or feeling sleepy consistently. It is important to seek out the help of a doctor to deal with severe thyroid issues, but mild changes can easily be changed with T-Fit.

The Secrets of the T Fit: Fit Star Lifestyle

According to the website, there are three secrets to weight loss that the user needs to consider when they start dieting.

  1. Gluten free dieting can keep someone from losing weight, since there are many different types of wheat that someone can have a bad reaction to.
  2. Low fat and sugar free diets are bad for the body, since the replacement ingredients for these components are unhealthy for the body.
  3. No diet will work without addressing issues within the thyroid.

All the information and guidance available for T-Fit will support a diet that overcomes these issues, and helps consumers deal with the problems of the thyroid.


The total cost of the T-Fit system will depend on how the user wants to budget the system into their routine. If the user wants to pay in full for the year all at once, the total cost is $197. However, if the user prefers to pay monthly, the payments will be $27.00.

Regardless of the T-Fit regimen, consumers will start of the use of the program with a trial offer. During the trial, there is no cost to the consumer, even though they will have access to all the online content.

The trial or the membership can be cancelled at any time with an email to the customer service team. There is no time limit available about the time that they can cancel, but the website says that the user can cancel at any time.

Contacting The Creators Of T Fit: Fit Star Lifestyle

Since the website only has a bit of information available about the product, consumers may want to learn more details about the program. The customer service team does not have a phone number, but anyone can send a message to [email protected] to reach a representative.

Fit Star Lifestyle T Fit Summary

T Fit: Fit Star Lifestyle is helpful for any woman that wants to overcome the issues that they have in their thyroid. Though this issue is best addressed by a doctor, consumers can use the diet to help balance out their treatment for weight loss. With just a few changes to the body, it is easy to get the body of your dreams with T-Fit.

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