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Fit Prosperity Daily Boost Review

Fit Prosperity is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that claims to be giving away 500 units of its Daily Boost nutritional beverage supplement for free. Here’s our Fit Prosperity Daily Boost review.

What is Fit Prosperity Daily Boost?

Daily Boost is a liquid nutritional supplement sold by a company named Fit Prosperity.

That company recently released an offer onto the internet. In the video introducing that offer, you see a guy standing in front of 500 boxes of Daily Boost. He claims that the company is giving away 500 boxes of the juice for free – and that people just like you can claim their free 30 day supply of the liquid simply by filling out the online form.

The juice itself is a multi-nutrient blend featuring blueberries, blackberries, and other fruits. The juice contains 15 calories per serving. It’s also certified vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

The “free” Daily Boost offer isn’t actually free. It’s priced at $9.95 for shipping and handling. Plus, as part of the free offer, you’ll be automatically signed up for the Daily Boost autoship program, which requires you to buy at least two bottles of Daily Boost at a price of $69.95 per bottle every month until you cancel.

How Does Fit Prosperity Daily Boost Work?

Fit Prosperity Daily Boost is a low-calorie juice that claims to contain 66 superfood ingredients. You’re supposed to take a one ounce shot of the juice daily to boost your vitality and overall wellbeing.

The ingredients included in Daily Boost are what you’d expect to see from a superfood blend.

For example, you have antioxidants (like acai plant, milk thistle, and aloe vera), amino acids (like l-glutamine, l-valine, and l-isoleucine), vitamins (like vitamin E, vitamin B3, and vitamin B12), and minerals (like manganese, vanadium, copper, and chromium).

By drinking one serving of Daily Boost every day, you can enjoy a wide range of health benefits. The manufacturer specifically advertises all of the following benefits:

— Provides Natural Energy
Promotes Mental Acuity
Naturally Reduces Hunger Cravings
— Reduces Oxidative Stress
Detoxifies The Body

Daily Boost Ingredients

Fit Prosperity never actually tells us the specific ingredient amounts in each 1 ounce serving of Daily Boost – so it’s unclear how much of each ingredient’s daily value you’re getting when you take a 1 ounce shot.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer has explained how much of each food is in a single bottle (32 ounces with 30 daily servings). So by dividing by 30, you can get your approximate daily dosage in terms of the food content – although the specific amounts of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are undisclosed.

In any case, here’s what’s in each 32 ounce bottle of Daily Boost:

— 1 cup of chopped mushrooms (for vitamin B5)
— 29 eggs (vitamin D3)
— 3.3 cups of dark leafy greens (magnesium)
— 2.2 cups asparagus (vitamin B9)
— 2.5 cups sun dried tomatoes (copper)
— 75 pieces of pecan (manganese)
— 500 grapes (resveratrol)
— 2.66 cups raw peanut butter (vanadium)
— 20 almonds (calcium)
— 6.25 ounces cheddar cheese (vitamin B12)
— 3 cups chopped broccoli (vitamin E)
— 1.6 cups pumpkin and squash seeds (zinc)
— 11.5 cups quinoa (selenium)
— 10 cups green peas (vitamin B3)
— 6.75 cups broccoli (chromium)
— 52 strawberries (L-glutathione)
— 0.5 cups spinach (beta carotene)
— “Amino Acids and Antioxidants” (unspecified amounts)

Ultimately, it would have been extremely helpful for Fit Prosperity to have listed the exact amounts of each vitamin, nutrient, and mineral included in a serving of Daily Boost. Do you still have to take a multivitamin when you’re drinking Daily Boost? Or does this beverage provide a sufficient daily supply of all your required vitamins and minerals?

Since Fit Prosperity never lists its dosage information, we’re left to guess how beneficial Daily Boost actually is to your health.

How to Buy Daily Boost

Daily Boost is currently available through a promotional offer at As part of that promotional offer, you get a “free” bottle of Daily Boost today, although your credit card will be pre-authorized for about $150 USD of additional charges.

Here’s how this trial program works:

— You only pay for shipping, which costs $9.95 today. You’ll need to enter a credit card to pay that fee. The secure ordering form accepts all major credit cards.

— Many people will happily pay the fee and press the Order button without reading through the fine print of the terms and conditions. If you do read through those terms and conditions, you’ll see this: “We know you’re going to absolutely love Daily Boost after testing it out. Because of that, we’re going to automatically enroll you into our Super Savers program as part of this introductory offer.”

— That Super Saver program sounds great – but in reality, it involves your credit card being automatically charged $139.90 every month until you call the company to cancel. In exchange for that price, you receive two bottles of Daily Boost every month ($69.95 per bottle).

— The first $139.90 charge will appear on your credit card just 20 days after you receive your first Daily Boost trial bottle.

Ultimately, all of this information is outlined in the fine print of the Daily Boost terms and conditions section. However, it’s deliberately placed at the bottom of the page in an attempt to hide the info from customers while still legally protecting the company.

There are also numerous spots that say “FREE” throughout the page – so the company is heavily promoting the fact that you get a “free” bottle, when in reality, that’s not the case.

If you want to cancel your subscription with Fit Prosperity, then you’ll need to contact the company’s customer service hotline at 512-872-2870.

About Fit Prosperity

Fit Prosperity is a health and wellness company based in Texas at the following address:

Fit Prosperity
4175 Freidrich Lane Ste 202
Austin, Texas 78744

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at 512-872-2870.

Daily Boost is one of a small range of products sold by the company. Other supplements include Super Krill – a daily fish oil supplement – and a Green Superfood Formula that comes in a powder.

The company has also released three eBooks onto the internet targeted towards women who want to lose weight. Those eBooks include “Reprogram your Body to Drop Fat Fast”, “Body Hacks to Look Great Naturally”, and “The Woman’s Craving Hack”.

Currently, Daily Boost and all other Fit Prosperity products are exclusively sold through the Fit Prosperity website.

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  1. I have been trying to get someone on the phone at this company for weeks and cannot. Every time I call a computerized voice says that my account is locked. They keep taking my money but I cant send product back. They do not even return emails anymore…
    Has anyone had any success returning products and getting a credit back on their card?

  2. My name is Gina Pingley, i have ordered several months of body boost product and loved it. But ordered it 4/26/2016 and they took money out of my account but never received it. So i call number that is stated and the company is shut down . So no product and have taken my money. Buyer beware

  3. I purchased this product on April 15th 2016 it is currently May 18th 2016 I have yet to receive the product my charge card was charged $294 and whenever I call the number no one ever answers they say they will return your call within 24 hours if you leave a message I've called at least 10 times left messages and no return calls

  4. Hey y'all have to be patient with this stuff, I started to send mine back after I was hitting and missing days but when the second bottle came I didn't miss a day and then I notice I didn't need my medicine, I have asthma real bad well I did and was on the disc 50/50 it's bee three weeks now haven't taken any of it. My breathing is normal and I can run up stairs as be for I be reaching for my pump, but now I'm healthy from this boost!!!! …James Baltimore

  5. I was shock to see my account was charged for $99.90. I did not gave them any authority what so ever. The product does not help me or my wife at all. Despite that we are taken lots of food before we swallow that product it made us sick to the stomach, my wife was nauseous for the whole day. Every time when I open the bottle my Daughter complain that the whole house smell like Urine.To day is Saturday I called the Company but they are close, left a message to reverse the charges and do not send me the product again. In my message I told them if they are not reversing the charges I will dispute it with my bank. I consider this Company unethical and dishonest. Let this be a warning to future clients Do Not Buy the Product.

  6. I ordered a free bottle, plus S&H. Got the bottle with a broken seal. Called right away. But it took over a month and 2 phone calls and one email to get it straighten out. They could't charge my card again, because I have already gotten myself another one. I don't mind the taste. I can't wait to see how much “better” I am going to feel. This is my second day taking it. Got the bottle yesterday. And when they say- take with food- u take with food. Yesterday, I just had a salad and took a shot. Was nauseous for couple of hours after that. So, have to have more food in the stomach for it. It just sucks this companies have to be so sneaky about ordering their products. If one bottle is good for a one month, why send u 2 a month. Without u ordering. If I like the product, trust me, I will order again!!! What they r doing is equal to stealing!!!

  7. very shady company DO NOT BUY from them!! So much time getting out of the fine print “deal” body boost has awful taste and 3 grams of SUGAR per serving! No excuse for that…

  8. I was told that if I auto shipped one time that would set the price for me, and without ordering off of the promo, I called and they talked me into three canisters of green powder, when I hadn't even opened the first one, (the promo canister.) So I kept it. Three months later here comes three more canisters without my ordering them.
    I was and still am upset with them. No one in America runs an honest nor customer oriented company, anymore. Very sad.

  9. BUYER BEWARE!! I am being charged $79.95 for a product that I do NOT recall ordering. I would not have ordered it because it contains mushrooms, which I am allergic to. I will try to reach the company but also will certainly file fraud charges with my credit card company so that this fraudulent charge cannot occur again.

  10. Does anyone know how to cancel these orders?
    The product does not taste that good at all, so drinking it everyday it pretty tough, so $139 for two bottles is out of the question.

  11. I was watching the video, filled out the form for 39.95 per bottle.
    I accidentally closed the page. When I sought out the page again, the price per bottle jumped up. Now I'm wondering if I want to do this al all.
    Using social media A/B testing is not good when the customer SEES the game. I'm curious to see how many people actually read the fine print..and the costs involved.

    • I hate this company. They have tied up my credit and don't answer their phones. I am sending the product back unopened. Had I seen this page before ordering, I would not have made a purchase.


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