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First Endurance is a lineup of nutritional supplements that promise to provide “premium endurance”. Find out how First Endurance supplements work today in our review.

What Is First Endurance?

First Endurance is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that offers a lineup of supplements “clinically proven to improve performance”.

Popular supplements include OptygenHP (which claims to increase VO2Max) and EFS Liquid Shot (a liquid-based supplement that can be added water to enhance its hydration). You can also buy the EFX Drink Mix, a powdered version of the supplement. It’s particularly popular on Amazon.

First Endurance is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can purchase the company’s supplements online through Amazon or through the official website. Today, they can be found at elite endurance events and cycling events around the world. They also sponsor multiple elite endurance athletes.

First Endurance Products

First Endurance offers all of the following supplements:


OptygenHP claims to be clinically proven to improve performance – including VO2Max. It enhances the body’s ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress. It also increases the anaerobic threshold and reduces lactic acid.

As proof, First Endurance cites clinical study where athletes experienced a 23% improvement in endurance capacity after taking the OptyMax Proprietary Matrix, which is the key ingredient in OptygenHP. That matrix mostly consists of beta-alanine.


Available in a liquid shot or as a powder, EFS may be First Endurance’s best-known supplement. You add the powder or liquid to water or another beverage to prevent cramping and dehydration. It’s described as “super charged endurance fuel”.

The liquid shots, for example, come with 400 calories of energy that deliver 1500mg of electrolytes, 1000mg of amino acids, and 100 grams of carbohydrates to your body.


If the normal EFS formula isn’t strong enough for you, then there’s EFS-Pro, which provides “professional strength endurance and hydration” uses a special carbohydrate source “that has a significantly lower osmolality than any other carbohydrate available”.

All of that science talk means you get maximum performance and delayed fatigue. The formula contains 1400 mg of electrolytes in each serving.


First Endurance sells a multivitamin called MultiV-PRO. Like other multivitamins, it provides a strong dose of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed by your body.


PreRace comes in the form of capsules or a powder. However you buy it, you can enjoy a formula that’s “clinically proven to make you faster”, according to First Endurance. Key ingredients in the formula include caffeine and quercetin.

There’s also 3000mg of L-taurine, 1000mg of citrulline malate, and 300mg of malic acid. Overall, the formula promises to boost your mental and physical energy to make sure you’re ready for the race.

First Endurance Reviews

First Endurance is generally well-reviewed online. The company’s leading product, EFS Drink Mix, currently has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Here are some of the pros and cons reported in those reviews:


  • Excellent for avoiding dehydration and cramping
  • Particularly popular with competitive cyclists, but can also be used by any endurance athletes
  • Seems to be easier on the body than other formulas, with fewer reports of upset stomachs or bloating issues
  • Excellent for hot weather endurance training


  • Not everyone likes the flavor, and some people claim it tastes too salty

If you’re struggling with the flavor of EFS Drink Mix, then consider adding it to a 50/50 Gatorade/water mix. Many people claim that reduces the saltiness of the beverage and makes it more palatable.

About First Endurance

First Endurance was founded in 2002 by two endurance athletes – a cyclist and a triathlete. The company is active in the racing community and currently sponsors five professional teams and several elite endurance athletes.

You can contact the company using the form on their website under the contact us tab. Or, call them at 1-866-347-7811.

First Endurance Summary

First Endurance makes a popular range of supplements for cyclists and elite endurance athletes. The supplements are generally well-reviewed online, and the company has a strong presence in the racing community.

The supplements are designed for high-level athletes. To learn more about and purchase First Endurance products, visit the company online today.

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