FCH Torsion Wrist Hand Forearm Strengthener – Super Arm Builder?


The FCH Torsion Wrist Hand Forearm Strengthener is a device designed to work out those muscles it can often be easy to forget about. It is comfortable with soft hand grips which stops dry skin forming when using metal bars and the 8 shape ensures that you use more muscles every time you use it whilst reducing stress and strain on the joints.

The torsion of this strengthener is 20kg. Torsion is the action of twisting. This means the weight of 20kg is applied when the strengthener is used and twisted. 20kg is a high torsion weight for intensive training.

FCH Torsion Wrist Hand Forearm Strengthener is ideal for people that play sports such as badminton, golf of tennis as it really works the muscles that are used for these sports. Once you are training using Super Arms Strengthener, it will train for a tighter grip on racquets and a more power when playing.

It is multifunctional which means it can be used in a range of different environments, including at the gym, at home or during a CrossFit session. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is easy to carry.

Super Arms ensures that when in use, the arms follow through only natural movements to avoid injury. Other exercises such as push ups can sometimes manipulate the natural movement and way that the arm functions sometimes causing damage.

Benefits of Strength Training With FCH Torsion Wrist Hand Forearm Strengthener

Strength training has many great benefits, the obvious being that is makes you stronger and fitter in general, that your muscles become toned and when you have toned muscles it often improves balance and coordination which can reduce falls, especially in older people.

Training for strength protects bone and muscle mass and is one of the best ways to stop, prevent and reverse bone and muscle loss, which again can also occur as age creeps up on you. After puberty, per year, you being to lose around 1% of your bone and muscle strength.

Strength training encourages weight loss and keeping weight it off. Weight training 3 times a week can increase the amount of calories burned. More calories are burned when making and maintaining muscle than fat.

Strength training releases endorphins in the body which increase mood, so strength training is even a great way to boost your mood leaving you feeling happier.

FCH Torsion Wrist Hand Forearm Strengthener Summary

Having strong hands and wrists is good practice for in the gym because it can improve grip, allowing you to hold heavier weights as you progress over time with your workouts. This is also important when partaking in activities which require you to hold yourself up such a climbing.

Forearm and wrist strength is also very important as these muscles allow us to perform other exercises to enhance biceps, triceps, chest and back. If you do not have good forearm and wrist strength you may struggle to complete further exercises.

Strong shoulders are key for every day lifting and activity. Pressure is generally applied to the shoulders and back throughout day to day life and weak shoulders can often be subject to injury from the simplest task. By having strong shoulders, it can also prevent injury when we are working out other areas of our body.

Being and feeling strong and having good strength in our bodies can lead to confidence and feeling better in general. It is important to stay strong and healthy.

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