Fairlife Core Power Coffee: Post Workout High Protein Milk Shake?


Gone are the days of messy protein powders that offer a chalky consistency. Now consumers have a wide range of tasty options when it comes to ready to drink products. Core Power Coffee offers athletes a way to boost their body’s protein levels with added caffeine helping keep energy levels high.

What Is Fairlife Core Power Coffee?

Brought to consumers by the makers of Fairlife milk, Core Power Coffee is a protein rich drink formulated to boost energy and improve muscle development. This creamy milk based drink offers high levels of protein and caffeine in each easy to use bottle.

Unlike messy protein powders, this product is ready to consume making it easier for athletes to give their body an extra boost following morning workouts. Men and women who love coffee will appreciate a new product that combines their favorite morning routine with muscle building support.

Core Power Coffee is a great option for people who like to run, bike, or lift weights and want a way to improve their body’s muscle development while enhancing energy levels throughout the day.

How Does Fairlife Core Power Coffee Work?

Athletes of any level recognize the importance of protein when it comes to supporting athletic endurance and lean muscle growth. Core Power Coffee offers a delicious tasting drink that offers high levels of protein alongside caffeine to keep users energized and strong throughout their day.

Each serving offers 26 grams of protein as well as 32 grams of caffeine which work together to boost energy levels and improve workout recovery.

Core Power Coffee can be consumed either during or after exercise to help support performance and recovery.

Core Power Coffee Post Workout High Protein Milk Shake Ingredients

Each 11.5-ounce bottle contains eighty-five grams of caffeine along with twenty-six grams of protein. This combination gives athletes the extra boost of energy and protein needed to enhance workout performance and lean muscle growth.

One of the benefits of Core Power Coffee is the low levels of fat per serving. Consumers who have sensitivities to lactose will appreciate that this product is lactose free as well as gluten free. The combination of protein and caffeine is designed to give men and women who work out in the morning a way to kick start their day with energy and stamina.

Fairlife Core Power Coffee Pricing

This product is available in a variety of US based convenience stores and groceries like Albertsons, Kwik Trip, Holiday, Schnucks, and Cub Foods.

Consumers who wish to purchase Core Power Coffee drinks by Fairlife online can use Amazon.

Each case contains twelve 11.5 ounce bottles for $45.62. Consumers who order frequently from Amazon can also add this product to their Subscribe and Save list saving between five to fifteen percent off frequently used products.

Should You Use Fairlife Core Power Coffee?

Due to the high levels of caffeine, Core Power Coffee should not be consumed within six hours of bedtime. Users should also be aware that this product still contains high levels of sugar and carbohydrates.

Core Power Coffee seems like a great option for athletes who prefer to workout in the morning and want to get more out of their daily coffee routine.


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