EyeQue Insight – Do It Yourself Visual Vision Acuity Screener?


EyeQue Insight: fastest, easiest DIY 20/20 vision screener – Kickstarter

EyeQue has remained dedicated to inspiring people to care for their eyes by offering accurate and affordable vision tests with the use of their cell phone and the EyeQue Insight device.

With the help of revolutionary, patented technologies, EyeQue has brought self administered eye tests to billions worldwide. This has brought solution to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity due to costs or lack of convenience.

The first Kickstarter product, the Personal Vision Tracker was funded and delivered on time in February 2017 after being backed by thousands.

The goal here is to expand their reach, and to partner with those who share the vision of taking this product from local consumers to developing countries where vision care is something that is not accessable.

This simple eye testing device is compact and lightweight, making travel and delivery easy; and the accuracy of the results are comparable to an eye exam done at the doctor's office.

About EyeQue Insight

EyeQue Insight is a professional grade visual acuity screener (goggles) that will help to determine if someone has 20/20 vision within minutes. Visual acuity is just another way of describing the clarity and sharpness of vision, and 20/20 is normal vision as defined by optometrists.

Combine this with the myEyeQue VA app, the goggles will attach to your smartphone to create an industry standard for vision testing, a tumbling eye chart, and will virtualize a 20 foot distance to ensure accuracy.

This test is so easy, that test results are available instantly, and are stored in the EyeQue Cloud so you can keep track of changes in your vision over time.

How to Use it

Simply attach the goggles to your smartphone and swipe in the direction of the letter “E” on your screen. The random sequence of the letter “E” allows for accuracy, as it cannot be memorized. This allows for the most accurate results.

For Kids

The apps animated host Seymour is a fun loving blue “friend” that will keep your child engaged and following instructions. He also offers lots of tips to help children feel comfortable taking the test, and to take care of their eyes.

Benefits of EyeQue Insight

We all have changing eyesight, children in particular are more likely to have rapid changes. The hope is that this product can change the lives of those in the developing world who would otherwise not have access to accurate and regular eye exams.

Children with rapidly changing eyesight will have tremendous benefits. When these changes aren’t racked and treated, their eyesight can decline quickly, leaving irreversible damage.

Now these changes can be tracked and recorded easily, and the results can easily be shared with your eye doctor during exams or appointments.

Peace of Mind

Having the peace of mind, knowing you or your child can see clearly and track changes will prevent going months, or even years with blurry vision and headaches. This efficient eye screening tool is ideal for following up on prescription changes, Lasik eye surgery results, and for those who experience fluctuations in their visual acuity.

The sleek lightweight design, along with the advanced technology assigned to this product are what makes EyeQue Insight one that surpasses expectations. Created with the unique pros and cons of other devices in mind, EyeQue was specifically designed to meet all of your needs and without drawbacks.

This has made EyeQue the world's first and most compact at home vision screener.

How To Back EyeQue Insight

This Kickstarter pledges with benefits run from $75 (comes with 1 device) to $1200 (comes with 20 devices).

Otherwise, a pledge of any amount is appreciated.

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