One of the most important parts of the body is the skin. The skin tells the story of the people it covers, from the scars to the blemishes that mar it. However, not everyone wants these to be the first impressions people get of their skin. They don’t want the blemishes or scars, the things that might embarrass them more than anything else. And it’s because so many people don’t want the issues of their skin to show that skin creams and cosmetics are so popular today.

There are hundreds of thousands of options available for people who want to cover up the blemishes on their skin. From the different skin creams that are supposed to fade the spots, blotches, and scars away to the makeup that simply covers them up, there are enough options for everyone who wants to find a way to get perfect, flawless skin.

The problem with all the options available for users today is that many of them focus on covering up the blemishes. While the skin creams that claim to even out skin tones are great in theory, they have been proven over and over again to be ineffective. So for most people who want to get smooth, beautiful skin, they have to pick between simply covering their skin or trying as many products as possible in hope that one will actually even it out.

ExfoliKate is a line of exfoliating face washes that work to gently clean away the dead skin cells and unhealthy skin on the surface to show the beautiful, clean, and new skin beneath. In this manner, ExfoliKate is able to give users what so many want: Flawless, smooth skin.

About ExfoliKate

Created by Kate Sommerville, ExfoliKate is a line of exfoliating facial scrubs that combine a variety of effective, natural ingredients to give users the smooth, beautiful skin they’ve always wanted. Like many exfoliators on the market, the products in the ExfoliKate collection gently scrub away the epidermis, or upper layer of skin, to reveal the lower layers of the skin beneath. Because many of the imperfections of the skin only exist on the surface, not running too deep, consistent use of the ExfoliKate collection and its products can reveal the new, clear, and flawless skin beneath. It is in this way that the ExfoliKate collection is able to help users get the skin they’ve always wanted.

While the main purpose of the ExfoliKate collection is to clear away the top layer of dead skin cells on the face, the products actually offer a more comprehensive treatment option. Not only do these facial exfoliates clean the top layer of skin, they also clarify the skin, enhancing the natural beauty of users. Plus, the products in the ExfoliKate collection are also able to polish the skin, making it look radiant and bright, but not too shiny. And, when used over time, the ExfoliKate collection is able to rid the skin of the imperfections that have marked it for so long. The end result is beautiful, smooth skin without discoloration, blemishes, or scars.

The ExfoliKate collection has quickly become a favorite by those who are ready to transform their skin, giving them a rejuvenated, enhanced look that barely takes two minutes of their day to accomplish. And, because these exfoliating scrubs work to slough away the upper layers of the skin, they are also able to reveal the younger skin beneath that has been protected from aging. As a result, the exfoliating scrubs found in the ExfoliKate collection are also perfect anti-aging options.

What Makes ExfoliKate Different

Most people have hear of exfoliating facial scrubs before, which is why it can be difficult at first to see what makes the ExfoliKate collection so special. However, there are a few key differences that set ExfoliKate apart and above the other options on the market, starting with the ingredients used to craft the facial scrubs.

There are a wide variety of ingredient options that can be used by those who want to exfoliate their skin. From sea salts, sugars, and sand to ground down seeds and nuts, there are products that contain several different options. However, none of these were crafted with the care and attention to detail that can be found in the ExfoliKate collection.

The problem with so many exfoliating scrubs on the market is that they contain roughage for exfoliation. While these scrubs will definitely remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the face, they will also cut the skin, leaving tiny micro abrasions. These little cuts will fill with dirt and bacteria, causing breakouts and discoloration in the skin. The scrubs offered by the ExfoliKate collection use microbeads, which are rounded and not sharp. Due to the shape of these beads, they are able to gently massage away the layer of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, revealing the beautiful skin beneath, without any cuts or abrasions.

In addition to the way the ExfoliKate collection products work to clear the skin, the ingredients used in these products are also superior to those used in more average options. The ExfoliKate collection is praised for its use of papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes. These enzymes have been extensively studied and were find to be natural options for clearing away dead skin cells, but without over-drying the skin. As a result, users will get gorgeous, healthy, clear skin without having to worry about the hydration of their skin.

While the points described above are more than enough to separate ExfoliKate from other exfoliating face scrubs, the benefits the scrubs in the collection offer place the collection above and beyond other options on the market. A few of the benefits offered by the ExfoliKate collection include:

Removes Impurities

Removes Oils and Makeup

Refines the Skin

– Doesn’t Over-Dry the Skin

– Refreshes and Softens the Skin

– Reduces Pore Appearance

And all these benefits can be experienced on a daily basis, because the scrubs offered in the ExfoliKate collection are gently enough to be used every day.

Products in the ExfoliKate Line

There are three different products offered by the ExfoliKate Collection. All three options can be found on the Kate Somerville website ( or on one of the many websites where the products are sold.

The three products offered in the ExfoliKate collection can be found below, with their prices and a brief description of their amazing benefits. For further information on these products, interested customers should check the website link listed above.

ExfoliKate Cleanser – $38

A daily foaming wash, this cleanser clears away impurities that can cause serious damage if left on the skin. Containing a perfect blend of natural products and AHA’s, this cleanser will give users a radiant, glowing complexion without over-drying their skin.

ExfoliKate – $85

The original product in the ExfoliKate collection, this intensive exfoliating treatment is perfect for those who want to clean away blemishes from their skin and get the most effective results. ExfoliKate was designed for a deep pore cleaning, using fruit enzymes to give users natural, but intense, results. ExfoliKate will hydrate the skin, while smoothing, clarifying, and renewing it.

ExfoliKate Gentle – $85

An exfoliating treatment for those who want to reverse the signs of aging on their face, ExfoliKate Gentle is able to offer seeable results within one use. This cleanser reduces the appearance of wrinkles while calming and refreshing the skin, making it look years younger in just two minutes of use.

The three products listed above, as well as more detailed information on each product, can be found on the Kate Somerville website.


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