Exerpeutic Gold 975 – Recumbent Exercise Bike With Workouts?


When all's said and done, cycling still remains one of the easiest and most effective means of staying healthy and vital. Due to its inherent capacity to increase our cardiovascular capacity, cycling is often seen as a fitness optimiser. It not only improves the conditioning of our heart, but it also increase the circulatory rate within our bodies.

Recent studies have also shown that regular jogging can increase our basal metabolic rate quite significantly. This essentially means that, due a thermodynamic shift, our base operating temperatures begin to shift up, causing an increase in caloric elimination. Over time, this can help users lose copious amounts of weight.

However, running is not only good for losing weight. Clinical studies have shown that even people who want to sculpt their physiques, and achieve more lean muscle mass can use running as a highly effective tool for the same.

When our bodies are in a state of motion, the proteins and amino acids in our bodies get mobilised. Thus, the transfer of these compounds into our energy centres becomes much easier. When this happens, the protein derivatives are all metabolically converted into lean muscle mass.

About Exerpeutic Gold 975

Exerpeutic Gold 975 is a ‘Recumbent Exercise Bike‘ that features a host of fitness options that are designed to help shed fat, and help users get into optimal physical shape. In more technical terms, there are over 20 workout programs available.

Each of these programs features a unique ‘friction setting’ so that the muscles and tendons of certain regions are routinely targeted. This allows for a holistic development of our bodies, rather than just the legs looking very jacked. Some of the key features of this bike include:

High Weight Capacity: The Exerpeutic 975 can hold a load of up to 315 lbs without any risk of structural damage.

21 programs: there are 21 computer designed programs which alter the difficulty settings and resistance in a scientifically formulated fashion. This allows for optimal exercise and maximised physical development.

Digital Display: unlike old school stationary bikes which don't feature digital display metres, the Exerpeutic 975 comes loaded with a fully automated display unit that clearly delineates the distance traversed, calories burned and time elapsed. There are also ‘heart motion sensors’ attached to the handlebar. Thus, users can even keep track of their cardiovascular activity.

Magnetic Tension: using a 16 way magnetic tension mechanism, the bike is able to increase the resistance being offered, in a very gradual and effective manner. This helps an individual get acclimatised to the new difficulty more smoothly.

Phone Holder: there is a meticulously placed smartphone/tablet holder installed in the posterior of the bike. It is shake free, and thus a book, phone or tablet can be placed in the region and used normally during the course of the workout.

Backlight: all of the display units are fully ‘led illuminated’. All necessary data can be easily read, and there is no need for regular battery replacements.

Height adjustable: the Exerpeutic Gold 975 features a wide array of adjustability settings. Clinical trials have shown that individuals between the heights of 4’11 and 6’6 can easily use the device.

Easy to transport: each unit comes with small, lockable wheels which can help in the bike being transported with ease.

AC Powered: there are no need for batteries, the bike includes an AC adapter which takes care of all of our charge needs to run the device

1 year Warranty: each bike comes with a full 1-year guarantee incase there is any malfunction or deterioration in overall build quality of design.

Exerpeutic Gold 975 Customer Reviews

The Exerpeutic Gold 975 is fairly new in the market and thus there are not many user submitted reviews available online. However, the few that have been submitted, generally talk about the device in a good light. Some satisfied customers include Nellie Wilson who says ‘We made the right choice to purchase this recumbent bike.

Relatively easy to assemble, very sturdy, no wobbles, comfortable seat, easy to adjust the seat, the hand and foot pedals, the operation is smooth, electronics are intuitive and easy to read the bike is very easy to move to a new location with the incorporated rollers.‘ Similarly, Greg P says ‘ it's very easy to use and the workouts are highly effective. When used regularly, the results will become apparent within 4-8 weeks.’

The Exerpeutic Gold 975 Pricing And Availability

The bike is available for purchase on Amazon. The manufacturer has priced the Exerpeutic Gold 975 at $269. However, it is important to note that this variant needs to be physically assembled. Alternatively, by paying an additional $84, a pre-assembled product can be obtained. Payments can be done safely using a host of means including Amazon Pay, MasterCard and Visa.

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