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Recovery is often the most overlooked aspect of an intense training session, according to various medical studies conducted by Mayo Clinic, it has been found that when muscles and tissues do not get adequate attention after strenuous activity, they may not develop to the best of their abilities.

This is because essential agents like oxygen, magnesium, potassium, key vitamins are not able to reach the tired sites on time. Clinical trials have also demonstrate that if fatigue is not combatted well, it can cause a decrease of over 30 % in terms of muscle development potential. This means that a lot of hard spent effort may go to waste unnecessarily.

Today, with the rise of medical awareness, many scientists have found that by simply delivering a selected combination of herbs and ingredients, the natural capacity of our body to heal and increase its muscle development capacity can be improved.

This not only allows an individual to feel more relaxed after a tiring session, but also enhances the overall internal processes which govern the breakdown of nutrients for muscle development and other important functions like hormone secretion and enzyme creation in our bodies.

About Evlution Nutrition RecoverMode

Evlution Nutrition RecoverMode is an all new ‘post-workout supplementary aid’ that helps users rejuvenate and feel relaxed after an intense workout session. Apart from its recovery benefits, the supplement also helps in the faster growth of our muscles so that we may be able to extract maximum potential out of each training session.

In terms of the dosage, all of the components included in the mix have been added in precise clinical quantities, so that they work together synergistically and provide users with optimal health and fitness benefits.

Lastly, to back up all the claims put forth by the manufacturer, there are various studies published across various reputable journals like Science Direct, Lancet, that are available for users to check out.

Key Benefits Of Evlution Nutrition RecoverMode

Some of the main benefits that users can expect to achieve through regular use of Recover Mode include:

(i) Rebuild Muscle:

Due to the presence of various important protein derivatives like amino acids, EFA’s, the supplement is able to aid in the faster generation of pure lean muscle mass. This increase is partially due to the fact that the active agents in the product help increase the transfer rate of lipids, proteins and other energy containing substances into the energy centres of our bodies. Here these nutrients are broken down and used for the production of small muscle fibres (Which are the basis for all our tissues, organs).

(ii) Rapid Rejuvenation:

Through the use of various stimulatory compounds, the supplement is able to heighten the working of our circulatory and cardiovascular systems. This allows for an increase in our blood circulation and nutrition absorption rate, allowing for key compounds to reach our tired muscles and tissues on time.

Another key route which Evlution Nutrition RecoverMode uses to enhance recovery is through the release of lactic acid buildup in our spinal columns. Lactic Acid is known to promote the production of neural signals pertaining to fatigue and tiredness, thus when the buildup of this acid is regulated, users are able to not only push harder in the gym but can also recover faster and much more efficiently.

(iii) Strength:

Through the gradual development of our skeletal muscle cells, the supplement is able to greatly enhance the working efficiency of our skeletal tissues and muscles. This essentially results in the increase of power and strength levels in our tendons, and thus we are able to generate more energy and subsequently lift heavier weights.

(iv) Endurance:

Energy and stamina alone are not enough to promote muscle development and enhance recovery, we also need supplements that can increase our endurance levels, so that we can be more vital in the gym. Through an increase in one’s endurance levels, we can effectively cope with the stress that is encountered post workout (oxidative stress).

Evlution Nutrition RecoverMode Nutritional Profile

Some of the key components which make RecoverMode by Evlution Nutrition so potent include:

(i) L-Leucine:

This important amino acid is needed for optimal recovery after a tiring workout at the gym. It helps transport various key nutrients into our energy centres, so that energy production occurs at an optimal rate.

(ii) Creatine Monohydrate:

This compound has been clinically identified as being one of the most potent supplements in terms of muscle mass and strength gains. Creatine can help support protein synthesis, which helps muscles grow. Studies have also shown the compound to help increase the availability of fuel that is required to power cellular ATP. When ATP production is optimal, we can experience benefits like increased muscle strength, enhanced size and maximised power output.

(iii) L-Glutamine:

It is one of the more important amino acids that is produced in the muscles and is distributed by the blood to the organs that need it. Glutamine has been shown by studies to help in healthy gut function, increase the efficiency of one's immune system, and promote other essential processes in the body, especially when the body is under immense duress,stress.

RecoverMode Dosage

  • The product is to be used only as a dietary supplement, and not as part of a protein replacement plan.
  • 1 scoop of the powder should be mixed into 12-14 oz of water and stirred till the solution is consistent.
  • Optimal recovery benefits can be obtained if the solution is consumed immediately after exercise.
  • Use of the supplement should be avoided by those with pre-existing medical conditions or individuals taking any daily medication.

Evlution Nutrition RecoverMode Pricing and Availability

Evlution Nutrition RecoverMode comes in the form of a powder packed into blue/silver containers which contain 30 servings each. Each container is priced at $44.99 and there are two distinct flavours to choose from (Blue Raz, Furious Grape).

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