Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike – Smart Luxury Workout App?


Cardio is one of the most efficient ways to burn unwanted body fat, and has the added advantage of delivering a wide range of health benefits. Performing regular cardio exercise increases the net caloric burn of the body, which makes shedding unwanted fat fast and easy.

Regular cardio also dramatically lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves mood and cognition, and slows down aging.

There are many different forms of cardio exercise, Including running, swimming, cycling, rowing, and more. The best form of cardio for you depends a lot on your own personal preferences, but is primarily determined by what kind of equipment or resources you have at your disposal.

Swimming is one of the best ways to get your daily cardio in, but is impossible without access to a pool.

Similarly, rowing typically requires access to either a rowing club membership or a gym membership, both of which represent a significant financial investment. More than three quarters of gym membership owners don’t actually attend the gym, with the most commonly cited reason as an inability to fit the commute to the gym into their schedule.

Running is a highly popular form of cardio that many people enjoy, but it also has the highest rate of injury out of any cardio exercise. Apart from the environmental threats presented by running in the urban environment, such as dangerous traffic, the practice of running is extremely hard on the joints of the body.

Running causes an average of one joint injury for every 12 hours of running, making it a risky cardio choice.

Out of all of the cardio choices available, cycling is the most accessible, reliable, effective, and easy to perform. Stationary indoor exercise bikes make it possible to get an intense cardio workout in the comfort of your own home, and the low price point they offer when compared to the annual cost of a gym membership is far more cost effective.

Keeping a stationary indoor exercise bike in your home makes it possible to work out at any time that suits you, eliminating the time consuming commute to the gym. In just a few months, a stationary exercise bike pays for itself, and as the practice of cycling is easy on the joints, it’s perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

One of the most popular exercise bikes available on the market today is the Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike. Offering a full suite of comprehensive exercise features, the Esmartgym indoor bike is enhanced by the addition of a bluetooth module that makes it possible to connect to a dedicated fitness tracking app.

In this article, we’ll break down the features, benefits, design, and functionality of the Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike to help you decide whether it’s the right home workout solution for you.

What Is Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike?

The Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike is a next-generation stationary exercise bike that delivers a fluid, richly-featured stationary bike workout while incorporating a range of high tech features. The Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike delivers a suite of design elements that you would expect to see at a luxury gym, but at a price more in line with a budget solution.

Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike Features & Functionality

Designed for both personal and commercial use, the Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike offers a unique solution that can’t be found elsewhere in the market- a dedicated fitness app called Fitbill.

The Fitbill app, when paired with the Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike, allows users to perform a wide range of fitness and health tracking functions that enhance the workout experience.

Using Fitbill and the Esmartgym bike, users are able to monitor the current state of their workout, track heart rate, distance covered, time, and calories burned, and update an ongoing log of fitness performance. Users are also able to create custom workout programs on the app to perform on the bike, and share progress on Facebook.

The creators of the Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike Fitbill app have also made it open to third party developers, which creates the possibility of dedicated Fitbill game apps that motivate users, or integration with third party fitness trackers such as Fitbit or Garmin possible.

Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike Design & Construction

The Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike is a friction resistance bike, and uses a 44lb two way flywheel that can be adjusted to a broad range of resistance levels.

Perfect for getting a hardcore spin class in either at a commercial gym or in a home gym, the Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike offers a sturdy max weight of 300lbs and is finished in high-gloss silver.

The chain belt of the Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike is designed to perform silently, and creates very little noise while in use. Both of the pedals of the Esmartgym solution are complete with toe straps to provide both push and pull exercise capacity, and the seat can be adjusted to a variety of heights.

Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike Verdict

The Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike is one of the only exercise bikes available on the market with bluetooth integration and a dedicated fitness tracking app. If you’re looking for a next-gen stationary cycle with advanced connectivity features, the Esmartgym Indoor Exercise Bike is a great choice.

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