Ephamere Skin Cream

Ephamere Skin Cream is a skincare treatment that helps consumers to erase the wrinkles and fine lines that make them look much older than they actually are. The treatment is available as a trial first, and then a subsequent subscription.

About the Ephamere Skin Cream

The process of aging is different for each person, but one way that everyone relates to is the way that the skin changes. Since the body cannot produce the same amount of collagen and elastin as consumers get older, the skin begins to wrinkle, losing its plumpness.

There are plenty of remedies on the market nowadays to make consumers look younger, but these options are usually invasive and expensive. Instead, choose a soothing solution, like the Ephamere Skin Cream.

The website does not let consumers know much about the Ephamere Skin Cream, but the claims say that it should:

Rather than getting injections and plastic surgery, the use of this cream helps consumers to look more like themselves, rather than simply looking young.

Using Ephamere Skin Cream

Ephamere Skin Cream is easy to include in anyone’s routine. First, wash the face with a gentle cleanser, removing the buildup of oil and skin cells that rest on the surface. Once the skin is rinsed and dried, massage the anti-wrinkle complex into the skin on the face and neck. Allow it to fully dry before using makeup or other products.

For consistent results, use the Ephamere cream on a daily basis.


Rather than forcing new customers to pay a high price without any performance to back it up, test out the remedy in a trial offer. During the trial, the user only pays the cost to ship the remedy for the first 14 days. After that time, the user will be charged the cost of the full bottle, which is $97.58.

By completing the trial, the user will also start to get shipments each month at the same price, keeping up with the use to see lasting results. To cancel either of the programs, reach out to customer service.

Contacting The Creators Of Ephamere Skin Cream

Since the website only offers limited information about this anti-aging remedy, consumers may want to get some more information. The customer service team is available through a phone call to 1-888-340-2258.

On weekdays, consumers can call from 6:00am to 10:00pm CST. During the weekend, consumers can reach a representative from 8:00am to 4:30pm CST.

Ephamere Skin Cream Review Summary

The Ephamere Laboratoire Anti-Wrinkle Complex solution is meant for anyone that wants to keep their youthful glow, even beyond their 50s.

Despite the more invasive therapies offered, this cream is cost efficient for many budgets, and manages to make the skin healthier as it reduces the apparent age. The cream is easy to integrate into any daily skincare routine, since all the user needs to do is replace their current moisturizer.

If you are ready to rekindle the beauty of your youth, Ephamere Skin Cream is a step in the right direction.


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