EndlessID – High Tech Safety & Medical Emergency ID Bracelet?


As the saying “yesterday was a history, tomorrow is a mystery” goes, its meaning can be perceived in many aspects, especially that of one’s health. Consumers who are in the fittest forms, complying by every health rule in the book can undergo surprising health conditions.

The same can be said regardless of how unfit, young, or old one may be. Although consumers cannot predict what may happen, they can potentially prevent the worst from happening. This is where the Endless ID comes into play.

By wearing the Endless ID, family members, friends and colleagues no longer need to worry over a loved one’s health condition and what can occur, as it claims to signal for help when needed.

To better understand why the Endless ID is a helpful device, the following review will introduce it with respect to its purpose, its works, its overall privacy and much more.

What Is Endless ID?

Endless ID, also referred to as EID, is an innovative medical ID that aims to help consumers get the required help regardless of what health condition that may arise. It is a wearable device, in which health practitioners and first responders have access to emergency details of an individual.

The creator of EID is Gustavo Rubacha. The idea stemmed from a sudden heart attack he experienced even though he was in his fittest form at the age of 37. Although he had the assistance needed to successfully and safely overcome his respective health condition, he later realized that not everyone can be as fortunate as him.

After significant research and the desire to create a product that is easy to handle and wear, and can potentially serve the greater community, the EID came to life.

How Does Endless ID Work?

First, it is advised to create a medical profile with the EID, where one must add their personal information, as well as the ID and PIN numbers found on their device.

Given that a sensation of uneasiness or as if a health condition may arise, consumers can either tap with an NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology enabled mobile device or one can simply log onto EID911.com and enter the device’s pin number.

Upon doing so, emergency contacts are said to be notified via text, phone and e-mail and will also be provided with the consumer in need’s current location.

Should Consumers Be Concerned Over One’s Privacy?

Since the EID requires consumers to upload their personal information, consumers might be concerned with privacy issues. Having this mind, Rubacha ensured to maximize security by complying by HIPAA.

In other words, claims have been made that the EID can effectively and safely store health and emergency contact information in an online profile, which can be updated as needed and without fear of information leakage.

What Are Some Distinguishable Features Of The Endless ID?

First, the EID is said to compatible with any type of cellular device, be it an Android, smart phone or any older existing versions. Second, its overall design can be considered fashionable, as consumers can not immediate indicate that it is a medical device. Third, it claims to be battery-free, durable, water resistant and can be worn all day and night.

When it comes to one’s individual profile, consumers can choose to add a personal photo to their likings and update information as needed without having to worry about lost information or lack of space.

Based on the sample list of features embedded in the EID, it is clear that the overall design has undergone serious thought process, as consumers no longer have any form of restriction that can get in the way of the help needed. In the event that one fails to wear the EID, consumers should at least ensure to carry the EID card that contains the necessary information to log on for help.

How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In The Endless ID?

On average consumers can expect to invest $49.99 for a simply designed EID, which comes in either white or black. Furthermore, the EID also comes with Swarovski stones for a cost of $69.99. Lastly, the EID Card is said to cost $19.99.

Endless ID Review Summary

When consumers undergo a sudden health condition and have no one around them, ensuring the right type of help is achieved can be tough.

With varying reflexes and one’s ability to handle such stressful situations, many consumers may be faced with the inability to communicate what’s going on. The EID can be valuable in such cases, as consumers are only required to enter the ID and pin numbers associate with their device.

Moreover, the EID is a must have device as it symbolizes optimal protection and safety consumers. Finally, when considering its price factor, it is fairly inexpensive, given that no amount can be placed on one’s life.

For more information, go to: https://www.endlessid.com/.

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