Elicto Electronic Spin Mop Polisher – Easier Floor Cleaning?


The Elicto Mop is a product that combines a mop, polisher, and scrubber, all into one convenient product.

It also eliminates the need for a dirty mop bucket (with water and dirt and who knows what else), because it has a tank right on the handle. It is designed to revolutionize the way you clean your floors.

How Does The Elicto Mop Work?

The Elicto mop works by spinning as you mop the floor. This will pull up any extra dirt and debris, leaving a sparkling clean floor as a result. It combines a mop, a polish, and a scrubber in one easy to work product.

Because our feet touch everything outside, it is known that shoes track in bacteria, dirt, and other harmful things from walking around. Traditional mops can be cumbersome and tough to deal with.

That is why Elicto came up with a mop that works as a scrubber and entire cleaning system. You can clean your hard floors with the Elicto Mop; without the need to drag a bucket or different cleaners around.

The Elicto Mop eliminates the need for disposable, wasteful parts, and will make the job of cleaning your hard floor easier for you in more ways than one.

Other benefits of the Elicto Mop include:

-It does not require buckets of water for you to get a clean floor

-It has an easy to push design that allows you to clean without extra effort or strain

-It cleans the floor without leaving puddles of water on the floor, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling after you are finished

-It saves you money by preventing you from having to purchase all kinds of disposable (and environmentally polluting) products

-It is cordless, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over a cord or having to find an outlet to plug it into

-It has a water tank attached so you don’t have to refill or empty a bucket every time the water is dirty

-It has removable and washable pads that are reusable and eco friendly

-It is great for use on wooden floors, clay and ceramic floors, brick floors, flagstone and bluestone floors, terrazzo floors, and soapstone floors.

-It will help you remove infection-causing bacteria and other organisms that can be tracked in from your shoes or pets’ feet.

Who Makes The Elicto Electronic Spin Mop And Polisher?

Elicto Mop is being offered on Indiegogo.com by a company called Elicto. They are trying to raise funding for the first round of Elicto Mops to be sold to the public. They have early bird special pricing for those who back them on the site, including an Elicto Mop set for those who donate $169.00 or more

Elicto Mop Pricing

Currently the Elicto Mop is being offered as a pre order at indiegogo.com. They are currently working on raising money to fund their initial orders, so you can donate as much as you would like.

Different donation amounts will receive benefits, including an Elicto Mop at a very discounted rate for investing in their company right now. They are trying to raise $20,000 to start with

Elicto Mop Review Summary

If you are looking to revolutionize the way that you clean your hard floors, the Elicto Mop may be the product for you.

It takes the guess work out of cleaning, and is convenient for all types of hard floors. T deep cleans better than traditional mops, and will allow you to polish your floors with ease

You can learn more about the Elicto Mop and their campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-elicto-electronic-spin-mop-and-polisher#/backers. There you can also find information about how to invest in the company, and how you can help them raise the funds they need to allow access of this product to the public.

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