Elements Macronutrient Meals For Athletes

Elements Macronutrient Meals For Athletes is a type of pre-made food packet that allows consumers to get a high amount of nutrition but without the preservatives that come in this type of food.

The packets are available through the Kickstarter campaign, which will release a select number of packages for consumers that pledge through the website.

What Is Elements Macronutrient Meals For Athletes?

Getting the right nutritional support during a diet is usually difficult. Most people have to deal with variety of other priorities that end up overriding their own meal place, which makes it hard to equally compensate.

Most people bring along snacks that keep them going, but the true test is how well they stick to their meal plan. Sometimes, the easiest thing is to get a pre-made meal, but most meals overcompensate with too much sodium and preservatives, making it impossible to get the right support during a workout.

While there are many meals that help with someone’s goal towards weight loss, there is a severe lack of support for consumers that work out and have to keep their athletic physique. However, that is what Elements aims to help with.

Elements Macronutrient Meals For Athletes have all the vitamins and minerals that consumers lack from pre-made meals, even though this type of lifestyle needs support too. Right now, the available meals include:

  • Chipotle Turkey Scramble
  • Sesame Garlic Chicken
  • Broccoli Cinnamon Pork
  • Balsamic Chicken Pomodoro
  • Maple Mustard Pork

Every single one of the meals is a healthy balance of protein to keep the body going through the workouts and training sessions. All the carbohydrates involved are “vine-ripened,” and combined with the use of healthy fats. With fresh herbs and spices, these healthy meals will not make users feel like they are giving up so much in their diet.

Most pre-made meals are filled with all the foods that are unhealthy and filled with preservatives that damage the digestive tract. Consumers need to fill their body with pure nutrients to help them move along on their weight loss and fitness goals. That is why the Elements meals have no dairy, gluten, or processed sugars included.

Why Are Elements Macronutrient Meals For Athletes Different?

The biggest appeal of the Elements meals is their convenience. Most people support their diet with protein shakes and nutritional bars, but these meals offer the same support without the need to eat the preservatives that come along with it. Instead of being a bar or a drink, the nutrients inside is freeze-dried.

The process of freeze drying is the easiest way to preserve the nutrition of a dish, but without losing the nutrients. Freeze drying offers preservation without the need to add any other chemicals, and it is the easiest way to store food at its peak of freshness. Since there is no storage required, consumers can bring the packets with them wherever they go for a quick meal at a moment’s notice.

Even though most pre-made meals are prepared for a specific type of diet, these meals are beneficial for any regimen. The meals are balanced in a healthy way that benefits multiple diet styles, like IIFM, Paleo, and Zone. The company is working to expand their options with vegan meals, which will soon be available after the products are open for purchase.

Preparing Elements Meals

Instead of putting the dish in the microwave or the oven, the user only needs to add some hot water to bring out the meal again. With one cup of hot water, consumers allow the meal to soak for 12 minutes to bring all the food out of its freeze-dried state.

Purchasing Elements

Even though the Elements meals are not yet available in stores or online, the company presently offers it as part of a Kickstarter campaign. Consumers only have to make a pledge to preorder the products. Choose to pledge:

  • $47 and up, for five meals
  • $89 and up, for ten meals
  • $217 and up, for 30 meals
  • $409 and up, for 60 meals
  • $589 and up, for 90 meals
  • $1,119 and up, for 180 meals
  • $2,864 and up, for 360 meals

The products can be shipped anywhere in the world, and will be sent out in November 2017.

Contacting The Creators Of Elements Macronutrient Meals

Since the Elements meals are still a few months from their release, consumers may want to learn more about the products before they make their pledge. The website does not appear to have a phone number available, but consumers can send an email to [email protected]

Elements Macronutrient Meals For Athletes Conclusion

Elements Macronutrient Meals For Athletes are the perfect addition to any training regimen, since there is no need to worry about getting a healthy meal wherever the user is. Take the meals along while traveling, or work, or even while home during a busy day.

If you want to keep up with the needs of your body while you train and build muscle, then the Elements meals are the perfect way to do so.


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