EFITMENT Folding Desk Bike – Adjustable Workstation Trainer?


The greatest asset in our life is our health.  Exercising is mandatory for a healthy lifestyle.

The EFITMENT Folding Desk Bike gives you a chance to work out anywhere. You no longer have an excuse for not having enough space to accommodate your equipment or having no time to walk to the gym for exercise.  Here are the features of the Folding Desk Bike, Workstation Exercise Bike.

Features of the EFITMENT Folding Desk Bike

The non-removable desk can accommodate up to 20 lbs. You do not have to worry about your height because it can be tilted and adjusted to the user’s preference. The desk exercise will hold you, regardless of what you are doing. Whether its research you are doing on your laptop or is an exam you are revising for, the desk exercise will support you.

You do not have to worry about your water spilling on your tablet or papers. The desk has a slot to hold your water bottle and another one to hold your tablet.

Digital Monitor

It is crucial to know your progress while working out. Monitoring progress helps you in achieving great results because you know how to regulate your body. The digital monitor aids you to monitor your distance, time, speed, odometer and calories.

Space Saver

The greatest prone of the EFITMENT Folding Desk Bike is the ability to fold it hence saving on space. You, therefore, have nothing to stress about as far as its storage is concerned.

After use, carefully fold your desk bike for storage. When folded, you can also move it to a private room, when you are expecting guests.

It also means you do not need to have a spacious house or office to own the desk bike.

Comfortable and Adjustable Seat

The desk bike can help you work out for long periods without any discomforts. When working out, adjust the seat to fit the proximity of your legs and the peddler. (Inseam 29-36 inches).

The seat is wide and perfectly padded to ensure that you do not struggle during long periods of working out. To ensure that you do not experience back pains; the seat has a large cushion to support your back and add on your comfort throughout your workout session.

EFITMENT Folding Desk Bike Conclusion

The adjustable resistance gives you full control of your exercise sessions. Using the adjustable resistance, control your session with lower or higher intensity levels. It is, therefore, excellent for higher level cardio exercises.

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