Easy Glutes: Dr Andrew Ordon’s Pulsing Butt Toning Device?


Easy Glutes is a device that consumers can use to electrically improve the shape and strength of gluteal muscles. Consumers typically have to order through the official website, but it appears that the website is undergoing construction of some kind, because it is not accessible.

What is Easy Glutes?

Every woman wants the perfect set of curves on their body, creating a balance between a healthy body fat percentage and an hourglass body. Some women are lucky enough to have an attractive backside without any work on their part, but most people are not. Rather than doing hundreds of squats every week to see slow and gradual progress, consumers can take on the use of Easy Glutes.

Easy Glutes gives consumers the possibility to finally relax while their derriere basically tones itself. With the use of this device, consumers can:

Consumers that take part in this regimen can follow along with the routine on the available app. Read on below to find out what makes Easy Glutes so powerful and advantageous.

How It Works

The reason that the whole device works in the first place is because of the electrical impulses that cause muscle contractions. The full process is explained by Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D., who goes into detail about how the electrical impulses start in the brain and take advantage of nerve signals. The signals are created by the device, rather than through workouts, which is the same concept as a pacemaker, but for the muscles.

The device does not have to be implanted or used internally. Instead, the electrodes go on the surface of the skin and send the signals to the muscles from the surface. As the muscle receives the impulse, it contracts in the same way that someone’s muscle would contract during a workout. There has been a lot of discussion in the scientific community as to how effective this is, and what exactly “effective” means.

Primarily, EMS devices typically are meant to help patients that have to “re-educate” their muscles from one or more medical conditions that impair them. In the medical community, it is used to help patients recover, but studies show that stimulating muscles with this type of impulse helps to strengthen them to a certain extent. There are side effects with this type of procedure, but the official website lists none.

This product has the approval that it needs from the FDA, just like any EMS device.

Using Easy Glutes

The part of the Easy Glutes device that resonates with consumers is the lack of physical activity involved in the process. The device features two pads that adhere to the skin on the buttocks, though there is an app to describe the best positioning. The app will also decide the intensity of the impulses, so consumers must download it onto their smartphone to use Easy Glutes.

Then, the user follows the included directions to determine how long to use the device on the muscles. Even though this method of improving muscles has been approved for multiple groups, consumers should strictly use Easy Glutes on their buttocks.

Pricing for Easy Glutes

To buy the Easy Glutes device, consumers will need to go directly to the official website, or they need to call the company. The total cost involves two payments of $19.99, though consumers will also need to pay $5.99 for the shipping. When consumers pay the total, they will receive the product in the mail, but they will also have access to an app that shows them how to use the device.

Even though the product is meant to be used by any consumer, anyone that is dissatisfied with the performance can take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee. However, the refund does not include the cost of shipping.

Contacting the Creators of Easy Glutes

Even though the website is not presently active, consumers will notice that the product is by Tristar Products, which is one of the largest companies in the As Seen on TV in the industry. If there are questions about this product or a recent purchase, then they can be reached by phone call or email.

Easy Glutes Conclusion

Easy Glutes works for anyone that wants a better butt. The device does not require a specific diet or an additional workout regimen to work. All it needs from consumers is the commitment to use it on the recommended schedule, which is figured out by the user’s goals. At an affordable price, consumers will spend less than what most people pay for the cost of a gym membership each month.


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