20/20 Vision System – Does It Actually Work?


20/20 Vision System Review

20/20 Vision System claims to be a “long-forgotten natural remedy” anyone can use to restore their perfect version. We reviewed 20/20 Vision System to see if it actually works.

How Does 20/20 Vision System Work?

20/20 Vision System is a downloadable eBook that promises to teach you how to restore your perfect vision.

20/20 Vision System makes some bold promises.

First, it claims to be a 100% natural technique. Apparently, it was pioneered by the Navajo people centuries ago.

It also claims to give “anyone who uses it” crystal clear 20/20 vision in fewer than 21 days – no matter how badly nearsighted or farsighted you are or how long you’ve had poor vision.

Furthermore, 20/20 Vision System also claims to have healed 28,897 people and counting.

The eBook was written by a guy who calls himself James Begay. When you search for that guy online, you only get results about 20/20 Vision System – so it’s unclear if that’s a pseudonym or not.

How Does 20/20 Vision System Work?

All right, let’s admit it: 20/20 Vision System sounds pretty unbelievable up until this point.

So how does this strange system actually work?

Basically, 60% of the system involves performing eye exercises daily. The other 40% involves eating the right foods and the right nutrients you need to support your visual health.

You know how when you squint, you can kinda see better? The 20/20 Vision System is kind of like that. By performing eye exercises on a regular basis, you can train your eye muscles to become stronger and stronger. Eventually, you’ll be able to see better.

Meanwhile, some of the foods good for your eyes include leafy greens, eggs, citrus and berries, almonds, and fatty fish.

Begay teaches you all of these techniques and foods over the course of his 150+ page eBook.

Ultimately, some of these techniques will work on some people, while others will find that they only provide a minimal improvement.

If you approach 20/20 Vision System expecting it to totally cure your -6.0 prescription requirement, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

But if you’re the type of person who just needs reading glasses or slightly more powerful prescriptions, then you may be able to use the techniques.

How to Buy 20/20 Vision System

20/20 Vision System is exclusively available online at the 2020visionsystem.com official website, where it’s priced at $39.

The manufacturer claims that the original price for 20/20 Vision System is $99, which seems a bit steep for a 150+ page eBook.

In any case, your payments are processed through a secure online form at an online eBooks retailer called SoftwareProjects.com. You can pay using any major credit card.

After making your payment, you’ll receive an instant link in your email inbox where you can download 20/20 Vision System. After you download it in PDF form, you ca put it on your e-reader, tablet, laptop, smartphone, or whatever other device you use.

Who Made 20/20 Vision System?

James Begay claims to be a Navajo jeweler who experienced a “terrifying hunting accident” when he was a young man. During that terrifying hunting accident, he accidentally shot his dad in the arm because he squinted and thought he looked like a deer – seriously, that’s the story they’re going with at 20/20 Vision System.

James’s dad survived but his eyesight continued to get worse. There reached a point where his glasses didn’t’ help him anymore, nor did his contacts. His office coworkers “called me ‘Squinter’ like bullies on the school playground.”

Hurt, confused, and lost, James Begay decided to turn towards the Navajo for a solution. That’s how 20/20 Vision System came about.

Whoever created the eBook did put some effort into convincing the world that James Begay is a real person and not a pseudonym. This site, for example, features an online product listing for a 1950s Navajo Old Pawn Turquoise and Sterling necklace by “James Begay”. That site describes Begay as a “famous Navajo jeweler”.

There’s no mention of this “famous Navajo jeweler” anywhere else online – so it’s unclear whether that page is totally made up or if the real James Begay just doesn’t have an online presence.

In any case, the James Begay who introduces himself on the 20/20 Vision System website claims he used to have really bad vision until he found a “dirt cheap” method pioneered by the Navajo. By downloading 20/20 Vision System, you can learn that centuries-old method and vastly improve your version.

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  1. His current story is that he is an “illusionist”, “mentalist”.
    These guys are creative. By the way, today, 3-18-16, he is charging $67.

  2. I would say that, based on his claim that it only takes 5 minutes daily, you wouldn't have to do them all, only that day's set.

    But my question is, if you have different instructions each day, how would you have positive results, since strengthening any muscle, or group of muscles, requires repetition?

    I wish you the best!

  3. I purchase the 20/20 vision product and have a question regarding it. Am not requesting my money back (a lot more than $39 when you factor in the cost of supplements) but am not clear as to whether each day is a stand alone or if instructions for day two are in addition to those for day and day three added to day one and two etc.

    No response from two emails to address provided and the telephone number provided is out of service. So with this I would say it is a scam.


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