E-Plexx – Natural Essential Estrogen Hormone Levels Balancer?


E-Plexx is a supplement that caters to the needs of older women that have started to succumb to the impact of menopause. The treatment is available with or without a subscription, and the user can determine how many bottles they want to commit to.

What Is E-Plexx?

The human body goes through a lot of hormonal changes over time, but women have the most fluctuations between the two genders. With puberty, monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause, women regularly go through changes that are hard to deal with from a physical and emotional standpoint. Rather than succumbing to the damage and giving into the latent frustration, consumers can choose to take E-Plexx.

E-Plexx provides consumers with the nutrition that they need to gradually transition into their older years. It balances the entire endocrine system, which controls many more issues than most people consider. With the right support to the body, consumers do not have to feel out of control in their circumstances.

Consistent use of E-Plexx will help to:

There’s only natural ingredients in this formula, which have all been approved as organic. The treatment works as both an anti-aging remedy and beauty support, but is specifically meant for women in their 40s and over that have just started to see the way that their body is changing. Even with this sustenance, some consumers are still turning to other methods.

Most people have to change multiple aspects of their current regimen to achieve the same effect. Some routines include a skincare routine that nourishes the complexion, eliminating wrinkles.

Some people try to get prescription medication to help with hormones, but this does not always solve the issue. The endocrine system is fickle, and it needs the right nourishment to ensure that the body reacts in the same way it did while the user was younger. With the E-Plexx treatment, consumers balance out multiple issues at the same time.

How It Works

The reason that the E-Plexx formula is effective is due to multiple ingredients that contribute to the hormones in the body. With the right hormone balances, it is easy to balance the endocrine system and the impact of natural life changes.

The included ingredients are:

Reishi mushrooms help to improve the appearance and healthy of aging cells. They even improve the absorption of protein, and reduce the impact that oxidative stress has had over the years.

Milk thistle keeps the liver healthy and functioning in the right way. There is a compound inside called silymarin, which also helps the liver to regenerate over time, while balancing out the hormones.

Holy basil is an adaptogen to help with the stress of the body, which can make it harder for someone to balance their hormones. It reduces the amount of cortisol that harms the balance.

Flax seed promotes healthy skin and nails, and offers a sufficient source of essential fatty acids. It also helps to improve the antioxidants in the body that control the gut.

Maca root is considered a tonic, and is a known nutrient for improving the sexual health of the body. It is also referred to as “female ginseng” and improves the energy levels.

Dong quai reduces the impact of menopause and PMS, since it soothes inflammation. It increases blood flow and balances hormones.

Ashwagandha extract is predominantly used in Indian medicine, but it helps to balance the hormones in the body. Rather than supporting or decreasing other hormones, it helps the body to figure out what changes it needs.

Amla berry benefits the hormones, skin, and liver. It also improves the production of collagen, which is good news for wrinkles and joint pain.

Humic acid and Fulvic acids are used to help with the health and functioning of the GI tract.

Using E-Plexx

The only way to get the desired results of E-Plexx is to take two capsules a day. No other dietary restrictions are necessary, though consumers may want to let their doctor know about the remedy, if they presently take another medication.


The total cost of the E-Plexx will entirely depend on two things – how many bottles the user wants, and how often they want to receive it. Right now, the company provides the supplement in 1-bottle, 3-bottle, and six-bottle order. Each one is available as a one-time transaction or a subscription.

Choose from:

  • One bottle: $54.00 each, or $48.60 per month
  • Three bottles: $147.00 each, or $132.30 per month
  • Six bottles: $264.00 each, or $237.60 per month

If the user does not like the results of using E-Plexx, the company offers an entire year that the user can return the products for a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of E-Plexx

Even though the website offers a lot of information about the E-Plexx supplement, consumers may have other questions that they want to ask.

The E-Plexx customer service team offers a form at https://support.organixx.com/submit_ticket to enter contact information, though consumers can also call 877-750-6455.

E-Plexx Review Summary

E-Plexx is meant for any women in menopause, or who is just starting to see the signs of change. The treatment is easy to balance in the user’s everyday routine, since it only requires a simple dose. There is no exercise or diet required during the regimen, even though it says it can help with weight loss.

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on remedies that may or may not work, consumers can simplify the remedy to just a couple of capsules of E-Plexx.

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