Duke Cannon Hand Balm – Men’s Soap & Grooming Essentials?


As we become older, our skin starts to lose its vitality (especially in our hand and face region). This can happen due to host of reasons, but primarily it has been seen that our skin cells start to shrivel, therefore causing a loss of elasticity and flexibility.

Not only this, in a recent study released by the University of Indiana in 2009 it was discovered that a majority of young individuals around the age of 35 were also experiencing issues of rapid skin degeneration.

This was further investigated into and found to be the case due to increased stress levels and reduced overall nutritional intake.

About Duke Cannon Hand Balm

Duke Cannon Hand Balm is as the name suggests, an all new ‘skin repair solution’ that has been designed to revitalize and energize the skin cells that are present on our hands and arms. Dry, cracked hands feel awful and can often impede the optimal working capacity of a person.

Not only that, dry skin can also be a source of constant irritation and can cause our hands to feel itchy at random times during the day. This may lead to the thinning of our epidermis and eventually cause the appearance of small wounds and cuts.

For this very reason, Duke Cannon has introduced Duke Cannon Hand Balm into the market. It is an all new “Hand Repair Balm” that has been made through the use of potent compounds like lanolin, petroleum jelly etc. These active compounds are known to help hydrate damaged cells and allow for much-needed moisture.

However, what truly sets this product apart from other balms is the fact that Duke Cannon Hand Balm is absolutely natural and does not end up leaving our hands feeling sticky or greasy.

Other Important Aspects

  • Large Quantity Provided: even though the balm is priced reasonably at $15, the manufacturer has provided large volumes of the core solution. A single container contains 5 oz of the balm and should last users for a long time.
  • No Unpleasant Odour:unlike many other skin balms that leave behind a very obvious smell that can be intrusive for people around us, Blood Knuckles comes loaded with a formula that is unscented and has been made through the use of premium ingredients like Lanolin and Shea Butter
  • Multi functional: the core formula contains active ingredients that can help cure any type of skin. Whether you're a worker, fighter, electrician, this balm can help revitalize any kind of damaged skin.
  • Charity Aspect: according to the official web page, Duke Cannon gives back a portion of its proceeds to benefit various U.S. Veterans organizations.
  • Made in the USA: all of the added components have been synthesised and manufactured within the United States. This means that each individual container has to undergo strict purity protocols that have been set forth by the FDA and GMP.
  • Reasonable: unlike other balms that simply use their brand name to sell their products at exorbitant prices, Bloody Knuckles is affordable for everyone.

What Are People Saying About Duke Cannon Hand Balm?

The reviews in relation to Duke Cannon Hand Balm have been amazing. Based upon more that 55 reviews, the balm has received an average rating of 4.7/5 stars.

Satisfied customers include Terry Shannon who says ‘Who would have thought!? I ordered this hand repair formula with an ever so slight bit of buyer's remorse due to the price and what exactly I was paying for. Though to my surprise this stuff is awesome and works very well. My only regret again is that I do wish it was a little less expensive or for the same price, came in a container twice as deep. I will purchase again.’

Similarly, Stanley K says ‘ This stuff is the real deal! It soaks right in, not leaving you greasy at all. The scent is super light, I really can't smell it anymore. My hands have not broken up or cracked at all since I got this stuff. If you're on the fence about buying this, do it! You will not be disappointed!’.

Lastly, Julie N says ‘Works great. My husband is a welder and his hands are always rough especially in the winter. Will definitely buy again.’

Where Can I Buy Duke Cannon Hand Balm?

All orders for this potent hand balm can be placed on Duke Cannon’s official web page. A single unit contains 5 oz of the solution and is priced moderately at $14.24. If users subscribe for a monthly refill, they can obtain an additional 5% discount.

All payments can be made via safe means such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, JCB, Discover and AMEX.

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