Dr Formulated Brain Health Memory & Focus Adults 40+ Nootropic


Can Dr Formulated Brain Health Memory & Focus Adults 40+ Nootropic Improve Your Memory?

It is common knowledge that memory loss is no longer a reserve for the old. With our hectic and contemporary lifestyle, forgetting details is becoming a norm. For a majority of the people, memory loss can cause an embarrassment when it comes to family, business or work. However, there are supplements that might help you out and reduces the chances of memory loss.

Dr Formulated Brain Health Memory & Focus Adults 40+ Nootropic is a certified brain supplement that intends to promote memory and focus in individuals over forty years. This is not the first product from Garden of Life but is the first for the age bracket.

All ingredient of the supplements are products of clinically proven elements that have shown the potential to improve our overall brain health by promoting brain support and brain power.

Contents Of Dr Formulated Brain Health Memory & Focus Adults 40+ Nootropic

Whole Coffee fruit extracts- promotes the development of memory, learning and cognitive functions. That is made possible by promoting the formation of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor protein.

  • Wild blueberry extracts – known to improve brain performance in healthy individuals to help people in their golden ages to have no trouble focusing on tasks or remembering things
  • Sage leaf extracts – the use of this formula significantly improves the ability to recall events. Mostly focus on improving memory part of the brain health
  • Organic grape extracts – highly potent in enhancing memory retaining and performance
  • Turmeric – can facilitate the growth of the nervous system. Also promotes the formation of BDNF protein. There is also a wide range of benefits to the body in general such as improved metabolism and weight management
  • Organic Lip Blend – The mixture comprised of coconut oil and avocado oil extracts. The concept behind the use of the healthy fats is to assist in the absorption of the soluble ingredients during digestion. In short, it helps nurture the uptake of food for a healthy body.

Is It Safe?

Unlike most supplements in the market, Dr Formulated Brain Health Memory & Focus Adults 40+ Nootropic has taken the liberty t provide the full list of their organic ingredients. All the elements are whole food extracts with no use of GMOs or any chemical compounds.

Additionally, the plants used in for the extracts are also said to prohibit the use of banned herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. The ingredient also does go an integrity test, so it is safe to say that the supplement achieves the standards of the industry to some extent.

Who Is Behind the Dr Formulated Brain Health Memory & Focus Adults 40+ Nootropic?

The moniker Dr. Formulated is as a result of the doctor behind the supplement, Dr. David Perl mutter. The brain health expert is a certified neurologist who intends to enlighten and empower people on how to maintain their brains to a superior state of mind.

His nootropic supplement is a result of his efforts to uncover, foods, and scientific research that could revolutionize the world of neuroscience. His years of experience has seen him launch dietary supplements that aim to improve the overall body health.


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