Dr. Cousens Online Store – High Quality Natural Supplements?


Dr. Cousens’ Online Store is a web based shop that solely devotes itself to providing the highest quality holistic health products and supplements. These products have been manufactured using the best ingredients that are very safe.

Furthermore, these are the exact kind of products, which can conveniently offer substantial support to virtually all aspects of physical, mental, and even spiritual well being. For much more information on this online store and the various health products and supplements it offers, you can visit their official website and see more about their products.

Why Are Dr. Cousens’ Online Store Products Needed?

To begin with, Dr. Gabriel Cousens takes it upon himself to personally test each and every product which is made available in this website. This is particularly the case when it comes to the critical issues of their quality, effectiveness, and safety. It is very important to state that Dr. Cousens has being able to accrue over 40 years of hands on experience in the areas of natural health, chronic ailments prevention, and longevity.

So, you can always rest assured that nothing ever misses his attention in any of these 3 vital fields. Also, this website consistently upgrades its product offerings on a very regular basis. The primary objective of doing this is to offer an ironclad guarantee that it only provides the very best cutting edge health products and supplements.

Even better, you can also gain access to unlimited professional advice on the ideal products, which can snugly fit your unique circumstances and preferences, while also accessing the very best nutrition based advice that is currently available online. Dr. Cousens has been privileged to author a total of 7 internationally critically acclaimed and bestselling books on nutrition and natural health topics.

Some of the most notable of these are ‘Spirit of Nutrition’ and ‘Creating Peace by Being Peace.’ This exceptional physician is also an expert in plant based nutrition. He also works as a holistic driven healthcare provider, psychiatrist, and family therapist. Dr. Cousens is a very skilled researcher in the treatment of the chronic disease diabetes in a completely natural manner.

What Are Main Benefits Of Dr. Cousens’ Online Store?

This online store makes it a point, like it was earlier mentioned, to provide only the finest and most effective health products, including supplements. These are types of products which can be able to present numerous health benefits to those who use them on a regular basis.

As such, the exact benefits that these given products can offer transcend across many facets of physical and mental health. Therefore, let us now take a detailed review of some of them.


Diabetes has for quite a long time been considered to be an incurable chronic disease. However, Dr. Cousens does not go with the flow, so to speak, in this given issue. After conducting exhaustive research, he has being able to develop a 3 week plan to once and for all prove that this is not the case. This plan works to efficiently reserve the genetic expressions of diabetes to a physiology characterized sound health and wellness.

In essence, this technique works by resetting the DNA of a diabetic patient via green juice fasting together with a supplementary revolutionary diet. This includes a totally organic, vegan, low insulin, and mineral rich diet in the first 21 days. Within just 4 days, the glucose levels of someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes can go down by themselves in a very drastic way. After the first 2 week, the patient will be able transition to a non-diabetic physiology.

This groundbreaking technique for curing this chronic disease is highly acclaimed for completely doing away the need for insulin and other related medications that patients have to put up with. Finally, the 3rd week of this plan predominantly dwells on live meals preparations, which are suitable for someone with diabetes. Here, you can get to sample 100 different tasty raw recipes that can keep this chronic disease at bay forever.

The whole details of this technique has been elaborated comprehensively in one of Dr. Cousens’ books, ‘There is a Cure for Diabetes’ that can be purchased from this online store. It should be noted that while this treatment may be effective for Type 2 Diabetes, those with Type 1 Diabetes should be careful as it would be very dangerous for them to try.

Digestive Health

Dr. Cousens’ Online Store makes it a point to provide a variety of healthy digestive function supplements. First of all, some of these given products have been specifically formulated to deliver digestive enzymes, which are in a position of promoting excellent digestive system functions. For example, the pancreas naturally produces and releases the enzyme protease to let the body digest proteins appropriately.

On the other hand, it produces and releases the enzyme amylase to enable the body to digest carbohydrates and lipase to let the body suitably digest fats. A sharp deficiency in any of these essential enzymes can have far reaching ramifications to your overall health and well being. This online store also makes available a number of top quality probiotics supplements.

These products have being specifically formulated with non-competing probiotics along with prebiotics, both of which can play a huge role in promoting an oxygen rich gastrointestinal environment, which effectively can bar the growth of harmful yeast colonies in your gut. At the same time, these probiotics can be able to facilitate for the ideal conditions in which indigenous ‘friendly’ bacteria can thrive.

Brain Health

Dr. Cousens’ Online Store comes with many health products and supplements which can adequately support optimal brain function. Some of which are very potent tonics that can promote virtually all brain functions. This includes improving memory and mental alertness.

There are also others that can treat diseases such as Alzheimer ’s disease, not to mention efficiently combating the various complications which can arise from stroke and those that are as a result of skull damage. There are also brain health supplements that can minimize stress levels, depression, and improve mood.


This remarkable website offers high quality supplements, which have been specifically formulated to significantly fortify the immune system functions of their users. Some of these solutions are herbal that are noted for their unparalleled potency in bringing the desired outcomes in a fairly quick manner.


You can obtain excellent antioxidants blends through this online store. Generally speaking, these particular health supplements go to work by effectively combating the harmful process of free radicals formation that occurs in at the cellular level of the human body. Free radical formation, for those who might not be in know, stems from what is known as oxidative stress.

This occurrence is extremely detrimental to your overall health and well being. To begin with, it can lead to contracting a wide range of chronic diseases and medical conditions, some of the most prominent of which are certain kinds of cancer and cardiovascular health conditions like heart disease.

Free radical formation can also accelerated premature aging, which manifests itself by ravages on your skin and complexion. So, by making use of Dr. Cousens’ Online Store antioxidants formulations, you can be able to effectively deal with this issue.


This website makes available numerous vitamins supplements. One of the most prominent of these is the B complex vitamins supplements. This particular supplement has the privileged distinction of been the very first blend of probiotics cultured B vitamins that have are derived from live sources.

It is comprised of high energy ‘end chain’ B vitamins, which is the exact form that the body can readily make use of. This supplement can facilitate for optimal liver function, boost immunity, and balance adrenal glands function.


Dr. Cousens’ Online Store provides a variety of top quality essential minerals supplements which are meant to augment those you acquire from your meals. First of all, there is magnesium whose deficiency has been closely linked to increased stress levels, low energy levels, weakened bones, insomnia, abnormal heart rhythm, and even muscle tension.

There are also several calcium supplements that can promote the formation and eventual maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Your muscles also require this essential mineral to be able to function as expected. There are also iron supplements, which can enhance your circulation, digestive health, and tissue oxidation.

Iron can also fortify your immunity and be of big help when it comes to keeping common ailments like colds and flu virus at bay. This essential mineral is a vital co-factor to a good number of important enzymes that are produced in your body. Finally, iron has been linked with promoting optimal mental and cognitive functions.

Besides the above listed essential minerals, you can obtain many other minerals at Dr. Cousens’ Online Store. You can also get top quality zinc, manganese, boron, and gold supplements, to mention just a few. On a parting shot, gold is noted for its unmatched ability to improve brain function and efficiently repairing the sort of DNA damage that fast tracks the aging process. This essential mineral also possesses potent anti-cancer properties and can even promote restful sleep.

What Are The Risks Of Using Dr. Cousens’ Online Store?

This website does all it can to offer only the very best health products and supplements. All these products utilize potent formulations that integrate all natural active ingredients, while a good number of these products are organic and even vegan in nature. Additionally, Dr Cousens himself takes it upon himself to test each and every single product added to this website to gauge their efficacy and safety.

This makes sure that only high quality health products and supplements are sold through this online store. So, you can rest assured that when a product is listed here, it is indeed a guarantee that it is both effective and totally safe to use. As such, the likelihood of any of these health products and supplements giving rise to any serious reactions are next to nil.

Dr. Cousen's Online Store Review Summary

Dr. Cousens’ Online Store is most definitely a refreshing change to what other health products and supplements websites have to offer. In a nutshell, you can easily obtain the highest quality, effective, and safe products for virtually any kind of requirements you may have in mind. Best of all, this exceptional website also serves as a handy and comprehensive repository for resources that dwell on promoting optimal health and well being.

This includes the various books and DVDs that can be accessed and ultimately bought here, which touch on virtually all topics of health and fitness. So, you can never wrong in making the smart decision of using Dr. Cousens’ Online Store health products and supplements and integrating them into your regular routine.

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