Diet for A Small Planet

With the world’s emphasis on environmentalism, Diet For A Small Planet has remained valid since it’s original message in 1971. Food has remained the central issue through world politics, and vegetarianism is a step towards a healthy diet, a healthy planet, and pooling resources to end world hunger.

This extraordinary bestselling book has taught America, and now published in 15 languages, people worldwide, the social and personal significance of a meat free diet. This book features simple rules for a healthy diet, an easy to use format, delicious food combinations, hundreds of meat free recipes, and much more.

Through sharing her experience, author Frances Moore Lappe has offered a new, and brilliant philosophy on changing yourself, and the world, all by the way that you eat.

About The Author

Frances Moore Lappe is the author and co-author of 18 books about living democracy, world hunger, and the environment. All of her books focus on the causes of the U.S. Democracy crisis and how Americans are responding to the challenge.

Diet For A Small Planet has easily become one of the most influential books of the times. In 2008 it was selected as one of “75 Books By Women Whose Words Have Changed The World” by members of the Women’s National Book Association.

Frances Moore Lappe’s books have been translated into 15 languages, and are widely used in University courses all over the world.

What Is Diet for A Small Planet About?

This book covers a wide range of areas, but all come together with a commonality. Meat protein is not necessary for human consumption, and the meat/food industry has been grossly mismanaged causing world hunger to become more pronounced and the environment is suffering as a result. There is a huge amount of waste of edible protein involved in producing the meat centered diet of Americans, all while the rest of the world deals with hungers crisis’.

You Will Learn About:

The nutrition of protein, what it is, why we need it in our diets, and how we can get protein without having to consume animal protein.

The cost of meat on the ecosystem. Feedlots as protein factories in reverse. And how Europe and America are protein drains.

How to cook with proteins. The preparation of dishes that work together to help combine non-meat foods with high quality non-meat proteins.

Diet for A Small Planet Features the following:

About half of this book is comprised of vegetarian recipes.

Published in 1971, Diet For A Small Planet was one of the first books released to describe the socioeconomic impact of meat eating and meat production, and the environmental damage it has, and will continue to cause. World hunger has become the clear result of the meat industry, effectively launching environmental vegetarianism. That it is actually the distribution of resources, not the amount of resources that has lead to world hunger.

This foundational book for modern vegetarianism is one that thoroughly provides rationale that does not rely on a “cruelty to animals” argument.

Changes in lifestyle, particularly related to diet and the environment have become increasingly prevalent in today's socio economic and political culture. Finding ways to heal our bodies, our societies, our political systems, and help end unnecessary hunger in the world are all ways we have become more aware of our roles in this world.

Diet For A Small Planet is a classic reminder to us all on how our choices affect everyone. With this comprehensive, easy to read guide on how and why vegetarianism is so important to our humanity, you can be well on your way to a more socially conscious way of life.

How To Order Diet for A Small Planet

If you are ready to place your order, you can visit the Small Planet Institute website to place your order. Diet For A Small Planet is $7.99 USD,

The website additionally offers more information on how you can help feed hope through a living democracy.


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