Diabetes Declassified – Dr. Mahdi's Natural Reversal Program?


Diabetes Declassified is a natural health program that promotes the reversal of type 2 diabetes and is lead by Dr. Mahdi Pessarakli. Find out if it will actually reduce your diabetes today in our review.

What is Diabetes Declassified?

Diabetes Declassified is a series of downloadable eBooks available online. It promises to help you treat the root causes of diabetes – and even reduce those causes, so your diabetes symptoms disappear.

The author of Diabetes Declassified recently launched a new marketing campaign using a website called DiabetesDeclassified.com.

On that website, you’ll be treated to a lengthy diabetes presentation that claims to permanently reduce your diabetes symptoms and even target the root causes of why you suffer from diabetes.

Diabetes Declassified is one of many downloadable eBooks and health guides available on the internet these days. Each of these guides works in a similar way: they effectively promise to cure your diabetes – but they never actually say the word cure.

Don’t be fooled by the clever marketing team behind Type 2 Diabetes Declassified : there is no cure for diabetes, despite what they want you to think. When a cure for diabetes is discovered, you’re not going to learn it from a $67 PDF file you downloaded from the internet.

Got it? Good. Now that your expectations are low, let’s take a look at whether or not Diabetes Declassified is worth the high price tag.

Who Wrote Diabetes Declassified?

When you’re paying $67 for a PDF file, you want the information within to be written by a certified expert.

Diabetes Declassified was written by a guy named John Callahan. A quick Google Search for John Callahan doesn’t reveal any information about his background or qualifications. The only search results are related to Diabetes Declassified.

The lack of online information about John means that he’s either:

A) Using a pseudonym or

B) Not a qualified expert in his field

John actually doesn’t claim to have any type of medical expertise or experience. He does claim that he used to suffer from diabetes – before he effectively cured his disease using the lessons you’ll learn in Dr. Mahdi’s Diabetes Declassified program .

What is the DiabetesDeclassified.com Website?

You may be searching for Diabetes Declassified right now because you’ve seen a special offer for the eBook appear online. John (or whoever the real author may be) has recently begun marketing the eBook through DiabetesDeclassified.com.

As mentioned above, that website comes with a lengthy video presentation. Basically, that presentation talks about why diabetes is bad, how many people suffer from the disease, and how you may be able to treat root causes of diabetes by eating the right foods.

If you try to press the “Back” or “Escape” button, the website will give you one last chance to stay (you’ll see a pop-up appear). If you choose to stay on the website, you’ll be redirected to a special offer on Diabetes Declassified, where you can pay $37 for the eBook instead of $67. You’ll also be bombarded with advertisements for various up-sells and special offers.

Despite the name of the website, it doesn’t appear to be endorsed by any type of pharmacist or medical professional. It’s just a sleazy looking website designed to convince you that there’s a cure for diabetes available online.

Now that you understand the website, let’s take a look at what Diabetes Declassified has to offer.

What Will You Learn in Diabetes Declassified?

Diabetes Declassified explains that you can “reverse” your diabetes in as little as 14 days. John doesn’t like saying the word “cure” because it’s illegal for him to do so, according to the FDA.

Instead of treating your diabetes with modern medicine, prescription drugs, and other “scams” recommended by your doctor, all you need to treat your diabetes is a new food pyramid.

The food pyramid is a key concept in Diabetes Declassified. It allows you to see exactly how many foods you should be eating in each group, including groups like fats, dairy, meats, vegetables, fruits, and sweets.

Diabetes Declassified doesn’t just tell you which foods to eat. It tells you which foods to eat at which times of the day. It explains that you need to eat the right combination of foods to stabilize your blood sugar naturally.

John, the author, promises that you can improve your blood sugar by 50 points. You can also enjoy health benefits like:

  • Higher Energy Levels
  • More Regular Bowel Movements
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced Need for Insulin Injections

Overall, the book claims to teach you how to treat and reduce the root causes of your diabetes. In fact, “How to Treat and Reduce the Root Cause of Diabetes” is the name of the book.

There are also a number of bonus PDF files you’ll get with your Diabetes Declassified purchase. The PDFs cover a variety of topics. One explains why you should consider reducing your insulin shots and start “reducing diabetes lies in your head”, while another eBook explains how to safely exercise with diabetes.

The remaining two bonus eBooks include “Food Secrets & Digestion for Diabetics” and “Perfecting Your Vision Now: How to Perfect and Improve your Vision.”

All of this information is delivered in a digital eBook. There’s no physical product included with Diabetes Declassified. It’s just a series of PDF files that will be delivered to your email inbox immediately after your purchase is confirmed.

Diabetes Declassified Pricing

Diabetes Declassified pricing varies depending on where you found the offer. Some people will pay more, while others will pay less. Here are the prices we’ve found:

-Normal Pricing: $67 USD

-50% Off Price (Press the Back or Escape Button on the Sales Page): $39 USD

We also found a sales page that advertised a price of $19.99, but when we go to pay, the price goes back up to $39. We haven’t been able to drop the price below $39.

Purchases are processed through Clickbank. You can pay with VISA, MasterCard, or PayPal. Like all other Clickbank purchases, Diabetes Declassified comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. You can literally buy the book, read everything inside, request a refund, and keep the book on your computer if you like.

Additional bonus eBook upsells (like the ones you see after your purchase is confirmed) are processed through another major eBook retailer, Software Projects.

What’s Included with Diabetes Declassified?

Diabetes Declassified comes with all of the following products:

-Diabetes Declassified: How to Treat and Reduce the Root Cause of Diabetes Natural, Safe, and Fast (Main eBook)

-Bonus #1: Food Secrets & Digestion for Diabetics

-Bonus #2: Perfecting Your Vision Now: How to Perfect and Improve your Vision

-Bonus #3: Bioenergy Diabetes Reduction: The Secret to Reducing Diabetes Lies in your Head

-Diet and Exercise Expertise: The Ultimate Guide to Diet and Exercise for Diabetes

John Callahan assigns absurd values to these bonus PDF files. He claims they’re all worth between $65 and $119, which brings the total “value” of the package up to over $300. Few people are going to pay $300 for a set of 5 PDF files on the internet, so don’t fall for this. Paying $39 for five PDF files seems expensive.

Should You Download Diabetes Declassified?

Diabetes Declassified is an eBook that effectively claims to cure your diabetes – it just never actually says the word “cure”. Instead, it says words like “treat and reduce the root cause of diabetes” permanently. For all intents and purposes, this eBook is advertising itself is a cure for diabetes.

There is no known cure for diabetes. There are, however, certain strategies you can use to manage diabetes symptoms and control your blood sugar. The best way to do this is to use the prescription medication and insulin shots prescribed by your doctor, along with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Diabetes Declassified focuses more on the “diet” side of things. It gives you a new food pyramid to work with, which explains exactly how much of each type of food you should take as well as which times of day to eat that food.

Diabetes Declassified also includes four bonus eBooks that help you deal with other aspects of diabetes – like exercising or improving your vision.

If you do decide to purchase Diabetes Declassified, make sure you don’t pay more than $39. If you press the “back” button on the sales page, that 50% discount price should pop up eventually.

Just remember: there’s no known cure for diabetes, no matter what John Callahan, the author of Diabetes Declassified, wants you to think.

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