Detox Plus Review: Advanced Colon Cleansing System For Weight Loss?


Our colon is one of the most important parts of our body. It is a staple of our health. If your colon is healthy chances are your body is in good condition as well. The problem is that our colon has a sort of a filtration effect on everything we consume. Over time it collects toxins which are harmful to our body to keep our gut from getting sick. As time goes on it is important to go through a cleansing period to get rid of all the toxins which get trapped in our colon.

This is where cleansing supplements or cleansing solutions come into play. They have ingredients in them which help your colon clear out all that junk and get it out of your system. Detox Plus by Evolution Slimming offers what they claim are the best ingredients to get your colon under control.

What Is Detox Plus?

Evolution Slimming is a company based in the United Kingdom. They started selling Detox Plus at some point in 2007 and it is available off of their official website and on Amazon. It contains many natural ingredients, which is great news considering how many supplements these days use artificial ingredients.

Detox Plus Colon Cleansing System For Weight Loss Ingredients

The key ingredients used in Detox Plus are prune extract, rhubarb, magnesium sulfate, psyllium husk powder, and aloe. Evolution Slimming expects you to take four pills daily for the first 15 days, which is supposed to help you cleans all the toxins out of your colon, boost your energy levels and even help with weight loss.

Out of all of the listed ingredients, the most scientifically viable one is psyllium husk. Most of the scientific backing is related to the fiber present in psyllium husk which does indeed help with colon health and weight loss, the problem is that this formula doesn’t really contain much psyllium husk fiber in it. So, in reality, there isn’t much scientific evidence that this cleanse is effective.

Detox Plus Customer Reviews

As far as the comments from customers go, there is a little bit of everything when we looked at these feedbacks. Some people say that Detox Plus works well, others say it causes stomach cramps and pains, and some say that all it did was give them energy rather than help with colon cleansing. This usually isn’t a good sign, on average we expect successful products to have mostly positive reviews, in this case, the feedback is all over the place.

Detox Plus Conclusion

While some of the ingredients in this cleansing formula promise to help you detox your colon, there isn’t much scientific evidence of them functioning as they are intended to. Some people swear by this detox product and state that it works perfectly but at the same time, there are far too many people who have experienced negative side-effects including pain in the stomach. Because of these reasons we find it difficult to recommend Detox Plus as a good solution for cleansing your colon.

If you are interested in getting your colon cleansed, there are plenty natural derived ingredients which can help you get this done. While some cleansing formulas offer a bit more than just cleansing your colon, in most cases the extra energy boost isn’t worth the possible side-effects. In our opinion, it’s best to consult with your doctor to determine which course of action you should take to get your colon health in top shape.


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