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There are many different ways to improve the overall health of the human body. Following a nutritional diet that provides the body with all of the key micronutrients and macronutrients it needs to thrive is important, as is regularly performing physical training and working out.

These practices are able to promote higher metabolic rates, boost the immune system, and even improve mental focus.

It’s no secret that keeping active and engaging the entire body is able to deliver a wide range of health benefits. Several clinical investigations have proven that simply standing instead of sitting can cause what is referred to as “non-exercise activity thermogenesis”, or NEAT.

Incorporating NEAT practices into your day such as fidgeting, moving around, and standing instead of sitting enhances the rate at which the body converts food to energy by up to 26%, which not only boosts the ability of the body to burn fat, but also increases focus, attention span, and overall productivity.

The scientific evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of NEAT practices has led many health-conscious professionals to adopt a new way of working, doing away with the traditional sitting desk in favor of a standing desk.

Standing desks move the working platform away from waist level, eliminating chair use and bringing the workspace up to chest level.

The advantages of shifting to a standing desk are numerous, including enhanced weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, a reduced risk of heart disease, minimized back pain, improved mood and energy levels, and greatly increased productivity.

Most of the standing desk solutions available on the market today, however, have a major drawback- most of the desks in the average office space face a wall, which isn’t the most inspiring view to look at while attempting to stay motivated at work. There are dedicated standing desk solutions available on the market today, but most take up a large amount of space and aren’t designed for professional environments.

A new crowdfunding campaign that has been launched on popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter, however, is promising to provide health-conscious professionals with a standing desk solution that leverages the most unused space in any office- window space.

The DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk is a groundbreaking new standing desk design that is able to attach directly to any window, providing a convenient, adjustable, and effective standing desk solution that not only delivers a wide range of health and productivity benefits, but also provides professionals with a view to admire while they work.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk solution and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s a crowdfunding campaign with backing.

What Is The DeskView?

The DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk is an innovative new solution that provides a highly cost-effective and flexible alternative to the expensive standing desks that are currently available on the market.

The unique design of the DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk offers a wide range of advantages over classical standing desk designs, with the most obvious benefit being the ability to enjoy the view from your office window while you work.

Instead of requiring complex adjustment, the DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk can be quickly and easily placed at the desired height level, and offers unparalleled mobility- users are able to attach and detach the DeskView to move around the office as they see fit, with no heavy lifting required.

Design & Construction

The DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk offers a 25 inch by 15 inch working surface, and is available in three different options- a wood desk option, a white lacquer finish, or a clear polymer option.

All three of the DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk options use aircraft-grade aluminium housings to attach the industrial-grade ultra-durable vacuum force disks to the working platform, which can hold an impressive amount of weight.

Officially, the DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk vacuum grips that attach it to a window are able to support 120 lbs, although the Kickstarter campaign page shows it holding far more, able to support the full weight of an adult standing on it.

The vacuum force disks used to attach the DeskView to a window are also extremely easy to engage and disengage, with a simple lever-operated mechanism.

The DeskView Review Summary

The DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk is one of the only standing desk solutions under $200 USD, and can be set up in seconds and moved around with minimal fuss, making it the ideal standing desk solution for the dynamic modern office environment.

If you’re interested in increasing your productivity and health through the use of a standing desk, the DeskView Window-Mounted Standing Desk Kickstarter campaign is definitely worth backing.

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