Dead Sea Spa Elixir Serum – Safe Facial Skincare?


Dead Sea Spa Elixir Review – Is It For You?

The skin is the body’s biggest organ. However, despite being the one organ that is constantly exposed, people don’t take care of their skin the way they should. It is constantly being exposed to harmful rays from the sun and the whipping effects of the wind. On top of the abuse the skin experiences in nature, there’s all the toxins and pollutants it’s exposed to daily. And these toxins aren’t just found in the air, they’re in the lotions, creams, and makeups used on the skin every day. And these pollutants don’t just damage the skin, they’re absorbed into the body, causing serious health issues.

For those who are ready to really pamper their skin, to give their skin the attention it needs, the Dead Sea Spa Elixir has the perfect solution. Its facial serum offers the most decadent experience for users. And, because Dead Sea Spa Elixir is made of completely natural ingredients, users won’t have to worry that their hurting their skin.

What is the Dead Sea Spa Elixir?

Since the times of the ancient Egyptians, the waters of the Dead Sea have been praised and celebrated for their powerful, all-natural therapeutic effects. These effects are most obviously seen in how beautiful the skin looks when exposed to these waters. Because the waters of the Dead Sea are so high in salts and minerals, containing about 27% of all known salts and minerals, it’s no wonder the water is so amazing for the skin.

The Dead Sea Spa Elixir Serum is a high-end skincare and spa product line that harnesses the amazing skin repairing properties found in the Dead Sea. By using minerals taken from the sea and infusing them with natural herbs, products offer by the Dead Sea Spa Elixir can minimize the appearance of aging, all while nourishing, smoothing, and evening out the skin.

The most well-known product sold by Dead Sea Spa Elixir is its Life Essence Fortifying Facial Serum. This must have is the perfect way to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, to give it the hydration it needs. The serum also delivers antioxidants to these lower layers, helping to activate the repair of skin cells. The Life Essence Fortifying Facial Serum is the perfect addition to any daily skin care regime.

How the Facial Serum Works

As already mentioned, the key product for Dead Sea Spa Elixir is its Fortifying Facial Serum. This cutting edge product is turning anti-aging products on their heads.

As the skin begins to age, it begins to show the damage that was done to it through life. This is mostly seen by the formation of free radicals in the skin. Free radicals can cause the skin to be spotted, uneven, wrinkly, and faded.

The Facial Serum works by blocking these free radicals. By penetrating deep beneath the surface of the skin, the Fortifying Facial Serum is able to stop the formation of these uncharged molecules, which in turn prevents the premature aging of the skin.

When users add Fortifying Facial Serum to their daily routine, they begin to notice they have fewer dark spots and their skin has become smoother and softer. In addition to these already amazing benefits, the Fortifying Facial Serum can also minimize the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, and even wrinkles. By providing the skin with all this support, the Fortifying Facial Serum is able to make users look younger and healthier, giving them back their radiant skin.

Benefits of the Life Essence Fortifying Facial Serum

For those who were considering using Botox as the solution to their skin problems, Fortifying Facial Serum will be an answer to prayer. This Dead Sea skin care formula offers many benefits that make it the perfect option for those who are ready to have beautiful, youthful skin.

The Fortifying Facial Serum:

-Generates New Skin Cells
-Reduces Puffiness
-Hydrates the Skin throughout the Day
-Minimizes the Appearance of Dark Circles
-Increases Collagen Production
-Evens out the Skin Tone
Smooths out the Complexion

Not only does the Fortifying Facial Serum provide these amazing benefits, it does so without harming the skin in any way. The serum requires no invasive surgeries, zero painful injections, and has absolutely no side effects. And, almost just as importantly, the Fortifying Facial Serum is much, much cheaper than those other options.

Using the Life Essence Fortifying Facial Serum

Using the Fortifying Facial Serum takes three very simple and quick steps. The serum was made to be so easy to use so that customers could add it to their daily regime easily.

  1. Wash the face with warm water, leaving it lightly damp.
  2. Apply a small amount of the Fortifying Facial Serum to the face.
  3. Pat, don’t rub, the serum evenly across the skin.
  4. Delight in the anti-aging effects of the Fortifying Facial Serum.

Ingredients in Life Essence Fortifying Facial Serum

What makes Fortifying Facial Serum so unique is that it doesn’t contain the chemicals and contaminants that so many other skin care and makeups contain. The serum only has natural ingredients that have been proven effective and have also been clinically tested. For Fortifying Facial Serum, it is truly the ingredients that make the difference.

Basil Leaf Extract: An herbal extract that minimizes the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin, and scar marks.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: A soothing extract that protects the skin while also promoting the growth of healthy skin.

Chamomile Flower Extract: Another soothing ingredient that also helps reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Sage Extract: An extract that has anti-aging properties and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract: Improves the elasticity in the skin while also increasing the production of collagen.

Dead Sea Water: Minimizes the redness, puffiness, and roughness of the skin, while providing hydration to the lower levels of the skin.

Purchasing Fortifying Facial Serum

The Life Essence Fortifying Facial Serum comes with a one month free trial. However, it does cost shipping, so customers will have to pay $5 for their free trial bottle of the Fortifying Facial Serum. The trial amount is enough for customers to use for one month.

The trial period ends 15 days after the order is confirmed. Once the 15 days pass, customers will be charged $79 every month for being in the subscription program. A new bottle of the Fortifying Facial Serum will be sent to them every month.

For those who do not want be part of the subscription service, they must call in to cancel the trial within 15 days of their order confirmation. They must also return the product.

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  1. I want to cancel my account but have noway of contacting you. I have received another jar of cream yesterday. I wish to return with the original jars.
    I cant afford these payments each month.

  2. Yes I just put in for the 30 day free trial of the Dead Sea elixir however when I got through sending it I noticed that the name was not that it was something else now I'm trying to order that Dead Sea Elixir facial cream facial serum I don't know what that other stuff that y'all are calling it but I'm trying to order the Dead Sea Elixir serum for the 30 day free trial $5 just now was charged on my card now if it's not the Dead Sea Elixir than I do not want anything else cancel my order if it is not the Dead Sea elixir

    • Yes, they'll charge you. I just wish the trail period would of been longer. Say 30 days or 20 days, just to see if there's any improvements. Or in exchange for an honest review.


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