DailyGreens: Organic Cold-Pressed Vegetable & Fruit Juice Blend?


Find yourself relying heavily on prescription drugs to ease discomfort? Does it seem as though your body only seems to properly function in the presence of medication? Today, many health practitioners seem to be suggesting several supplements and health-related drugs to ease any given health concern.

While it is not to say that all supplements can deteriorate one’s health, their overall ability to create dependence can be concerning. It no longer needs to be that way, thanks to DailyGreens.

DailyGreens believes that living a better life depends on what is being used as a fuel for the body. The founder of Daily Greens, Shauna Martin claims to have fully recovered from cancer by perceiving health in a simple and natural way.

Most importantly, a positive dependency is said to be created. What does this mean exactly? Here is an in-depth analysis of DailyGreens with respect to its purpose, what is being offered, and much more. The goal here is to shed light on the natural ways of healing as opposed to those that might (not always) be risky in the long run.

What Are DailyGreens?

DailyGreens is a beverage line that focuses on delivering alternatives to pop, carbonated drinks and sugar. More specifically, their objective is to ensure that consumers attain organic and healthy cold-pressed drinks. This means the potential avoidance of incorporating either preservatives or additives.

As the name implies, every serving is said to contain green fruits and vegetables at large. To better understand what type of beverages consumers can expect, let’s take a quick look at the variety offered.

What Do They Currently Offer?

Currently, consumers can make the most out of the Green Juices, Green Ades, Just Veggies and Half Pints. Here is a breakdown of each category of drinks:

Green Juices

Five different types of Green Juices are offered, which include Harmony, Morning Greens, Elevate, Renew and Vitality.

Harmony might be preferred by those who have a sweet tooth, as ingredients like celery, kale, sweet pear, apple, lemon and the duo of fennel and ginger have been used. Next, as the name might hint out, the Morning Greens are said to be a great alternative to coffee, as each serving can support immune and digestive health, while achieving a sense of awakening.

GanedenBC30 probiotic has also been used and is said to be far more potent than yogurt cultures. Vitality, another green juice, is more on the spicy side, as it includes kale, cucumber, cilantro and jalapeño for those who are accustom to a kick. Each drink serves a different purpose and can help to ease daily concerns.

Green Ades

Green Ades can be considered a richer line, as it claims to contain superfoods as well. For instance, the Orange Turmeric is a drink that combines chlorella to ensure that consumers do not have to experience inflammation, and if they do, a natural remedy of sorts is available.

Each drink in unique, as several nutrients have been incorporated to satisfy one’s daily requirements. Other flavors include, Lime-Basil and Chlorella, Watermelon-Hibiscus and Chlorella, Green-Lemonade and Cayenne, and Jicama-Blue Majik and Spirulina.

Just Veggies

This respective line focuses on the flavors of vegetables, as opposed to altering it with fruits. It is important to mention the fact that the Just Veggie line is simply what it claims to contain; nothing more or less.

For instance, Just Beets Cucumber + Lime, contains exactly as the name depicts and claims to serve as an immune-boosting drink that can regulate blood pressure levels, detoxify the body and maximize upon one’s stamina. Other drinks found in this line include, Just Greens Lacinato Kale + Lavender and Just Carrots + Lime.

Half Pints

According to DailyGreens, the Half Pints have been created with the intentions of delivering nutrients to kids. Most kids find it troubling to eat their fruits and vegetables, therefore this respective line is believed to be a little heavy on fruits to hide the fact that vegetables have been incorporated. Consumers can choose between the Dragon Power, Carrot Kick and Green Thing.

Why Choose DailyGreens?

There are several potential reasons why consumers might and should consider Daily Greens. First, each serving is believed to be equivalent to 7 servings of greens, which can also cover one’s protein and fiber intake. Second, specific lines claim to contain probiotics that can elevate one’s digestive health.

Next, their approach of leaning towards cold-pressed drinks are beneficial as, the body can easily absorb the embedded nutrients without having to digest skins. Then the obvious factor of being able to satisfy nutrients intake of all age groups makes Daily Greens desirable.

Lastly, to ensure consumers understand the role each drink can serve, they educate them on cleanses and how taking part in one can rid the body of toxins and hindrances that backup one’s system. Their established cleanse book claims to provide consumers with menus, tips and essential information to expand one’s perspective on health.

Ultimately, DailyGreens appears to be valuable to health, mainly because of its natural way of healing health concerns. The only dependency it creates is one’s desire to attain a healthier lifestyle. For more information, check out: https://drinkdailygreens.com/.


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