CYO Cosmetics – #MixLayerHack Daily Makeup Essentials Products?


Launched on August 29, 2017 CYO, a new makeup collection that is designed to be both fun and playful, mixed with a whole lot of layering and creativity. And, since all women aren’t created equal, unique in their own way – the makeup they wear should be too! Brace yourself, more than 160 featured hyper-functional pieces that are at a price point that you simply, can’t ignore. In fact, you may not even believe it at first.

The products, that we will get into shortly, start as low as $3.50 and range to $7.50 (and that is not a typo). You can expect everything your makeup case desires; eye shadows, highlighters, blushes, and more. The best part – or one of the best parts – is that each of the products, and colors can be layered effortlessly from every possible look, style and design you can imagine.

Fun For All Ages But Designed For The Fun At Heart

Unfortunately, a lot of the quality or fun makeup available on the market simply isn’t affordable for the younger consumer. CYO Cosmetics on the other hand designed their line with the younger demographic in mind. And, not just when it came to price or color either. They wanted to provide quality makeup at a fraction of the price. And, so they did.

This wasn’t just a shot in the dark either. The line was developed based on feedback of the very demographic they are targeting with this August 2017 launch of CYO.

Their philosophy you ask? Say no to normal. Yes to experimental. No to limits. Yes to more for less. Remix. Your way.

Here Is What We Know About CYO Cosmetics

CYO makeup collection has everyday makeup essentials as well as trendy finds for your face, eyes and lips. This will allow women from all ages to mix, layer and hack their look. Here’s how;

  • Two in one lipstick and liners
  • High pigmented eye shadows that are metallic and can even be sued as festival face paint If desired
  • Mixing creams that are illuminated that you can use under, over or mixed with your favorite foundations
  • Highlighters and contour sticks that allow you to both define and sculpt those cheekbones, jawline, and anything else you so choose

Their trademark of #MixLayerHack is brilliant, and is not only fun and trendy, but an explicit definition of what is possible with this makeup line by CYO. Makeup shouldn’t be confined to a box. Your face is a palette to be discovered, enhanced and danced upon with a multitude of colors, textures, shimmers and shines.

A member of the CYO team was quotes saying ‘we’ve created an edgy line that doesn’t break the bank and goes beyond your typical beauty boundaries. This is for a new generation of beauty lovers who want to create and recreate the any versions of themselves’. Circling back to the concept of being both unique, and being cost effective enough to allow the younger generation to do just that.

Where Did They Come From?!

The beauty industry has taken on new heights creatively, and it was only a matter of time with what company would rise to the occasion. CYO has done just that – and has even surprised beauty bloggers and columnists alike. The quality and variety that encompasses CYO Cosmetics is what one might have expected from a trendier brand so to speak. And thank goodness in some respects that wasn’t the case.

This allows CYO to become the trendsetter and it is a safe assumption that the millennials won’t be disappointed by that!

Makeup, Trendsetting, Affordable … but Wait, There’s More?

Looks that way! CYO is not only shaking things up in the makeup department, but is conscious of what will you possibly do with all the goodness? Why, store it in a trendy and more importantly current style makeup bag supplied with a variety of makeup brushes, also available by CYO Cosmetics.

The truth is, they have not missed a beat in the products they have launched exclusively with Walgreens.

How to Get Your Hands on CYO Cosmetics

As mentioned above, CYO Cosmetics has launched exclusively with Walgreens and as a result, the line is only available on the Walgreens website or in the physical stores.

What Does This Mean For Makeup Lovers?

It is simple. You can now walk into Walgreens with a $20.00 bill in hand, and walk about with a handful of makeup if you chose to. This could range from a new lip color and highlighter, an eyeshadow or two. This is simply not something that is common in the makeup world – especially when it comes to quality.

Too often to lower pricing, quality is compromised – and frankly the younger generation deserves much better.

CYO Cosmetics Summary

Lastly, CYO has also stated that you won’t find their branding dictating what should be done with this, or worn with that. They are encouraging their demographics to get crazy, and above all else, be themselves.

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