Curad Soothe Plus Rolled Gauze – Naturally Eliminate Bacterial Odors?


Medical gauze is usually a thin, translucent piece of fabric that has been woven into a loose spread. Technically speaking, gauze is a ‘weave structure’ in which the architecturally ordered yarns are placed over each other. The design is made in a specific way, and allows for maximum absorbability and healing.

This design and patterns that are selected are ideally done in order to add stability to the fabric (which is important when using fine fabrics). However, this weave is not the only way of producing gauze. Traditional communities that use rustic textiles have made gauze from coarse hand-spun plant fiber yarns.

From a production standpoint, Gauze was originally made of silk and its use was often employed in the making of new clothes.However, today it is used for many different things, including making ‘gauze sponges’ for medical purposes. When talking about the medical aspect of things, gauzes are used for dressing up wounds (usually these one’s are made from wool).

It is especially useful for covering bloody wounds because of its non sticky nature. Today, there exist many modern variants which have been fabricated with the use of ‘plastic porous films; such as Telfa or a polyblend. These films are completely sanitised and non stick, and thus are able to provide amazing healing results.

About Curad Soothe Plus Rolled Gauze

Curad Soothe Plus Rolled Gauze has been described as a ‘naturally soothing’ dressing solution that not only aids in faster recovery, but also eliminates all bacterial odors that are common when an injury takes place.

The fibre has been carefully woven and has been infused with ‘Arm & Hammer baking soda’. The natural and soothing properties of the baking soda help provide a fresh approach to first aid.

Key Features

Some of the primary features of Curad Soothe Plus which make it distinctly unique include:

  • Protection: due to its amazing anti-bacterial formulation, the gauze effectively helps protect wounds from any environmental influence (germs, humidity, bacteria). Curad gauze can also be used in conjunction with other dressings for enhanced protection and healing.
  • Unique design: the structure of the yarn has been designed to be low-linting, non-woven, pillow soft. Due to this, each dressing absorbs excess drainage to promote an exceptional healing environment.
  • Good Quantity: each box of Curad Soothe contains 5 rolled gauzes, with each gauze roll being 3 inches in size.
  • Certified: all of Curad’s products are made in outlets that are being governed in accordance with guidelines set forth by the FDA. Additionally, the manufacturer is also accredited by the cGMP for maintaining high quality standards.

Customer Reviews For Curad Soothe Plus Rolled Gauze

The response towards this medical gauze has been highly positive on Amazon. Based upon more than 15 user submitted opinions, the product received an average rating of 4.1/5 stars.

Some satisfied customers include Peter Johnstone who says ‘I like to keep this on hand to cover wounds, like a do-it-yourself Band-Aid in case I don't have the right size. It's also the only way to go to cover substantial areas.’ Similarly, Rhonda B. says ‘ Curad Gauze is just what I needed. Glad that Curad has kept their high quality standards.’

However, there were some complaints about the product, especially in the thickness department. For example, Mia T. says ‘Way too thin. Maybe okay for minor home use but if you're looking for something substantial this gauze is not it.’

Curad Soothe Plus Rolled Gauze Pricing And Availability

Curad Soothe Plus Rolled Gauze is of the dimensions 3″ x 2.5 yds. Each pack contains 5 of these rolls and is priced at $11.23. That works out to about $2.25 per roll.

Free shipping options are available for all orders above $25.00. Payments can be done using many secure means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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