Crevalor and Megatropin Review


Crevalor and Megatropin Stack

Crevalor and Megatropin are two bodybuilding supplements commonly taken in a stack. Both supplements are designed to boost recovery times, increase muscle mass, and naturally raise testosterone levels.

Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Crevalor and Megatropin.

What is Crevalor?


Crevalor, like many natural testosterone boosters, promises to use natural ingredients to raise testosterone levels. Those ingredients include all of the following:

— L-Arginine HCL
— Maca Root
— Siberian Ginseng
— Tribulus Terristris
— Yohimbe

These ingredients can actually be found in a wide range of testosterone-boosting supplements. Typically, other testosterone boosters only contain one or two of the above ingredients.

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Crevalor Ingredients

Crevalor contains five different ingredients.

Crevalor calls itself a “muscle enhancing formula.” Here’s how each of the ingredients work:

L-Arginine HCL

This ingredient raises nitric oxide levels in the blood stream, which tells your body to dilate its blood vessels, increasing blood flow. This can boost muscle recovery and increase pump at the gym. It can also give you harder, fuller erections. L-Arginine HCL won’t actually increase your testosterone, but it does make it feel like you have more testosterone simply because you have better blood flow.

Maca Root

Maca Root is an herb that has been used for thousands of years by civilizations living in the high elevations of mountain ranges around the world. It’s been used to balance hormones, increase energy, and boost libido. Clinical studies have been mixed, but some results suggest it can also improve cognitive performance.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng boosts immune system functionality and increases muscle support during athletic activity, which means you get better pumps.

Tribulus Terristris

Some studies have shown that this natural herb can boost testosterone production. It’s often found in natural testosterone boosting supplements as a way to burn fat, increase muscle mass, and enhance sexual performance.


Yohimbe is found in many other natural supplements, where it’s meant to support cardiovascular health and improve blood flow. This can lead to better energy levels and reduced sexual dysfunction.

Crevalor doesn’t explain how much of each ingredient is in a capsule of the supplement. It just says it has all of the above ingredients. That can make it difficult to determine what, exactly, you’re putting into your body with every capsule of Crevalor.

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What is Megatropin?


Megatropin is a bodybuilding supplement which offers similar benefits to Crevalor. Megatropin promises to boost metabolic efficiency, cut recovery time, and increase muscle mass.

Megatropin doesn’t disclose its full list of ingredients or the specific dosages. It does, however, heavily advertise five of its main ingredients, which are:

— Tongkat Ali
— Saw Palmetto
— Sarsaparilla
— Horny Goat Weed
— Boron

Together, these ingredients are purported to naturally boost testosterone levels, giving you huge bodybuilding benefits.

Just like with Crevalor, all of the ingredients in Megatropin can be found in other bodybuilding supplements. Most bodybuilding supplements, however, only use one or two of the ingredients listed above. Crevalor has five – although we don’t know how much of each ingredient is included in the supplement.

The Megatropin plus Crevalor Stack

Megatropin and Crevalor both appear to be made by the same manufacturer – although very little information about that manufacturer is available on either official website.

Both supplements come in similar bottles. The manufacturer, understandably, wants to maximize sales. That’s why the company is heavily advertising using Megatropin and Crevalor as a stack.

Stacking the supplements together gives you a wide range of natural testosterone boosters every day. If you feel like the dosage is too weak in one supplement, then adding another supplement to your stack can maximize the effectiveness.

According to the manufacturer, the ingredients in both Megatropin and Crevalor will work synergistically, which means up to 35% more muscle mass and vastly improved testosterone levels.

That’s why it’s such a popular stack.

Who Should Use the Crevalor and Megatropin Stack?

There’s little information available about this supplement stack or its manufacturer online. However, the supplement was recently featured in advertisements in Men’s Health, Maxim, and Playboy, so it’s been attracting attention across the internet.

Like most testosterone boosters, Crevalor and Megatropin will work for some people – but not everyone. Some people will notice the sexual benefits more, while others will notice better vascularity at the gym. Some people will be able to increase their testosterone levels, while others won’t.

Fortunately, Crevalor and Megatropin both come with a free trial that lets you try out both supplements at the same time for yourself.

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Supplement Police
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  1. Like most people have said,yes it is shity that they screw you over money wise that part did piss me off. However if you can find it somewhere else or look at the important ingredients and try to find something similar in store. I would recommend it. It worked for me and I saw results in about a week in an half to two weeks, although my girl saw results in a week as in my body definition.

    • Oh ya, when I started to notice, that was body def,wight gain which is the mine reason why I wanted to try it because I had always had a problem with gaining weight. Also I didn’t change eating habits nor did I exercise till I started simi pro football

  2. I fully understand everyone’s frustration with the “free trial scam” but there are other ways to order the product and not get caught up in this “ponzi scheme”
    With that being said…here’s my question…
    Does the product ACTUALLY work? My husband has been looking into it, and after many many months of trying to get him back into the gym with me, I am excited that he is ready to take the step. I am cautious of everything that he takes, so, does the product actually work?

  3. The “stack” is unfortunately a scam. Zero impact. The company will try and sell the value of using for 90+ days to see the effect – in truth, this is to capture 90 days worth of revenue.

    Adding insult to injury, there is an absurd $14 restocking fee if you want to return an cancel.

    Is it not a coincidence that you see no direction to Reviews on their website (which one of their call reps pointed out to me!).

  4. This is a scam. After taking this crap it made me fell awful. They started taking money from my account once for like 4.95 for the free trial then in a few days 8 dollars and something. Then in less than 14 days took out around 60 dollars. I contacted them and told them there product made me sick feeling and that they had taken money 3 times and wanted a defund on it. The lady said ok ship it back with a tracking number and we will give you half of the money back. After informing her I was law enforcement and would make contact with the attorney general. She put me on hold and then came back to say if I shipped it and called them back with a tracking number they could give a total refunds. We’ll see if they get that done. Total unhappy with there product and there money games they play. Would not refer anyone to this or any there products.

  5. Great product! Great Results! Been using the combo (Mega…and Crev…) for 3 months now and have gotten great results. As mentioned so many times before, the subscription cost, I could definitely do without. I would love to continue using the products because I know for a fact that they work. I guess what it boils down to is the fine print and not putting the subscription price in big bold letters like everything else in the add. I guess with the results I have gotten over the past few months I would continue using the product, all I ask is for the company to do a better job of informing the consumer of the overall cost after the trial ends.

  6. Shady operation at best. Free sample followed by a month’s supply a month later…which I did not order. Got the same “deal talk” so told them I would report them to the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office. Lived in Arizona 25 years and the Attorney General’s office takes this type of shady matter seriously and will show up at their door!
    Why ask if it works??? Really!!! They may put bat guano in it!
    Let the buyer beware!

  7. I never fall for these scams, until this one. Unfortunately, the best I could do is to get a 50% refund when I threatened to file fraud against them with the credit card company.

  8. Ok Ok I get it. they screw you with the money. Do any of you actually have a review about the effectiveness of the damn products?? DO THEY WORK????

    • The use of these two products put my husband in the hospital for two days. He passed out in church and had a very low heart rate. The doctors determined these products exacerbated a premature ventricular contraction condition in his heart. I had to fight with them to get the full refund promised since, conveniently for them, his 14-day trial ended while he was in the hospital and couldn’t contact the company. We’ll see if I actually DO get the full refund. FYI, they wouldn’t even tell me the name of the company when I asked for the address in order to send this stuff back (as a condition to get a refund).

      @Q who posted 1/21/16 – In answer to your veiled insult to everyone’s intelligence, I must say not everyone has caught on to these deceptive advertising practices…a link to TERMS. Most people are used to honesty; but, they are catching on, so you better be thinking up your next scheme to hook those who trust too easily. It is awfully hard to research what’s IN a product when this company (whatever its name is) does NOT give ANY indication of the amount or percentage of each ingredient used in a dose on the information they provide on-line. Your advertising is a great come-on that would fool many men, especially if they are getting older and feel they are losing their masculine prowess. Whether these two products work or not is a question my man will not be able to answer for you.

      • $90 apiece per month is not a bad price? That’s $180 every month for these two products that may not do any more than give you a psychological boost. Not sure what you do for a living, but $180 means something to me! I’m on day 6 of these products, as I await word from my bank about the impending future charges, and all I’ve gotten from them so far is mild queeziness each morning and diarrhea. I’m hoping that changes in the next day or two and I start experiencing something good, but my hopes aren’t too high for a product that comes from a company that tries to trick money out of people.

    • Like it does mention, ” results may vary”. As for me,I’m a moderately active male in my early thirties and I DID see actual decent results when i took them both! Mostly crevalor itself. You still need to eat right. In the bottle comes with a legit little ‘cheat sheet ‘ of nutritional info on what simple power foods to consume in conjunction with the supplements!
      So results, yes,but worth the cost (after trial), that’s to each thier own. I certainly read all fine print and was smart enough to cancel the second i received my order and i didnt have any shady ” subscription costs” billed aside the $4.95 shipping. But theres certainly other cost effective, equally resulting pills out there I’m sure…just read all that stuff before stupidly clicking on “order” button folks.

  9. After reading all the comments about the “Scam this and the scam that” I have to say that people are pretty slow when it comes to purchasing products like this online. If you scroll to the bottom of the product page you will see a link to the “TERMS” of the product and purchasing. It tells you exactly what the company will do. It tells you that you will be charged at the end of your trial period and how much you’ll be charged etc. It also tells you what to do if you want to avoid being charged the monthly subscription. For those of you who are ACTUALLY USING the product thanks for your feedback whether it be positive or negative. Learn to read and research before you start bashing things online please.

  10. If you do want to use it and want a more reasonable price, call before the 14 days are up and tell them you want to cancel. They will offer you a discount, but tell them you want to pay $19.95 and after a few other offers at higher amounts that I declined, she miraculously found she could offer it to me for $19.95.

    • I had the same thing happen to me! I just got off the phone with them explaining that it was not clear that you would be charging me $200 every two months basically for both supplements! I said i wanted the charges reversed right now. He came back and said what would we have to do to keep you. I said give me 75% off or 80% and i would be happy to pay because i like the results so far after 2 weeks. I have more energy at work, stay focused more and my crossfit workouts have been way better! The recovery time is much less now as well and allows me to push myself even more.

  11. I just found these supplements for sale on Amazon. You won’t get the “free trials” through them, but they are priced at $89.99 for a one month supply. At least with Amazon you won’t get screwed and have any recurring charges, or have to fight to cancel any subscription.

  12. I just went out and got a couple of those pre-paid credit card gift cards and ordered the free trial. A couple of times with different cards to different peoples addresses so i could get more than one. I dont think they’ll be able to do too much extra charging if you do it like that. Ya, it does suck that they’re getting over on so many people.

    • after reading this I went a grabbed a couple pre loaded cards and when I went to use them it said they don’t accept prepaid lol so i just used a couple diff cards then called my bank and put a stop payment on future charges

  13. may i suggest you copy the ingredients and see what it cost to purchase them separately and take them as suggested.

  14. I feel like a complete idiot for not researching this and looking at reviews. The add on ESPN appeared legit. After I ordered the “free” trial, I clicked on one of the (what I thought was a ESPN) links and was brought right back to the order page. All of the links on that page were directed back to the order page. Buzzers went off. When I found these reviews and realized I was gonna get screwed, I called their customer service 1-888-475-9303 and spoke with Omarr. I told him I wanted to cancel the order. Like most on this page have commented, he stated wanting to make deals. I explained to him that nowhere in the add did it mention a subscription. After following the advise from this page, I knew how to respond. He agreed to cancel my order including shipping charges. In a demanding way I asked for a confirmation e-mail that he said would be sent immediately. About 10 minutes after hanging up, I received the cancellation e-mail. I will also follow up with my bank in the morning. Sucks that we have to deal with this level of dishonesty and I kicked myself for getting caught up in this. Thanks to those of you who posted your experiences and how to resolve this swindel. From now on, with any trials, I’ll be using a prepaid card.

  15. How long does it take for the Feds to step in and handle all the complaints? I too have been ripped off….arguing with my bank and them… seems as though someone should know what to do in this case? I intend to follow up on this and report it to all authorities I can…just need a little help to point me in the right direction?

  16. I tried to post a very nasty piece of info previously about how I got screwed by the company and lied to me three times over the phone. Don’t get caught up with the half price refund lie, its been three days and no refund. It took less than 15 min. to charge my account $144.00, for an order placed for the two 30 day samples and shipping cost of $4.95 & $5.95 !!!! Be warned that this company is a total rip-off. As soon as I find out where they are operating, I well send all the info I can to the state Attorney General !!!

    • All you had to do was dispute the charges.ask to speak with your bank manager, and have the manager call the company directly. My bank manager was on the phone with the company for about 3 minutes before the company offered a complete refund aside from the 495 and 595 shipping on the free trial.

  17. I wish I had read this web site prior to trying to purchase these products (Crevalor & Megatropin)!! I got RIPPED OFF big time. I placed an order on line (First Misstake) for FREE TRIAL sample, and was miss lead that I would only pay for shipping cost !!! With in minutes my credit card was charged $144.00 !!!!! When we call the company we were told that it was to late to cancel because the product had already been shipped (Less than 20 minutes after entering order). They got real nasty, and told us that if we sent back the order we would be charge
    additional fees. After telling them that we would notify our credit card co, they switch us to a supervisor who agreed to reduce the charge in half and credit it back to our card. This has not happen yet (Three days have passed)

    • I had a similar experience with Garcinia Cambodia and called the credit card and told them it was an unauthorized purchase and they refunded the whole amt.

  18. Total scam stay away and hopefully this will hep those of you that have already been charged to get your $ back.
    As a lot of you I fell for the “free trial” and yes after 14 days you will be charged $89.99 per bottle. I called (888)475-9303 and told them that that is a very deceptive way to get $$ from customers trying their products. I said, “If it works for anyone we would re-order right”. At first he refused to give any type of refund because he said the charge was explained in the “terms”. After arguing and explaining to them ,for 10 minutes, that this was a very underhanded way of doing business and I wanted a refund the guy finally said that he could offer a 50% refund of the price if I would agree verbally over the phone not to file a dispute claim with my bank. I refused to accept and told him even if they refunded the 50 % that I was going to file a dispute with my bank and also file a police report. That changed his tune and he then said I could get a 100% refund if I returned the products. He gave my the shipping address and 2 return authorization codes to right on the box. Supposedly my credit card will get credited with the full amount within 2 weeks after they receive the products back. Guess I will see.


    • We do things in good faith in the hope that we will not be taken advantage of. Boy, are we (I) stupid sometimes. I ordered this sampler under the guise of “FREE” 30 sample product. To only find out that 2 weeks after my original order, I am being billed $90 x 2 for an additional order that I didn’t ask for. I hadn’t even had ample time to properly evaluate the sampler, yet, both Crevelar and Megatropin are billing me for additional shipments. It’s now questionable if I’ll even receive a proper Refund, being that I opened the sampler product.

  19. to all people like 65 plus people no complain, this scam company have 90×65=5850 dollars and much more from people no complain, may be couple hundreds people, including me. for stupid . what we can do? nothing next time i have to be more smart. easy way to still the money

  20. So I just ordered this two days ago. If I just go to the bank, cancel this card for a new one I should be good right?


    • So first off i would like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to warn others of this b.s. scam .first thing i did was call the customer service # 1-888-475-9303 and spoke with pamela did comfirm that after the 14 days trail i would be freakn charged $89.95 for each bottle of the” trail” bottles WTF . Of course they try to feed you some b.s. so they can continue with the charges . Either way i dont trust them so im off to the bank to block them. Make sure to get email cancellation confirmation. I hope this helps someone as i was help.

  21. So to clear the air beyond the charges. I ordered the trial of both products about a little over a week ago and have been using them as recommended since. I love the products and have changed a lot of my diet based on some extra info that they sent with the product. All in all, I love how much healthier I feel now and I was happy to order more of it through another source. I was later hit with the sneaky subscription and called my bank to reverse the transaction and then I called their customer care to let them know I like the product, yet I do not want a monthly subscription and cancelled the subscription. I will continue to use the product for 90 days and report my results after doing so. Minus the sly charge issues I really am happy with my trial and look forward to seeing how this works out.

    • Awesome man. I was worried about the charges but I wanted to know if it worked too so I’m glad I finally found a positive review. I’ll just cancel my card I ordered on and order through another source from here on in

    • how can you buy Crevalor without using the trial site being it seems to be shady? I tried googling for other sites but found nothing .

  22. After reading the reviews I immediately called to cancel my order (888-475-9303). I spoke with a Maria who kindly told me that my order will be cancelled and that no further products will be shipped. I advised her that I just placed the order and that I’ve received nothing. She confirmed that no products were shipped as there was no shipping number issued yet. She issued me a cancellation number for both products and said everything, except shipping, will be refunded. I advised her that nothing was shipped as she stated there was no shipping number associated with my account. I then said why am I being charged shipping if no product has been shipped yet. She tried explaining to me how the postal service takes there money immediately after you place the order. And if I wanted my shipping refunded I needed to contact the postal service. I asked her for a number and she said she had none. I politely stated I will dispute the charges with my credit card company and she immediately stated, “Hold on and let me speak with my supervisor.” She came back and stated, “After getting approval, I will be refunding the shipping charges too and notify the postal service to not deliver the product.” I asked for an email confirmation stating that and she stated, “Sorry, but I don’t have that ability. Just keep cancellation numbers and call us back if there is a problem.’ You can bet that I’ll be watching it like a hawk.

  23. Your product is worthless and to add insult to injury you are committing fraud by misleading people; leading them to believe they are getting a “free” trial just for the cost of shipping, when in fact the same week you get the product you run a charge through for the full cost of the product. $89.99 per product per bottle is a joke and to try and obligate people for automatic monthly charges for additional shipments on the sly is even worse. I tried to speak with someone at your company about this but was given a line your folks had memorized over and over, not allowed to speak to management and was hung up on twice. I have cancelled my card and have filed fraud charges with my bank to recover my funds and hopefully shut you folks down before you can steal from too many other people! Everywhere I come across your ads one the internet I will post a warning about your fraudulent business practices.

    • I’m trying to get justice for my boyfriend & our extremely negative in value joint account, just like the rest of you upset here. I’m planning on fighting this scam & need all the help we can get. E-mail me at lizz2024 @ gmail .com Thank you!

  24. 1888-475-9303 This is the number to cancel… I called in to cancel 30 mins after ordering. What lead to my cancellation were these comments plus a weird phone call I received from a 00000000 to “help” me complete my order. It just seemed bogus. Has anyone actually tried the product got results? Is it a real product and can I get it at gnc or vitamin shoppe?

  25. Ordered this product couple of hours ago . Called to cancel after receiving a weird call from a 00000000000 number. They were a little reluctant to process my refund but eventually did . I don’t know but after that call and reading these comments I wasn’t too comfortable with them having my credit card info. I still want to k ow if the product works . Has anyone bought it from gnc or vitamin shoppe?

  26. I bought these products after my manager recommended them. 45 days after he started taking them he had huge results!!! I am on my 2nd week and I can already tell a difference in my gains and th way my body is shaping. I recommend the product, I called them, told them that 89 for each wasn’t worth it. They now charge me 30 for each. The support is very helpful if you listen and ask the right questions. Not everything you take works the way it does for other people, hell I have to change pre workouts supplements monthly because my body adjusts to the dosage.

    • There’s a review I was looking for, one that speaks to the product rather than the charges. I have noticed small results in just a week, so I can’t wait to see my 45 day mark. Hope you get the results you were looking for too!

  27. I am looking over my account and notice the 89.99 fee i call to cancel man i spoke with made it seem like it was my fault i did not know that there would be a fee. However i am at hospital with my ill child and tring to pay bills and notive this … So today was not a good day for him trying to blame me and not really wanting to i will back until this issue is resolved noone has time to be tAken advantage of…

  28. Men’s health does not promote these products you have to Read carefully it’s a bs ripoff called men’s health life the 2 are not the same

  29. It is a F(ing) scam don’t do get! I did call the # and talked to a lady she canceled my order and all I was charged was the amount for shipping. Do not waste your time with this!

  30. don’t bite the bait of the FREE TRIAL BULLSHIT. theyre giving me problems right now they double charge you $89.99. Then their representative was rude too and said I will not receive anything from them anymore either. this is my 3rd post since the others didn’t go through! use groupon, gnc,, or something my last post gave more detail of the bullshit they put me through but I don’t feel ike retyping the story.

  31. I just did the free trial last night and the I called my bank and it said I had a $144.89 purchase!!! I called and they said just ship it back and they will refund my money! Smh pisses me off that they do people like that.

    • I ordered this trial cause it’s late and I make bad choices when I’m tired.

      I called them right away and cancelled my order. Requested an email confirmation which I got right away.

      The number to call and cancel is : (888) 475-9303

      Hope this helps..

  32. So I ordered less then a hour ago. Then I came across this. So I called to cancel. The lady said it’s not possible. Me and my anger , I told her she can refund the money or I call both the police and my bank. She sent me a email less then 5 minutes later with the cancellation.

  33. I never take supplements, and I never go on fitness sites but my “free trial”month of Crevalor and Megatropin just ended and I typed in the word Megatropin on my search engine out of curiosity and came across this site, Glad I did! After seeing all these negative reviews talking about being double charged, i went on my bank website to go over my account with more detail, as I always have lots of purchases in an average month (typical american lol). Sure enough, after fifteen days of my original shipping charges for this so called “trial” of these products, were two charges of $ 89.99 to the same company!!! Immediately called my bank and the fraud dept, who called this scummy supplement company on a 3 way call so we could get to the bottom of this. According to an urban sounding tool named Omar, the trial quantities of pills are 14 days worth, yet they send you 30 days worth ( which is totally my fault for not literally taking all the pills out and counting them). Obviously, after 15 days they charge you ongoing and even with my bank lady on the call with this “company” they would only refund me 50% of the charges so I am out $ 90.00 for stuff only partially received. (Apparently, 16 days worth of this miracle product is worth $180 to these punk ass rats. Even with the bank involved, they somehow “got one over on me”, and I had no grounds to dispute the charges, I though I was street smart- lived in NYC, been to rio, Mexico city, never got pickpocketed or internet scammed but it finally happened to me, all due to vanity lol!

    Thanks to everyone else who took time out of their day to write warnings here, which saved me at least $ 90.00, plus future charges,,,,
    – I am so bummed that I came across the ad for this crap product in a legit magazine like mens health, shame on them for promoting crime.

    • The EXACT same thing happened to me. I guess it’s true what they say, If it seems to good to be true….then it is too good to be true. Lesson Learned! :-(

  34. HUGE SCAM!!! 14 day trial is more like 10. Make sure you call them before day 10 of actually receiving this useless product (in case you don’t believe me and ordered it anyway). This company has ripped off many people and refuse to give you your money back. They will hang up on you. They promise a 14 product evaluation, however they are scam artists and don’t give you that. You don’t believe that either wait until day 14 and cancel, oh and they will charge you for cancelling also. Product sucks, they can’t even stand behind their product to give people actually as they promote, a 14 day evaluation of it. They know it sucks so they scam you out of your money and you will not get it back. Consider yourself warned. STAY AWAY!!!

  35. What about the ad with the Rock, Hugh Jackman and the other two famous guys? Says they used it, I won’t buy this crap unless I met these fellas and asked them to their face what they used. So sad that there’s scammers, while real people look for some real results… thanks scam company! Like we all can afford to just give you money for nothing. Bogus Bogile. Bogility. NY’ers know how to fix them good.

    Be aware even though they tell you that will send you a “free 30 trial”, after only 14 days they will charge $200 to your account for the “free” bottles they sent! And you will have hell getting your money back. Multiple steps they hope you wont follow correctly , then they only refunded for one bottle so i called back and they said they would have to see if the other bottle was returned. I shipped them in the same F*&^ing box!! Then they said “oh well we take your word for it”. They just want to see if you will follow through to get your money back. If not they get to keep it.

  37. Hey to all u guys who want a good supplement try jet mass by gat. Its simply the best supplement I’ve ever tried. I’ve been working out for 17 years and I’ve tried about every legal supplement there is. Get it on ebay only 38.00 my bench went up 90lbs in 6 months.its all I take no protein just this I’ve been using it for about 3-4 years

  38. I ordered this yesterday at 4pm. Then I did my research. I just canceled the product and had no problems. I got to them before anything was shipped or charged. Should’ve known better but saw a quite convincing write up by a writer for ESPN. Now I cant seem to find that article.

  39. I have been using Megatropin for about 3 weeks now. It makes me sleepy, as it is suggested on the bottle to take two tablets before bedtime. However, it doesn’t make me sleepy like Advil PM does. A little less. I can sense a little boost to my “strength” in gains at the gym. from what i can tell it helps me to recover a little faster in my sleep so the gains from the gym are a bit quicker. I stacked it first with NO2 Factor, but i stopped using that because it sped my metabolism up to the point where it was hard for me to sleep and I already have a fast metabolism. The NO2 Factor kind of like a pre-workout. I just take Megatropin currently. It kind of gives me a little bit of a bump in strength gains. Not much though. It does work, at least for me, but it is no “Performace enhancer” if you know what i mean.

  40. I ordered this product too.and I got both bottles in about 4 days,I never opened em.because I don’t see nobody taking this product online,so im to scared to take them.but I called and cancelled today,10 days after getting the they charged me $19.too keep the product and never here from them again.I said ok.

  41. I Ordered both products too f**k all that sh*t dont ever buy from them its been 2 day’s and i still haven’t gotten it im just putting it out there it’s a scam.

  42. So I just ordered both products (like an idiot) and was also signed up for a monthly emagazine (which I didn’t order). After reading reviews here I called and said I wanted to cancel and I was told they had no guarantee they didn’t send the product out yet (no way they sent it in an hour) and then they said they couldn’ t refund my money (because they are scam artists). I am reporting them to the FCC, FTC, and the BBB imediately.

  43. Terrible company said as long as you cancel by certain date they would not charge u but when I cancelled they said I was a day late which was a lie and charged me $90 anyway scam

  44. Don’t Order from these people. I had bigtime problems trying to get them to credit me for charging me $89.00 for the Crevalor and $89.00 for the Megatropin. I sent them the cancellation request within the 14 day period and they charged me anyway. They kept giving me a BS excuse that they never got the emails. After Resending them the emails, they said that the body of the email was blank. I then asked them for a fax number to fax them the information and they refused. They offered me only a 50% refund which I refused. Finally after telling them that I will have my Bank dispute the charges was when they offer to give me a full refund.

  45. I ordered this product two and a half weeks ago….. And have yet to receive the product!!! To anyone else attempting to order, DONT DO IT!! This must be a scam!!! Once these people get your credit card number they will continue to charge it whether you have the product or not!!!

  46. all comments are less than 1 month
    no one seems to have tried it for the 4 weeks
    are the mens health people willing to risk their name and rep for this? and so, $200 a month may seem steep but what is in your cabinet now?

    Mens Health where are you on this?

  47. I ordered this product and wanted to immediately cancel after reading the reviews. I got the product and had to find their number on this page to make sure that my account was cancelled. They charged me anyway. James is who I spoke with, and he explained to me that i have to return the bottles unused and unopened to get back my credit. they charged 6.49 and 7.49 for shipping even though they came in the same package.(888)475-9303 is the # i called to talk to James and cancel. they’re in Scottsdale Arizona. Beware of these people they have been scamming people for such a long time that they were able to move from Phoenix to Scottsdale. Get your money back!!!!!

    • Has anyone ordered, cancelled right away and got told that the shipping gets taken out and sent directly to the post office so even though you cancelled and will never receive the product, you still are stuck with the shipping?

  48. That’s why you should always use s pre paid card for these online sites. Just have the exact amount on card. Got to out think them.

  49. This is real:
    I was filling out my information prior to putting in my credit card info, and decided to read more reviews…. While on this site, I received a phone call from the company… A lady named Ash answered and wanted to know why I didn’t fill out the rest. I told her about the long waits people were claiming to have and she guaranteed me 3-5 days it would be here. When I asked what was the main controlling companies name was, she hung up… I immediately called back and ash picked up the phone and said my name immediately. Apologized for disconnecting me. I then asked the same exact question and again, she hung up. I then called back 17 times to have them pick up the phone and then hang right back up on me every single time. The last call I was sent to a voicemail to leave but then was automatically hung up on unable to leave a voicemail. This is a massive scam. Here is the number from which I was called from and from which I called back. Go ahead, ask questions… I have NEVER seen such sketchiness in my life upon a “customer care” number. (310) 362-1782
    Beverly Hills, CA.

    Hope this helps. I am extremely glad I didn’t enter my card info, because this is indeed bogus. 17 calls!!!! All answered, all hung up on before any words said. Ash put her foot in her mouth and now cannot talk. Bs…..

  50. Has ANYONE received this and have seen any results? Who cares about the money if this works. I would like to hear reviews from people who can actually review

    • I have ordered both crevalor and megatropin. and let me tell you, They did nothing for me. At first i thought , well my body may just need a few days to actually feel the benefit from using them. For them to what was that bs “synergize” and improve my performance and recovery. Although synergy is a true concept, it isn’t remotely true for this trash supplement. I used the whole bottle for the entire month ,And my sets are still the same and no less easier to do or recover from. I am already in great shape and never should have fed into trash like this. I never did before, but i kept seeing the ads, and let all the false benefits eventually excite me. To be honest Megatropin looks like those cheap crappy vitamins that can be found at the dollar store. It’s a big blue pill. It smells like them too. Crevalor is in a clear capsule and looks like the dust that is found in a vacuum cleaner bag.

    • That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking … can anyone actually review the product instead of telling the world that they don’t know how to read Terms and Conditions. Stop complaining about what YOU didn’t do and actually review a product!

      • You’re an idiot. Read what people are saying. It doesn’t matter if the product is good or not. They’re scammers but I wouldn’t say artists haha. Once they have your debit card number you better get it changed.. It has nothing to do with terms or conditions lol. If you don’t know then you clearly haven’t ordered from them or talked to them on the phone. You should order and then you can review their product for us. Crevalor owners and employees are scum

  51. Very deceptive order. Expensive price for cheap ingredients. Do click on or agree anything until you have a read all terms or conditions which are not necessarily easy to find if the exist at all when view the offer on an Iphone . You will be charged 89.95 x 2 within 14 days. No contact information is provided. I had to find it here.
    I’ll never order anything form this company again.

  52. Yeah, same with me. Ordered the trial, got charged 89,99 each after 15 days. Called them and the arguing started: I told them that this all is crap to offer a trial but within the terms stating that after 14 days an auto subscription starts. After a short while she said she might get me an refund of 30 for each. I keept insisting to cancel it completely. After a while she said that supervisor signalized to offer me 50 off for each. I keept on talking and suddenly she said that they will do a full refund on both products. Surprise ending. Hope it really shows up on my account soon.

  53. I just want to put it out there to everyone, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and you click on the thing that says contact us that gives their contact information. Also if you read the terms and conditions it explains the billing process that you will be charged 15 days after and then every 30 days after that. That being said, all supplements are a scam.

    • Ryan,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      But I have disagree with your last statement. Not all supplements are scams. Heck, not even all “free trials” are scams. A lot of them are though.

      But you cannot lump all supplements together and say they are all scams. There are many many supplements out there that help people day in and day out. You just have to do your due diligence when looking at a supplement. Check the full sellers site, see the reviews, read the comments.

      It shouldn’t have to be that way. You should be able to look at a website and take them for their words, but unfortunately, it’s not that way anymore…

      — Supplement Police

  54. Cmon folks. THERE IS NO MAGICAL SUPPLEMENT! This is pure herbal garbage backed by nothing but false advertisements. Eat protein, get your aminos, take creatine and lift heavy….that is what works. And, if you want to gamble with your kidneys and liver, buy pr0h0rm0nes on Amazon.

  55. Wow sorry to hear all this and Thanx I’m glad I didn’t order this product the other day,figured I’d wait for sum reviews.To good to b try

  56. Well, I was looking into these two products, sounding like a good produce…untill seen all the reviews, sorry to hear about everyone’s misfortune….however I want to thank everyone for the reviews and the fact you all saved me from purchacing and tne headaches

  57. Ordered trial, I actually read the terms which says it will bill you automatically 89 bucks a month unless you cancel. So if all you want is the trial call 1888-475-9303 and cancel as soon as you order the trial ( you have 14 days ).

    I c alley them and canceled, and the guy offered me a 50% discount for as long as I stay with them, which would have meant that yu would only pay 45 bucks a month for both products.

    If your paying more than that, call them and get it lowered.

    As far as the complaints I’m reading here, it seems as if they didn’t read the terms before they ordered.

    I should state that I haven’t received my trial yet either, but it has only been 2 days. If you didn’t pay for rush service ( 4 bucks ) it’s a 6 to 15 day wait. Not sure if that is business days or not.

    Good luck!

    • Back again, replying to my first comment, rhino nutrition, the company selling this, is a huge scam.

      Not only do they double and triple charge you, but they re bill you later for the trial which was supposed to be free..


  58. This company is complete bull shit. There is absolutely no way to contact them if you are trying to get some questions answered. When I told them I want to cancel and want a refund for the bogus $89 charge they put on me, the only thing the incompetent rep offered me was future discounts. They are not the ones you want to deal with unless you want a headache.

  59. DO NOT ORDER THESE PRODUCTS! They will auto bill you the full amount (about $180.00) after 15 days and claim that that is all identified as a trial on the website. It takes forever to get to a customer service representative and they will not provide any assistance in reversing the charges. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

  60. i placed an order. I did receive my product, but was charged $89.99 3 times not long after for a “rebill”, which I NEVER agreed to. I e-mailed the “Crevalor support” and got an error e-mail saying that my message did not go through. There is no way to contact this company, and clearly, the reason why is because they are running a huge scam. DO NOT order from them.

  61. These products are BOGUS!! Order nothing from them! I signed up for a 30 trial, after 15 days I received the product and on the 16th day a received a 90 dollar charge per product and an email stating my “14 day trial” had ended. Scammers and thieves!

    • That happened to me to! I didn’t even receive the products until I had been charged 180$!!!! Not only that, but they tried to make it seem like it was my fault when I told that I wanted to cancel! F*** them!

      • You have to read the terms : after your trial period they charge you $89 a month for each product. Thats how they make thier money, most people don’t read that!
        They almost got me too!!

  62. I had submitted a request for a simple of both products almost 3 days ago and I have yet to receive any products from this company. I’ve been searching for a phone number or email so I can contact somebody about it, and no luck. They charged my credit card for shipping and handling, but no product. I would like some answers.

    • They charge me $180.00 as well without my consent or approval. Here’s their number that came with the free trial. (888)475-9303 you just gotta give them your name and the address that it was shipped to. P.S. It’s a long hold for the phone but eventually it will pick up.

      • Thanks!!
        I had just placed an order and and after reading the negative comments on this page I dialed the customer service number which you provided, and was able to reach someone that was able to cancel my monthly subscription which I was not aware. Now I’m only being charged for the products that I had ordered on a trial basis totaling 19.95. The question is now is; is it worth it?

        Thanks again for providing that information.

        • You’ll be charged a lot more than that. There is nothing “free” about this product. After you have the ‘trial’ products for 14 days…they charge you full price for both the supplements–which is 89.99 per bottle. It’s a total scam. Don’t do it!

          • This is a total scam. I fell for it too. they charge you for both and if you cancel, they won’t send you additional bottles. i got caught with the fine print, so i bit the bullet and accepted the charges, but then they didn’t send anything additional. when i called, they said the 89.99 charge was for each of the trial bottles. the products at complete nutrition and gnc are much better and you actually get to talk to people who care about their business, not a call center…

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