Cortex Bomb – Optistrong Labs Cognitive Enhancement Nootropic?


Humans have come a long way since the days of being hunter gatherers. Once upon a time physical strength and raw power were highly rated and valuable. As the millennia has passed by the primacy of physical strength has been eroded and replaced by mental dexterity.

Today, modern technology has shrunk the world and so has time. Travels that would have been a journey of a lifetime now takes a day or two. This also means that expectations and workload has increased manifolds. This sort of stress affects different people in different ways. For some, such a challenge motivates them.

For the vast majority though, this leads to stress. Numerous studies have indicated that high stress levels not only devolve a person's focus but also affects memory. This is where Cortex Bomb by Optistrong Labs comes in

About Cortex Bomb

Cortex Bomb is a supplement aimed at revitalizing the brain and help it cope better with daily stress. This enhancer is used for mental clarity and is extremely handy when one is under tremendous pressure.

It allows a person to be calm and collected, thereby letting the person work more efficiently. This pill also helps with better memory thereby boosting a person's attention levels and their reaction speeds. Though this product has been designed keeping in mind athletes, it is suitable for everyone.

Cortex Bomb works on multiple levels for:

  • Focus: This blend is designed to provide for improving a person's focus and attention to details.
  • Memory: This supplement is useful to those who need quick memory recall for specific actions, skills or knowledge base.
  • Speed: This mixture improves a person's reaction time so that they have better reflexes to counter tricky situations.
  • Clarity: The Cortex bomb is ideal for clarity and calmness of the mind. This allows one to understand and react to high pressure situations.
  • Energy: With higher levels of energy through the day a person is less likely to procrastinate.

How Does Cortex Bomb Work?

The Cortex bomb is made with a proprietary blend that uses different types of compounds to extract the best out of a person. The chief components of this mix are:

Alpha GPC L Tyrosin:

These two molecules enhance the blood flow to the brain and combine to give a more concentrated focus level. It also increases the level of alertness which improves a persons reflexes.

Vitamin b12:

This vitamin is essential for the body. It helps regulate the nervous system and fights off fatigue by supplementing the energy production in the body.

Citrulline Malate:

This compound is useful in synthesising nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is useful in expanding the blood vessels. This in turn allows for more blood flow to and from the brain.

Cortex Bomb Review Summary

Cortex Bomb is designed for professionals who need any and every little advantage they can get. This supplement is ideal to maximize focus and help with memory. There is a money back guarantee as well, for this 35.99 pounds supplement; which is already discounted from its 68 pound original price.

For details or to order visit their Amazon page on

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