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Cooler Cleanse Review

Cooler Cleanse is a new diet program that delivers six healthy juices direct to your door every day.

Find out if Cooler Cleanse is worth the high price tag today in our review.

What is Cooler Cleanse?

Cooler Cleanse was launched in 2010 by a team of nutritionists, including Eric Helms, the guy who runs New York City’s Juice Generation bars.

The service delivers six juices to your door every day. You start the day with a green juice and end the day with a nut milk blend.

The service is very similar to its main competitor, called the Blue Print Cleanse, or BPC. The only difference is that the first and last juices of the day differ between the two services (the juices you drink during the day are the same).

Cooler Cleanse lets you choose between a 3 and 5 day program. Juice flavors rotate every day, so you get to mix it up throughout the week. Every day consists of the same general juices, however, including:

— Two essential green juices

— One fruit juice (available in grapefruit mint, watermelon lime, and pineapple ginger flavors)

— One essential red juice (carrots, beets, Fuji apple, and lemon combined)

— One coconut water

— One nut milk (available in almond nut or Brazil nut blends)

If you want to do a full juice cleanse, then you can do that by drinking all six juices every day.

If you don’t want to fully commit to a juice cleanse, however, then you can subscribe to the Raw Cooler option, which involves taking three juices, one raw food meal, and one snack every day.

No matter which plan you choose, everything is delivered to your door during normal weekdays. If you choose the 5 day option, you get the juices on Monday through Friday. If you choose the three day option, you can choose to receive them on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Calorie counts range from 1,100 to 1,200 calories per day. The green juices have as little as 80 to 100 calories, while the richer nut milk blends, like the Brazil nut milk, have as many as 580 calories per serving.

What Can You Expect on the Cooler Cleanse?

If you’ve never done juice cleanse, then you may not be sure what to expect with Cooler Cleanse. When you perform a juice cleanse by yourself at home, you tend to feel weak, lethargic, and hungry throughout the cleanse.

Most Cooler Cleanse customers, however, claim that they didn’t get painful cravings. With six large juices available throughout the day – including the nut milk packed with 54 grams of fat – dieters claim they rarely get hungry. They feel satiated and energetic throughout most of the day.

In other words, if you’ve avoided doing a juice cleanse because you didn’t want the painful side effects associated with cleansing, then Cooler Cleanse might be the right option for you.

Cooler Cleanse Juices and Flavors

One of the advantages of Cooler Cleanse is that you’re working with Eric Helms, who has an extensive history of creating delicious custom juices for picky New York City patrons.

So what did Helms come up with?

Here are the juices you will be drinking as part of the Cooler Cleanse diet:

Sweet Green: Apple juice, kale, and parsley (typically taken at the start of the day).

Pineapple and Ginger: Pineapple and ginger (typically your brunch-time snack)

Essential Green: Celery, kale, and many other vegetables.

Essential Red: Carrots and beets.

Young Coconut Water: Coconut water with a little more body and flavor than normal water (but not much).

Spicy Hemp Milk: Grassy-milk flavor mixed with ginger (designed to be taken at night before bed).

Watermelon and Lime: Mostly watermelon juice with a hint of lime.

Grapefruit and Mint: Tangy grapefruit with a minty finish.

Almond Milk: Self-explanatory.

Brazilian Nut Milk: Contains a whopping 54 grams of fat and 600 calories, but it’s still good for you because they’re healthy fats. It’s also filling, which is something you’ll appreciate after a long day of juice cleansing.

How Much Does Cooler Cleanse Cost?

Cooler Cleanse isn’t cheap: you’re paying someone to make and deliver handmade juice blends to your door multiple days of the week.

The program costs $58 per day for the all-juice cleanse or $72 per day for the Raw Cooler cleanse (which includes three juices, one meal, and one snack every day).

To put that $58 per day rate in perspective, Cooler Cleanse’s main competitor, the Blue Print Cleanse, is priced at $68 per day.

You can order Cooler Cleanse throughout the continental United States. If you’re close to a major distribution center, then your juice will be delivered directly to your door. If you’re outside of the service area, then you can still order Cooler Cleanse – your juices will just be shipped through the mail.

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