Concord Coffee – Great Tasting Organically Grown Craft Brew?


As connoisseurs of craft coffee and with an interest in bringing people together, the name of Concord Coffee is aptly chosen.

Concord literally means “together in harmony and peace” and the company uses this as their platform. Read on to find out more about this company’s values and products.

What is Concord Coffee?

Assuring that their product is direct trade and 100% organic, Concord Coffee was founded on a platform of togetherness, harmony, and peace. Their commitment to high quality, fairly traded beans benefits the coffee farmers as well as their customers. The cafe is located in Lakeland, Florida, but their products ship internationally, including a variety of coffees, apparel, and mugs.

Fairtrade ensures that the farmers and their communities are compensated and treated well in the trading and exportation process. Concord Coffee ensures that the farmers they purchase their beans from are paid adequate wages.

By selling their coffee as whole beans, oxidation is slowed and the flavour and freshness of the product is maintained for longer periods of time. Natural tasting notes are emphasized by the company as an important aspect of the coffee drinking experience that each buyer will enjoy.

What Are The Concord Coffee Varieties?

Ethiopian YirgZ:

Described as an heirloom coffee with a light, citrus body, the aroma shows hints of sweet lemon, plum and orange blossom. It is triple-sorted resulting in its status as a washed, grade 1 zero defect coffee. Brewed as an espresso, the buyer can enjoy it’s nuanced flavors.

Guatemala Los Dos Socios:

Notes of blackberry, lime, and brown sugar add to the sweetness of this blend and dominate the taste palette; it is recommended as a pour over.

Brazil Sitio Boa Esperanca:

Red Catuai trees are a variety that produce beans with a well balanced body along with aromas of red apple, chocolate, and caramel. Recommended for drip and cold brew, this coffee can also be enjoyed in other forms.

Who Makes Concord Coffee?

Each variety of Concord Coffee is imported from a different farm. The Ethiopian YirgZ is sourced from a farm collective in the Kochere, Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia.

The farmers of Los Dos Socios beans, Concepción Villatoro Matias, are located in the western region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. At 1700 meters above sea level, they work in the mountainous region and claim a partnership with God.

In the mountains of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a third generation farmer (Marcio Brinate Nogueira) hand selects each coffee cherry, resulting in a naturally processed coffee.

All of the varieties offered by Concord Coffee are roasted in Lakeland.


Concord Coffee

Offering either a subscription or a one-time purchase, Concord’s website has a number of flexible options to receive their products. A 300g bag of Ethiopian YirgZ is $21.00, Guatemala Los Dos Socios is $20.50, and lastly Brazil Sitio Boa Esperanca is $16.00.

To subscribe, an interested buyer must choose either weekly, bi-weekly, or once every 4 weeks to receive a 10oz bag of hand-selected coffee that will be delivered to their door. This option costs $25.00 and includes free shipping.

Alternatively, the buyer may visit their storefront at 1037 Florida Ave S, #135, Lakeland, Florida.

Should You Buy Concord Coffee?

A person who avidly enjoys craft coffee might be interested to try the varieties of beans that is offered on the website or in store. A subscription offers a hassle-free way to ensure that there is always coffee in the morning.

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