Comfy Walk – Comfortable Shock Absorbing Shoe Insole Foot Care?


Comfy Walk is an ergonomically designed orthotic insert in the form of shock absorbing insoles used for alleviating foot pain.

Here’s our Comfy Walk review.

What Is Comfy Walk?

Each Comfy Walk product is an “as seen on TV” product consisting of a pair of shock absorbing insoles that can fit into any footwear, including high heels.

These insoles feature the latest in modern technologies to provide pain relief and help in correcting damaging posture brought about by uncomfortable or ill-fitting footwear.

Comfy Walk Features: How Does It Work?

Comfy Walk helps to correct alignment by lifting the heel into a more optimal position, which reduces back pain and promotes better posture and balance.

This is in addition to the shock-absorbing qualities of the insole, thanks to exclusive Optron 5 layer shock absorbing core.

Comfy Walk is available in either men’s or women’s sizes.

Who Makes Comfy Walk?

There’s no information listed on the Comfy Walk website that reveals the company behind the product.

However, the site is registered to a Florencia Hane of Miami, Florida.

There is an “internet famous” individual known as Florencia Hane with more than 111,000 followers on Twitter.

This would make Hane a “social media influencer,” someone with marketing clout thanks to their disproportionately large reach and ability to influence tens of thousands of people with a single social media post.

Interestingly enough, Hane doesn’t seem to have posted anything on her social media account since summer of 2016.

Why she is promoting a line of shock-absorbing insoles is anyone’s guess, but it is unlikely she is running the day-to-day operations of the website.

Comfy Walk Materials

Comfy Walk insoles make use of a 5-layer shock absorbing system that it calls “Optron 5.” The insole consists of an antibacterial, breathable woven cover material, infused with copper to reduce odors.

Comfy Walk Pricing

One pair of Comfy Walk insoles is available for $29.99 plus tax. Customers are eligible for a second pair of Comfy Walk insoles by paying just an additional $6.95.

These insoles are exclusively available through the website and are not sold in stores.

They also are not sold through any other online retailers such as Amazon.

Comfy Walk Reviews: What Do Customers Have To Say?

There’s not much feedback out there about this product.

In fact we weren’t able to find any user reviews at all, which may be due to the fact that it’s a relatively new product.

Of course, it may also be due to the fact that nobody’s buying them, either.

Sadly there’s no way to know.

Still, there are a couple of things we can talk about as far as their benefits and disadvantages.


  • Odor Control – the product’s breathable liner materials make it less likely that unpleasant foot odors will linger in the insoles.
  • With Comfy Walk infused with copper as well, this further helps keep unwelcome smells at bay.
  • High Value – thanks to the website’s offer, you can receive two pair of Comfy Walk insoles for less than $40.
  • That represents a rather impressive cost savings, providing high value for this product.


  • No User Feedback – sadly, the biggest flaw this product has is that there’s zero user feedback as to how much pain relief these insoles actually provide.
  • The “testimonials” on the sales site itself can’t be trusted of course, as those little snippets are usually just marketing copy, after all.
  • This lack of user feedback makes it terribly difficult to evaluate the product.

Should You Buy Comfy Walk?

Comfy Walk might be a fantastic breakthrough in orthotic footwear.

It also might be a product that isn’t worth the money – or anywhere in between those two extremes.

The problem is there’s no real way to determine where the product lies on that spectrum because we’ve literally found no information on the product outside the confines of its sales page.

We don’t feel comfortable recommending products like that.

However, we can say that these insoles are relatively inexpensive, considering you can receive two pairs for a little under $40 even after taxes.

This puts the price of each pair of insoles just under $20, which is either comparable or less than what you would pay for a pair of insoles from an established orthotics company like Dr. Scholls.

Still, there’s no way of knowing if this product does what it says.

If you’re feeling adventurous and you don’t mind taking the gamble on an unproven product, feel free to try out Comfy Walk for yourself.

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