Color Doctor Blood Pressure Monitor – Color-Coded Alert System?


High blood pressure or hypertension is an indication of the strain experienced by the heart and blood vessels. Consumers who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure are more likely to experience a heart attack or a stroke because of forceful blood flows through the arteries. To put it in a numerical perspective, any readings that are consistency equal to or above 140 over 90, is considered too high. How can consumers better track his or her blood pressure? How will one know the right time to take action? This is where the Color Doctor may come in handy.

Color Doctor may help consumers better assess their blood pressure levels and heart rates with accuracy. To better understand why the Color Doctor may be superior to ordinary monitors, the following retrospect will further analyze it in terms of its purpose, how its works, and its affordability.

What Is Color Doctor?

The Color Doctor is a smart device that has been designed with the intentions of providing consumers with accurate heart rate and blood pressure readings. It uses an alert system similar to that of a traffic light to warn consumers of fluctuating levels. Consumers must simply fit their wrist into the band-like design and press the start button. Upon a minute of activation, the Color Doctor claims to clearly display the time, date, heart rate and blood pressure readings. Let's take a closer look at how it resembles a traffic light system.

How Color Doctor Works

The Color Doctor contains a built-in color-coded alert system, which includes the colors: green, yellow and red. When the Color Doctor turns green, it indicates that the blood pressure is in good standing. Yellow signifies prehypertension, which warns consumers of rising blood pressure levels. Lastly, red signifies hypertension, which tells consumers to stop, as their blood pressure is higher than normal. In addition, it can also alert consumers of irregularity in heart rates.

Purchasing Color Doctor

Its suggested price is set at approximately $39.99. For a limited time only, consumers can get two Color Doctors for the price of one, given that consumers pay shipping and handling for the additional device. Each purchase may come with a traveling case as well.

The price is fairly set given that it is lightweight, portable and uses an alerts system that consumers have been accustom to on a daily basis. In addition, its storage capacity is equivalent to 90 readings, which may allow consumers and their health practitioners to evaluate blood pressure levels on a monthly basis.

Color Doctor Review Summary

The main causes associated with high blood pressure include, but are not limited to: over consumption of salt and alcohol, lack of fruits and vegetables intake, obesity and being inactive. While one's family history and ethnic origin may influence the end results, being able to reassess one’s lifestyle in times of need can positively impact one’s health.

Overall, the Color Doctor is definitely a valuable device as it allows consumers to easily verify his or her blood pressure. In addition, its alert system can help consumers indicate when it is necessary to take appropriate measures to regain balance. For more information, go to:

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