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CogniFocus Review

CogniFocus is a nootropic supplement that promises to “put the key in your cognition”. Let’s find out how CogniFocus works today in our review.

What is CogniFocus?

CogniFocus is a nootropic supplement that claims to enhance your focus and mental sharpness without the jitters, headaches, and shakiness associated with other nootropic supplements.

The formula contains approximately the same amount of caffeine (150mg) as an average energy drink along with a proprietary “WGCP Blend” formula.

By combining all of these ingredients together, CogniFocus claims to have made a supplement that can offer the following benefits:

Improve Memory
— Increase Focus
— Boost Energy

The supplement is priced at around $56 USD per bottle. Let’s find out if there’s any evidence supporting CogniFocus’s benefits.

How Does CogniFocus Work?

CogniFocus claims that within 30 minutes of consuming a CogniFocus capsule, “you will enjoy a reinvigorating energy boost that lasts for hours.”

That energy boost claims to feel more natural than coffee and it doesn’t come with the unhealthy, fattening sugars associated with energy drinks and soda.

Nevertheless, one of the most active ingredients in CogniFocus is caffeine: there’s 150mg in each serving of CogniFocus, which is about the same amount in a big, strong cup of coffee or an average energy drink.

What makes this caffeine content different than coffee? CogniFocus claims the difference comes down to the use of “whole green coffee beans”, which contain something we don’t get in ordinary coffee: chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic Acid gets eliminated when coffee beans get roasted, which means you don’t enjoy their benefits when drinking ordinary coffee.

This chlorogenic acid is found within the WGCP Blend in CogniFocus. In fact, the majority of the supplement (1645mg) consists of this WGCP blend. Let’s dive a little deeper into what that is and how it works.

What is the WGCP Blend?

WGCP stands for whole green coffee bean. The WGCP Blend consists of all of the components found in green coffee beans that don’t make their way to the final coffee product.

WGCP is a trademarked formula that contains ingredients like fiber, chlorogenic acid, neochloregenix acid, dicaffeolyquinc acid, feruloyquinc acid, and natural caffeine.

In a study performed by The Cleveland Clinic, WGCP was purportedly shown to lead to the following benefits:

— Smooth, Lasting Focus And Energy
— Healthy Weight Loss Benefits
— No Crash Or Negative Side Effects

The formula is made by a company named GoBean and is used in a variety of weight loss products – including diet pills, protein powders, and protein bars.

Aside from the one study by The Cleveland Clinic (which isn’t actually linked or explained on the WGCP website), there’s no evidence suggesting that WGCP works as promised. The formula does not appear to have been extensively studied by any major organization or independent researchers. It’s unclear what the recommended dosage of the formula maybe.

Another problem with the WGCP formula is that it contains its own natural caffeine content. It’s unclear if that caffeine is in addition to the caffeine we already see in CogniFocus (150mg), or if there’s even more caffeine than that.

If there’s more than 150mg caffeine in each serving of CogniFocus, then that turns this nootropic formula into a powerful caffeine pill. If you’re a caffeine-sensitive individual, then 150mg is already a very noticeable amount of caffeine to take in pill form. Even those who are accustomed to caffeine may experience side effects like jitters and anxiety when taking more than 150mg of caffeine in a single serving.

CogniFocus Ingredients

CogniFocus lists the following ingredients chart on the side of its product packaging:

CogniFocus Ingredients

As you can see, the majority of the formula consists of the WGCP Blend, while there’s also 150mg of caffeine added in.

Since the WGCP Blend is a proprietary formula, we don’t get a breakdown of the unique ingredients inside that formula.

You may have spotted another problem: CogniFocus’s serving size is 3 capsules, which means there are only 10 servings in each container. Typically, nootropic supplements come with a 30 day supply in each package.

If you follow CogniFocus’s recommended serving size, then your $56 container will only last for 10 days, which means you’re paying $150 per month to take the recommended daily dose of CogniFocus.

CogniFocus Pricing

CogniFocus is available exclusively online through and you won’t find it on any other website. here’s how pricing breaks down:

— 1 Bottle: $56
— 3 Bottles: $96
— 5 Bottles: $126
— 7 Bottles: $156

Note: the ordering form will often say things like “only 8 remaining” or there may be a timer counting down the seconds until the deal expires. Don’t get tricked into falling for this: you have plenty of time to make your decision and you shouldn’t be pressured to enter your payment information more quickly because of this. The prices we list above are always available and CogniFocus is unlikely to ever run out of stock.

All purchases include shipping and also come with a 30 day money back guarantee. if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then you can request a full refund within 30 days.

Who Makes CogniFocus?

CogniFocus is made by a company named Bio46.

Bio46 describes itself as “a healthy lifestyle company committed to delivering the best solutions for improving your everyday wellness.”

Currently, CogniFocus is the only supplement listed on the company’s official online store, where it’s described as “a groundbreaking product that many people are discovering and loving.”

The company does not list any contact information for itself. The only way to contact the company is by filling out the online form found on their website

Should You Use CogniFocus to Improve your Cognitive Ability?

CogniFocus has not been independently studied and the primary active ingredient in the formula is caffeine. Basically, you’re taking a caffeine pill that costs approximately $5 per serving. If you’re willing to pay over $150 for a caffeine pill with limited evidence supporting its benefits, then CogniFocus is perfect for you.

Most people, however, will find better nootropic stacks with more reliable evidence at a fraction of the cost.

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