CocoCrack – Safely, Easly & Quickly Open Hard Coconut Shells?


A new solution for easily extracting coconut water and pulp at home without causing injury or wasting expensive produce. The Cococrack tool is designed to screw into coconuts making it easy to access coconut water and also break the shell for harvesting the meat.

People who are trying to live healthier or enjoy consuming coconuts regularly for a snack or with baking will want to consider giving the CocoCrack a try. Please read below to learn more about this innovative product.

What is CocoCrack?

Those who love consuming coconuts for their health benefits will appreciate how the CocoCrack makes it easy to access both coconut water and pulp without causing injury or wasting part of the expensive fruit.

Many people buy prepackaged coconut water just so they do not have to crack coconuts, not anymore. With the Cococrack consumers who regularly consumer coconut products can make their own from fresh produce instead of pre-packaged alternatives.

By making homemade coconut water consumers also get the benefit of getting to enjoy the pulp of their coconut as well.

Benefits of Consuming Coconuts

Over the past decade coconut water has been gaining in popularity as a way to replenish electrolytes post-workout as well as improve overall health.

Coconut water is rich in many vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, magnesium, and iron as well as amino acids and electrolytes which boost the immune system and replenish the body.

How Does CocoCrack Work?

Unlike hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools the Cococrack is hygienic and safe to use. Coconuts are extremely hard to open and even harder to get fully opened to enjoy the pulp. Adults simply choose the softest eye of their coconut and screw the Cococrack into place.

This hole makes it easy to pour out the nutritious coconut water and make it easier to crack open for extracting the pulp. The second tool works like a can opener to simply break up the shell making it easier to remove the pulpy lining.

Many people who live in areas where coconuts grow are unable to access all the benefits of coconuts simply because they are too hard to open. With the Cococrack this problem is no longer true.


Each tool is made in Italy and offers a hygienic way to open their coconuts with ease. Cococrack is made from hygienic materials that are easy to keep clean. Utilizing Italian design this tool is designed to last a lifetime and make day to day living easier.

Consumers can choose between three different colors including green, yellow, or orange. The screw opener and the can opener like device come in the same color and store away easily when not in use.

Cococrack Pricing

Consumers can purchase Cococrack online through Amazon. Each tool is available for $23.99 and comes in three different colors. This device is available through a few different Amazon platforms.

Should You Use CocoCrack?

Coconut water has been gaining in popularity over the past few years due to its proven health benefits.

However coconuts can be incredibly difficult to open and often so much water gets wasted in the process. By using the CocoCrack consumers can easily open coconuts of all sizes without losing any of the precious juice.

Drinking fresh coconut water offers greater health benefits that pre-packaged options that can be old and full of chemicals and preservatives.

The screw tool and the can opener like shell cracker makes it easier for users to quickly extract the water as well as scrape out the pulp. Interested consumers can view the product online through Amazon or on the Cococrack website at

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