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What Is Strength Legacy?

Clubbell & Barbell Strength Legacy is a fitness training program designed by director Alberto Gallazzi. This is the only kind of training program of its type. It’s a type of training program designed to train people through a progressive method that will help improve compound barbell lifts and help create a solid foundation for the athletes who use the program.

How Does Clubbell & Barbell Strength Legacy Work?

They use the barbell as the main component to help improve the baseline of an individual’s strength. The program will also help anybody improve their overall level of athleticism and their ability to take on any type of physical endeavor.

You get strong with bodyweight, dumbells and kettlebells, but with the training program you’ll be able to improve your ability to lift heavy weights for the development of pure strength and endurance. Apparently, nothing beats a barbell for improving strength.

For all means, the barbell only works if used correctly. And it takes proper mobility and understanding to totally benefit from the use of the barbell. Without proper understanding of the barbell or any other fitness tool’s design, makes it difficult to ever reach your full potential.

Once you understand how to properly use a barbell, you’ll be able to work the barbell without any type of restrictions. They say that without the proper knowledge you can actually hurt your gains rather than help them.

With this new program, Alberto Gallazzi has developed a way to address the negative aspects of working out with a barbell. And has greatly improved mobility and flexibility training.

Another of the benefits from the program is you’ll improve neurological motor patterns. Along with that, improved methods of recovery as well as the proper use of the ancient strength tool the Clubbell.

What Is The Clubbell & Barbell Strength Legacy?

Clubbell & Barbell Strength Legacy is a fitness device that works by using a displaced center of mass. It also has a natural grip that is unlike any other fitness device on the market. The tool is supposed to help expose the athlete’s weak links in their kenetic chain while also addressing imbalances. It is also able to help the athlete improve their positive strength adaptions.

It helps by improving the ranges of motion that cannot be done with any other type of tool. The clubbell is used to create a distinctive type of challenge that is ideal for creating physical change.

With enhanced mobility, and improved knowledge of how to use the clubbell, the system will help you improve your fitness while at the same time, improving your understanding of how to use the barbell.

Coach Alberto Galazzi shows you the four most important compound lifts for the barbell that can be used to develop strength. And to build up your strength for using the barbell, you’ll be using different clubbell movements that help fire neurological sequences in the brain.

There are different program variations to select from when training. There are different variations so you can address different needs you have to improve on. It will help address your current weaknesses while improving the results you get on a daily basis.

You’ll get in depth technical explanations and break downs of all the training and equipment used. As well as the correct progressions and regressions. And if you don’t have a tool or barbell on hand, you’ll also learn different movements to help you get the same results.

With the different strength creating skills combined, you’ll be able to effectively work together to help you improve your power, technique, body composition and athletic development.

As you become stronger with the clubbell, you get stronger with the barbell and develop your movements as well as overall strength. Your skills will become more important to progress along with your technique and strength.

Whether you’re a novice with the kettlebell and barbell or a professional athlete, the training of coach Gallazzi will help you improve your abilities through this uniquely constructed program. It’s said to be a very innovative and one of a kind of program, that will help you become a more functional athlete.

The program will teach you the safest way to use barbells while also getting the largest benefit from using them. Anyone who is wanting to improve their baseline of athletic ability will benefit from using the technique.

Who Is Alberto Gallazzi?

Alberto has been in martial arts his entire life. He’s been in full contact kick boxing and kung fu as well. When he was 18 years of age, he joined the Army and got into the airborne division.

Later it became highly active across a multitude of units learning everything he could. He’s been into martial arts his entire life and has learned from the best coaches in the world.

Purchasing Clubbell & Barbell Strength Legacy

You can buy the program at After purchases you can access the product immediately through digital format. And to purchase the Strength Legacy program it’s a one-time payment of $57. Typically, it’s $87 so you get $30 off as of now.

Clubbell & Barbell Strength Legacy Bottom Line

This is a very innovative program, developed by a world renown coach with decades of experience. If you’re looking for a new way to improve your fitness, health and physical functionality, then the Strength Legacy program is perfect for you. Give it a try and you’ll likely hit new levels of fitness.

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