ClearWave Air: Ultraviolet Light Air Purification Technology?


What Is ClearWave Air?

ClearWave Air is a technology specially formulated and designed to purify the surrounding air by destroying germ particles, bacteria, viruses and mold spores. ClearWave Air technology eradicated impurities from contaminated air, leaving the user with a more purified germs and allergen free air. ClearWave Air has been clinically proven to exert about 17 times stronger and more effective potency compared to other air purifying products.

How ClearWave Air Works

Most people spend most of their time indoors and the air has tendency to have higher concentration of contaminants than the outdoors, putting them at risk of contracting airborne diseases such as flu and pneumonia and exposure to allergens from pets and this can cause great deal of discomfort.

ClearWave Air is design in a way that contaminated air from the surrounding enters into the device from the bottom unit. The activated carbon filters contained within the device reduces dust and odors. The air is then forced into a microbial kill chamber where the air is exposed to high intensity ultraviolet light that helps in eliminating the germs and the microbial particles in the air. After which clean fresh and purified air is let in into the room.

The ClearWave Air design has been proven to reduce dust and eliminate these discomforts. The product design is very portable which means the user can carry it along with them wherever they go and purify the air at all times.

ClearWave Air Ultraviolet Light Air Purification Features

Air Purification Filter:

ClearWave Air technology has a purification filter that traps the dust from the surrounding air, ensuring that the air returned to the room is purified, germs and allergens free to the comfort of the user.

Ultraviolet Light:

The ClearWave Air is design with ultraviolet light that is germicidal and of very high intensity that kills airborne germs and microbes. The product is built with the ability to amplify the intensity of the ultraviolet light to ensure efficient elimination of germs and the user enjoys purified air.

User Replaceable Filters:

The filters of the product can be replaceable making it economical.

User Replaceable High Intensity Ultraviolet Light:

The ultraviolet lights can be replaced.

Advanced Microprocessor Diagnostic:

The ClearWave Air is designed with an advanced microprocessor that monitors the overall -working efficiency of the product.

What Makes The ClearWave Air Different?

  • The ClearWave Air is user friendly with adjustable control knob that can be manipulated by the user to control the airflow.
  • Noise volume can be adjusted to eliminate undesired noise.
  • Multi directional stream of purified are let back in into the room through air outlets freshening the room instantly.


ClearWave Air Conclusion

With constant battle for good health, ClearWave Air technology has really provided users with a well-planned and tested product capable of improving the user’s health. With no competition in the market and a very reliable and portable product design, their slogan of “ clear wave doesn’t just trap dust, we purify your air” can’t be more true.


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