Cholaca – Healthy Pure Liquid Cacao Superfood Products?


Over the past several years there has been a shift in the way people approach their health. While forty or fifty years ago, most people trusted the diagnosis and recommendations of their doctors without question, now people are getting a little more skeptical. There is more information available now, allowing people to explore and learn about their conditions, as well as alternative methods of treatments. And the more and more people learn about these alternative methods, the more they discover the amazing capabilities of natural ingredients.

It’s being seen all across the country. People are turning back to the roots of health and wellness, quite literally. Instead of rushing to buy synthetic medications or prescriptions, people are considering what natural methods there are to treat their bodies. And nature offers so many amazing ways to build health and wellness, many of which are just now being rediscovered. What makes these discoveries even more exciting is that while they are bringing to light ingredients that might have previously been ignored but, in their natural form, actually have powerful health benefits.

Superfoods is a phrase that is being thrown around quite a lot lately. While not every superfood is capable of the many benefits that they’re praised for, many offer a new and exciting way for approaching health. These superfoods are packed with all the nutrients and vitamins the body needs to be healthy, allowing them to provide a boost for those who eat them. And as more and more people turn to nature for answers, more of these superfoods are discovered.

Cacao has long been considered a superfood. The natural form of chocolate, cacao is packed full of nutrients. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find a quality source of cacao that is convenient to drink. This is why Cholaca is such an amazing product. Cholaca offers the superfood cacao in its most natural form, allowing users to get all the benefits of the superfood in a delicious and simple form.

What is Cholaca?

Started in 2012, Cholaca is a company that creates delicious cacao products in its purest form. Because cacao is such a potent and powerful superfood, having it available to consumers in a convenient form allows more people than ever to experience its benefits. Cholaca is the liquid form of cacao, made from some of the purest sources of the plant. While Cholaca started out as a simple cacao drink, it has now expanded, offering different drink options as well as baking wafers.

When most people hear the word cacao, they think of chocolate, which is not at all a healthy food item. However, the main ingredient in chocolate, cacao, is actually packed full with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and natural stimulants that are able to provide the body with the health support it needs. The key is finding cacao in its best form. This is what Cholaca offers to customers. No one wants to deal with cacao in its raw form, having to mix it into bitter, strong drinks. Instead, Cholaca has done all the mixing for users, making a delicious drink that is also healthy and preservative free.

For those who want to get all the benefits of a superfood, but with an easy convenience, Cholaca offers the best solution. With its multiple drink options and baking wafers, Cholaca makes it easy to incorporate the superfood cacao into a daily schedule.

Benefits of Cholaca

Cacao is considered one of the most potent sources of antioxidants available, making it one of the most powerful superfoods available today. And because of the potency of the cacao bean, it makes sense that those who are concerned about their health and wellness would want to add this superfood to their diet. Thankfully, Cholaca makes this easier than ever, keeping the purity of the cacao without compromise, so users can get all the benefits that come with the superfood.

As mentioned above, cacao is considered one of the most potent sources of antioxidants. Cacao liquid, like that used for Cholaca, has 40 times the antioxidants as blueberries, which is why it is considered the best source for these substances. The high levels of antioxidants found in Cholaca are beneficial because they help prevent and repair damage done to the body by free radicals. In addition to fighting free radical damage, the cacao liquid is able to combat cardiovascular disease by fighting the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Cholaca is also packed full of flavonoids and flavonols. The flavonoids in Cholaca fight the damage that is caused to the cells on a daily basis. Everyone’s body is constantly being bombarded by things that damage and breakdown their cells. This damage can come from the environment or the foods people eat and the products they use. Flavonoids help repair this damage, providing the body with new, revitalized cells. The main flavonoids found in Cholaca are called flavonols, which are rich in phytonutrients.

Cholaca also contains high levels of oleic acid and iron, which only contribute more to the benefits of the cacao liquid. Cholaca uses a rich cocoa butter to make its liquid and this butter has high levels of oleic acid. Much like olive oil, the oleic acid found in this butter is able to protect the heart, by providing users with mono-unsaturated fat that isn’t available in other commonly used foods. The iron found in Cholaca helps spread the antioxidants mentioned above through the blood. By building the blood and transporting oxygen, as well as a mixture of nutrients, throughout the body, the iron in Cholaca is able to support overall health and wellness.

Stimulants in Cholaca

As mentioned above, Cholaca also contains a mixture of natural stimulants that work with the body to provide it the boost it needs to thrive throughout the day. Unlike unnatural stimulants, these work to benefit of the body, all while providing the energy users need to focus and accomplish their tasks.

A list of the stimulants found in Cholaca, as well as a brief description of their benefits, can be found below.

Theobromine – Boosts energy levels and provides users with better cognitive function. Often connected to caffeine, theobromine offers the same benefits of coffee, but without the jitters or nervousness.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) – A stimulant that is closely related to adrenal, PEA is able to give users the same feelings they would get when they’re excited or happy, which boosts moods and provides a natural energy. Plus, PEA is able to provide extra focus and alertness to users.

Serotonin – A stimulant that gives users a feeling of complete bliss, serotonin is able to improve moods and alleviate depression, allowing users to feel better than ever.

While each of these stimulants have their own benefits, when they’re combined as they are in Cholaca, they are able to expound on these benefits and offer users more support than ever.

Purchasing Cholaca

Cholaca is currently available in several stores across the nation. The Cholaca website ( provides a location map, so users can find a store nearest them that sells the product. For those who don’t have a store selling Cholaca near them, the product is available for purchase online. However, the 12oz Cholaca option is only available in stores.

The purchasing options for Cholaca are listed below.

  • Cholaca (12oz) – Only Available in Stores
  • Cholaca (32oz) – $27
  • Cholaca Wafers – $17.99

All Cholaca drinks come in three different options, unsweetened, original, and sweet. The cacao is mixed with water and varying amounts of coconut sugar, keeping Cholaca completely natural.

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