Is Bitter Garcinia Kola Extract Going To Be The Next Big Superfood?


Garcinia Kola or otherwise known as Bitter Garcinia Kola Extract, is a plant that can be found in Africa. The plant manufactures brown seeds that can be consumed and eaten. The nut is quite tiny and has a circular figure. There’s a brownish peel that covers the plant. Once the peel is removed, you will be able to consume the Bitter Kola. It’s no surprise that the nut is extremely bitter. Hence, the name that it was given.

There is an ingredient by the name of lipase inhibitor that can be found in this special nut. The ingredient has been linked to many health benefits to the human body. African tribes throughout the region, have used this nut across hundreds of years for many purposes. This nut, is a part of their culture and is used to cure and treat many ailments that plague Africans.

About Bitter Kola Uses

One very common use of the Bitter Garcinia Kola Extract, is for the alleged benefit of extending life. This is why old Africans would consume this nut in order to extend their lives. That’s right, Africans believe that the Bitter Kola is the elixir of youth. The philosopher’s stone.

What’s funny is that the Africans actually got it right. Scientists have confirmed that there are a variety of substances within the nut, which has been associated with a longer and healthier life. One commonly known substance that has been found in the Bitter Kola, are antioxidants. Another, effect that has been found by scientists is that it can help you break down glycogen within the liver.

It is commonly believed by the African people, is that the Bitter Kola is capable of eliminating and preventing the growth of evil in African society. African doctors have called the Bitter Kola, a solution for many poisons that infect Africans. Because of this belief, many Africans consume Bitter Kola as a treatment for food poisoning. This might sound very outlandish but there might be truth in some of these claims. Probably not warding off evil but there could be a grain of truth for the Bitter Kola being used to treat/cure many ailments, as well as a treatment for aging individuals.

Scientific research has been conducted on the Bitter Garcinia Kola Extract. These scientists wanted to know whether these had any merit. Their research has concluded that the Africans were not wrong. There were a wide variety of benefits that have been identified by the scientists. The rest of the article will explain the many health benefits that have been found by these scientists.

It can treat malaria

Scientific research has confirmed that Bitter Kola can be used to treat and properly cure malaria. This confirms the insight that African doctors had about Bitter Garcinia Kola Extract. They have used the kola to treat malaria for many Africans throughout the region.

The Journal of Medicinal Plants, has found medicinal properties that can treat malaria within an individual. Kolaviron and guinones are the properties that have been found within the kola. These properties have been proven to harm the growth of malaria.

If you are traveling to the African region, you should consider taking Bitter Garcinia Kola Extract as a way to prevent getting malaria. Malaria is a serious issue within Africa, and kills thousands per year. You will be able to treat malaria if you obtain and be able to prevent it.

It helps your lungs and allows you to breathe better

Traditional African doctors have used Bitter Kola to treat a wide variety of lung diseases and ailments associated with the lung. Scientists have done research on mice and found that the mice had better lungs, after the consumption of Bitter Kola. They were able to run faster for longer periods of times, because their lungs were better and stronger.

The reason why it’s good for your lungs is due to the fact that it helps in keeping your lung tissue healthier. It repairs any damage that’s in there as well. Your lung is essentially a sponge. The bitter kola takes care of the sponge properly. It’s been theorized by scientists that the reason why it helps out your lungs, is due to the antioxidants that are present in the Bitter Kola.

Has been found to help you lose more weight

If you care about losing weight, then the Bitter Kola is perfect for you. Scientists have found that the Bitter Kola is a great appetite suppressant. This is due to the garcinia properties that are found in the nut. It has also been found that this nut wants to make you drink more water.

That’s extremely beneficial for people who want to lose weight. Eating less means you will consume less calories. Drinking more water means you will stay hydrated and feel fuller, because there won’t be any more room to put food in your stomach. It’s a win-win situation.

Improves male sexual health

Bitter Kola has been used by many African men throughout the region. This is the nation’s Viagra. Traditional African healers have used the Bitter Kola to boost sexual performance in the bedroom. Men have used this to get rid of impotence, which is a huge problem among elderly men. Science has confirmed the sexual benefits of taking Bitter Kola.

Effective in the treatment of HIV/AIDS

Science has shown that Bitter Kola is an excellent treatment for HIV/AIDs. A Nigerian government agency has found this amazing property. Bitter Kola has numerous properties that can be used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. It’s also been found that Bitter Kola can be used to treat the liver and bladder. It can flush out any toxins that can be found in these areas. 

Bitter Kola Summary

It’s clear that Bitter Kola, has a wide variety of health benefits. You will be able to lose weight, treat HIV/AIDS, improve your sexual health, treat malaria, improve lung health, and so much more.

This powerful nut has been used by the Africans for hundreds of years. Science has confirmed these benefits and it’s a no brainer for you to use as well. Use it and enjoy the benefits.



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