CherryFlex Review – Is This The Best SuperFruit On The Market?


Superfoods are becoming more popular every day with time-starved consumers being run by an increasingly demanding schedule. Most people simply do not have the time to shop, cook and eat properly and the obesity epidemic in the world today clearly shows that.

Super foods such as CherryFlex are designed to give most, if not all of one’s nutritional requirements in one quick meal, taken as a supplement to a balanced diet.

What Is CherryFlex?

CherryFlex has become a popular brand of American superfruit food products over the last few years. The products are comprised of real fruit, that are designed to improve one’s quality of life. CherryFlex is a proven source of natural antioxidants and anthocyanians for joint health and relief from muscle soreness. Melatonin is included in CherryFlex for a more restful sleep.

The products from CherryFlex take many forms that includes chocolates, gels and ready to drink shots sold in 2.5 ounce servings. CheryFlex can reportedly be used with various food types without changing the natural taste for the gels, while some products serve as stand alone snacks and treats.

Each product sold by CherryFlex contains the company’s patented raw paste and is advertised as both affordable and laboratory-tested. The products are made from premium USA-grown fruit without added preservatives or sugars, fillers or coloring.

What Are The CherryFlex Products?

As stated previously, the CherryFlex formula leverages all natural food products that are designed to promote healthier living for both humans and animals. The company’s patented production method reportedly maximizes the skin and pulp of the Montmorency red tart cherry (the formula’s active ingredient) to deliver healthy antioxidants without using fillers or solvents.

The CherryFlex product line can easily be browsed on their website as well as purchased through their network of retail stores.

There is a wide variety of products to choose from when considering CherryFlex with new products reportedly being released every few months. Below are some of their most popular items for sale.

  • CherryFlex Red Tart Cherry Shots: These all natural fruit shots are ready to drink out of the box, made from tart cherry concentrate that apparently has an amazing taste. The company has reportedly conducted taste trials across the country and the response was overwhelmingly positive from the participants. Research conducted by CherryFlex has shown that this product may help maintain joint health as well as promoting better sleep and relief from tired muscles. There are two sizes available: the single-service 2.5 oz bottle and the bigger 16 oz bottle contain eight 2 ounce servings.
  • CherryFlex Softgels: These softgels apparently use premium Montmorency red tart cherries that are grown in the USA. The soft gels also promote healthy joints and work to maintain regular sleep cycles. These soft gels are recommended to be spread on toast, waffles and most other breakfast recipes.
  • Whole Fruit Gel Jar: This product is similar to the CherryFlex softgel product except it contains larger quantities. The company states that, ‘The jar can be conveniently refrigerated so that one can enjoy the taste of cherries all year around.’
  • Red Tart Cherry Gel with Dark Chocolate: This product is identical to CherryFlex Softgels except it contains dark chocolate, which is known to contain various health benefits when consumed in moderation.
  • CherryFlex: This is a condensed fruit syrup. It can be used in beverages, sauces, topping and smoothies. Cherryflex states that there are no added sugars or preservatives used in any of their products including this one, using only premium-grade USA fruit.

What Are The Benefits Of Cherryflex Products?

Montmorency red tart cherries, which are also known as sour cherries, have an established reputation as a healthy, functional superfruit. Research over the past decade has begun to catch up with the word of mouth that they can be beneficial to one’s diet.

The basis of this research is supported by the findings of naturally occurring antioxidants and anthocyanins in sour cherries. These beneficial compounds promote healthy joints, skin and eyes, and are responsible for the fruit’s bright red color and pulp when found in nature.

It should be noted that Montmorency cherries are only found three weeks of the year, but are stockpiled by the company year-round to be used in juice and juice concentrate. Tart cherries are known to be fat free and they do not contain gluten. They are a natural source of key vitamins and minerals and are low in sodium.

What Is The CherryFlex Production Process?

Bob Underwood, the company president of CherryFlex, reportedly made it his mission to capture the various health benefits of cherries on a year-round basis for the company. It took Underwood over five years worth of research, experimentation and iterations of product prototypes until he discovered the formula that is used today.

The end result is a means of converting whole fruit into a concentrated form of skin and pulp of the berry, which is where key antioxidants and anthocyanins are found. Research has shown that the main nutritional value can be found in the thin layer close to the fruit’s surface.

Without changing the natural composition of the ingredients, the superfruits inherent properties remain the same. With exception to the pit, the only thing removed is moisture from the fruit.

CherryFlex was first introduced to consumers in 1999, which is when the Montmorency tart cherry wafers evolved into CherryFlex. The company remains as the only business today that leverages a whole fruit conversion technology. This process is now replicated for a wide range of superfruits in the form of gels, fruit concentrates and now tart cherries.

The Bottom Line – Is CherryFlex Recommended?

Judging from the amount of positive reviews that easily be found online, it would be safe to assume that the CherryFlex range of products deliver on the results it advertises. However, CherryFlex is not exempt from criticism, as is the case with any other business. Most complaints stem from manufacturing faults that were resolved quickly by CherryFlex with refunds and replacement products.

It should be noted that no one product can realistically be a substitute for a balanced diet or eating a proper meal. CherryFlex is designed to be a compliment to, and not a substitute for eating healthy.

In conclusion, if one is open minded and realistic about their expectations of CherryFlex, then it is likely that one will not be disappointed. It is unfortunate for some skeptical consumers that the product line is not supported by a money back guarantee, but their products are generally inexpensive at an average price point of about $15 each so risk of disappointment is minimal.

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