Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail – Silica-Rich Herbal Blend Benefits?


Those who are looking for a natural remedy to support their urinary tract health will want to consider Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail.

When consumed regularly this tea can help reduce kidney stones, boost low silica levels, and even prevent or help cure urinary tract infections. Please read below to learn more about Alvita Horsetail Tea and how to purchase a box.

What Is Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail?

An ancient plant named for its appearance, horsetail is commonly used as part of traditional medicine practices and Ayurvedic medicine, horsetail helps reduce the body’s risk of urinary tract infections and helps prevent kidney stones.

Due to this plant's high levels of silica men and women who are prone to urinary tract infections can help reduce the severity and frequency by adding this tea to their daily health and wellness routine. In addition to urinary tract support, the minerals in horsetail can also help strengthen nails, boost the immune system, and strengthen bones.

Horsetail holds antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties which can lead to better health when consumed as a tea.

How Does Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail Work?

When adding Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail to a daily diet it is important to consume regularly but not for a prolonged period of time. If users are consuming this tea to help treat and current health problem it is recommended to consume up to three tea bags per day until symptoms improve.

For proper use, one Alvita Horsetail Tea bag can be added to eight ounces of boiling water. The longer the tea bag seeps the greater the benefit, Alvita recommends a minimum of ten minute steep time.

Horsetail tea is naturally caffeine free which means it can be consumed any time of day. Horsetail has a deep earthy flavor and pairs nicely with honey or other sweeteners if desired.

Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail Ingredients

Each tea bag contains two grams of organic horsetail and no other added ingredients.

It is recommended that consumers who are pregnant or breastfeeding consult their doctor prior to consuming this tea. This is also true for people who are taking medications or have pre-existing health conditions that this tea may affect.

Alvita Company Details

Alvita started producing tea in 1922 and has been offering high quality tea products consistently ever since. Consumers who are environmentally and health conscious will want to consider supporting this company due to their commitment to product quality and environmental standards.

The full range of Alvita teas are packaged in oxygen bleached, pillow style tea bags which are better for the environment and reduce packaging size. Unlike competitor’s teas, Alvita products do not utilize strings, staples, or tags which are unnecessary.

Many consumers will be familiar with the company Twinlab which Alvita is now a part of. Twinlab manufacturers all of their teas in GMP certified facilities within the United States and is headquartered in American Fork, Utah.

Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail Pricing

Purchases can be made online through Amazon, Wal Mart, and Lucky Vitamin.


Available in a single twenty four count box or a set of six boxes.

  • 24 Tea Bag Box: Each single box is available for $9.54 and is eligible for qualified Amazon purchases totaling $25.00 or greater. Other vendors also sell this tea through Amazon for a lower price. The lowest price available on Amazon is $8.36 per box with free shipping.
  • Set of Six: Each six pack set is available for $59.90 and ships for free.


Each twenty four count box is available for $8.95 and ships for free.

Lucky Vitamin (

The lowest price available is through Lucky Vitamin. Each twenty-four count box costs $6.39. Currently this product is on a buy one get one half off promotion. All orders totaling $49.00 or greater ship for free.

Consumers can save an additional ten percent by enrolling in Lucky Vitamin’s auto-ship program. The auto-ship program offers a huge range of delivery options including weekly to half yearly.

Should You Use Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail?

Whether consumers are looking for a way to add more silica to their diet or regularly suffer from urinary tract infections, this tea may help. Used as part of traditional medicine for centuries, this all natural tea may help men and women live healthier lives with regular consumption.

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