Catalyst – Advocare’s Healthy BCAA Amino Acid Supplement?


A large range of nutritional body supplements are developed today to help improve the health of the body and physical performance. An increasing number of athletes, bodybuilders and regular fitness lovers are using these supplements to help them achieve their fitness goals. The supplement market offers a lot of options and it can become confusing and difficult to know which product to choose for ourselves.

First of all, not all the supplements available are proven to be efficient, and secondly some of them can even become harmful for your health. In fact, some supplements contain chemical ingredients that can potentially have negative side-effects. It can be difficult to select the right product out of the many choices today’s market has to offer due to the fact that there is a lot of different information to be found about which nutritional supplement is the best to take.

The ingredients composing a sport booster are an important indicator of the quality and efficiency of the product. Good supplements will provide an extended list of their components that can include herbal ingredients as well as amino acids. There is a large diversity of amino acids that have been demonstrated to have positive effects on health and sportive performances. These amino acids are effective alongside exercise and a healthy diet.

Catalyst, an amino acid dietary supplement provided by Advocare, is an efficient supplement that provides the body with components necessary for the building of muscle. This product helps repair and protect muscle, providing amino acids that help to maintain endurance, lean body mass and strength. This article will present this product’s effects and formula to help decide if it is the right sport supplement for you.

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is an Amino Acid Dietary Supplement that helps to maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management. This dietary supplement uses a natural formula to enhance workout endurance and muscle gain using organic ingredients that have been clinically proven to boost athletic performance. Catalyst supports the recovery of the muscles after the exercise is done and helps protect them in the future. Amongst the key benefits of this product is its aid in preserving the muscle and energy levels of the body in times of calorie restriction.

Catalyst is a product to be used in combination with a regular workout routine and a healthy diet. While it can also work in conjunction with other products, it can also be used as a stand-alone product as it is beneficial both during and post-exercise, supporting muscle mass gain and maintenance. Thus Catalyst is a body supplement that assists people to use the full extent of their potential.

The Catalyst Amino Acid Supplement Formula

The Catalyst formula is designed to provide muscle building components to the body using these five main ingredients: L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine

L-Glutamine is one of the first active ingredients of the Catalyst formula, offering a number of health benefits. It has been mainly used by the fitness industry because of its ability to preserve muscle tissue, but it also has other qualities. L-Glutamine is the amino acid that is the most abundant in the bloodstream, our body uses it in large amounts to burn fat, lose weight fast and build muscle. However, this amino has positive effects on overall health. In fact, L-Glutamine promotes brain and digestive health and is known to fight cancer. In the case of fitness goals it positively affects athletic performances and muscle growth.

The other main component of the Catalyst formula is L-Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid used by the body to stimulate hormone levels and produce protein. L-Arginine has also been proven to play a key role not only in the process of muscle growth but also in the increase of the production levels of human growth hormone.

Competition bodybuilders have been known to use human growth hormone (HGH) to artificially enhance their performances, however in AdvoCare’s Catalyst the L-Arginine naturally boosts the HGH levels of the body in an organic way. In addition to functioning as a performance enhancer, L-Arginine in the same way as L-Glutamine has other health benefits. L-Arginine also reduces healing time of injuries and has been proven to reduce the effects of some degenerative neurological disorders.

Who is Advocare?

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Plano, Texas, AdvoCare is a company that provides innovative and revolutionary products to help with weight-management, sport performances and nutritional purposes. AdvoCare’s objective is to empower individuals to explore the full extent of their potential through physical and financial wellness. Advocare was founded by Charlie Ragus, whose commitment to helping people strive for more led him to create a name for the company that reflected his goal of acting as an advocate who cared for people.

To honour and strengthen their commitment to that original statement the company created the Advocare Foundation in 2015. The mission of the Advocare Foundation is to help children in need to develop their potential by investing in long-term solution to help them keep faith in a safer, healthier and happier life. Amongst the beneficiaries of their work are the YMCA Metropolitan Dallas and the Kids in Sports LA.

Pricing and Availability

The Catalyst Amino Acid Dietary Supplement can be found on the AdvoCare website, priced at $31.90 USD per 90 capsule bottle. Up to three servings a day, Catalyst can be used from age twelve and over. Three capsules should be taken 30 minutes prior to a workout, a meal or bedtime.

Catalyst is a sport supplement that is beneficial on multiple levels. It improves overall health by promoting brain and digestive health but also thanks to the amino acid L-Arginine it reduces the healing time process. Most importantly combined with exercise and a healthy diet Catalyst provides the body with the necessary nutriments to support muscle growth, to prevent muscle mass loss and also protects them during workouts and enables a fast recovery post-exercise. By using organic components that are naturally produced by our body it is perfectly safe to use thus making Catalyst a body supplement that stands out from the wide range of products that are to be found in today’s market.

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