CardioCycle – SenseON Smart Sports Biometric Body Tracker?


CardioCycle is a company that is creating a heart monitoring device called SenseON, which monitors your heart rate with the use of a CardioCycle app. This is our review.

What is CardioCycle?

Your health should be high on your priority list every day, but it is hard to keep track of your progress and your current level of health on a regular basis. The average person doesn’t even attend their routine care visits at their doctor, which means you could be much unhealthier than you think. Luckily, CardioCycle is available to help you check out your current lifestyle, and improve it when you need changes.

CardioCycle is the maker of the SenseON device, which is a tracker that you are supposed to wear when you work out to track your breathing and heart rate. Tracking your progress is the key to making major changes in your routine. In fact, without this type of monitoring, it is almost impossible to determine how your body is actually affected by a workout.

When you don’t push your body enough during a workout, you basically risk wasting your time. You want to make a difference in your workout, which means that you need to push your heart rate to a certain level the entire time you are doing cardio. If you fall short, you won’t give your body the cardio attention it needs, which means you won’t lose weight or inches.

How the SenseON Device Works

All you actually have to do is apply the device to your torso and start working out. The device is designed to monitor multiple aspects of your heart at once, and you can even view the recorded details of your workout later on. With this information, it is up to you to determine what else you need to do to improve your workout and push yourself further.
However, the SenseON device is useless without pairing it with the CardioCycle application for your smartphone.

The CardioCycle App

While you wear the device, it syncs up with the application that you can download from the Apple store for your iPhone or iPad. When active, you can track data that will tell you how effective and intense your workout really is.

There are three areas that are recorded and monitored during your workout, which are heart rate zones, heart rate recovery time, and heart-breathe rate ratio. Knowing these numbers helps you to understand your strengths in your workout, and help you to determine if you need to push yourself more in your workouts.

Using the SenseON Device

This monitoring tracker is unlike any other tracking device. Most other trackers require a watch or something similar. However, this device only needs to be applied to your skin using Kinesio Tape, which is included with your purchase. However, it is unclear if you can purchase this tape separately on the website. The tape is dual-sided, and needs to be changed each time you where the device.

Most of the advertisements for usage shows that you need to attach it on your right side below your chest, lining up with your ribs. This location allows you to have the clearest shot to your heart, giving you a consistent and accurate read each time.

Pricing for the SenseON Device

The website doesn’t seem to offer a place to purchase the product, and does not offer a place to describe the retail cost either. However, with a little more research on the website, you will find that the product is still in production at this point. The website states that it should be available to the general public around the same time as the 2016 Chinese New Year, which was February 8th, 2016. No further updates are available.

With your purchase of the SenseON device, you will also receive:

  • 30 strips of Kinesio tape
  • Charging station
  • A quick-start guide

Contacting CardioCycle

If you need more help with the application, or you have more questions about the program, you can speak with the customer service team. To call the team that works for CardioCycle, you will have to call (+86)-755-2267-7930. The company is based out of China, which may have an impact on your ability to reach someone.

Emailing the customer service team is a much easier method of communication. To email the company, send your message to [email protected]


CardioCycle has a wealth of technology that is still in production, but it could change the way that consumers and professionals address heart monitoring forever. This device isn’t just about checking your heart rate during a workout. If you have heart problems or a condition that requires you to monitor your heart, then you can use this item to help.

If you already have a heart monitoring device, you will need to check with your physician before using it. They will be able to determine if you can use the device alongside or instead of your current method of monitoring.

Since the product is not available to the public yet, you will need to register your email address to be updated when it is released. No other information is available about the SenseON app or device.


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