Caraway Seeds – Worth Incorporating Into Your Lifestyle?


Caraway Seeds Review – The Silent Hero?

Caraway is a magnificently multi-purposeful, yet often underrated plant and oil which is often overlooked in daily life but has been shown to have vital impact when taken as a natural health supplement. This plant, of the carum genus, when distilled into an oil form or when seeds are consumed, provides universal health benefits and astound modern medical practices. Maintaining Caraway extract in your daily routine as a tonic will increase your health tenfold!

You may not know a lot about this herb, or only have heard of it for cooking. However, once you realize what you have been missing by not taking caraway, you’ll definitely have a new way of seeing things. Chances are, once you realize what caraway supplements can do for you, you will be wondering why you haven't tried using it earlier.

Getting to Know Caraway

Otherwise known as Carum Carvi, Caraway is considered to be an aromatic plant, and is one of the most popular and longest used spices in the world. As far as carminative properties go, it ranks up there with cumin, fennel, anise, and even dill.

Commonly Caraway is used in many different kinds of cooking, as well as to sweeten alcoholic liqueurs. Similar to parsnip, and found in Europe and Asia naturally, the seeds, or fruit of the Caraway plant are what is used in medicine and in food. The plant has stems which furrow out up to 2 feet tall with beautiful, white, summer blooming flowers.

The oil found in the leaves of the Caraway plant are as medicinally potent as the seeds, and are used for many different reasons, but can be made into a soup or a tea.

The caraway seed is sown when they are ripe which can be as early as March. When the fruit holding the seeds ripen, they can be thinned out and laid in the sun to dry to take in all of the life force of the sun.

The potency of the oil depends on the ripeness of the seeds and fruit when they are distilled or harvested. Older, more mature fruit has higher, more concentrated carvone levels which creates a caraway oil that is of superior quality.

Caraway Tales

In the Middle Ages, Caraway was often referred to as an oil given to young girls to make them fertile. It was also known to add a wallop of flavor to very bland food which made it priceless during difficult times.

Caraway seeds were sprinkled over cakes at the end of a long day and the oil was used by Russians to flavor their cordials. Myths say that the Caraway seed prevents valuable objects from being stolen by fairies. It was also said to help owners train their pigeons to always come home.

The Many Uses of Caraway

Caraway is common enough in modern times that you probably don’t know you are eating it or using it in your everyday life.

Many 6 seed breads include the sweet seed so that it has a little bit of a flowery taste. Caraway seeds can be found in pickle preparations. You might have a heat pack full of lavender with some caraway blended in to provide a slightly bitter sweetness which aids in relaxation.

You might even have had liquors that taste like licorice because of the anise, which has coriander mixed in. There are caraway cheeses, desserts, the list is endless. There is so much to this multi-purposeful plant.

Caraway’s External Uses

For external purposes, Caraway can be used in a vaporizer or even a burner. The smell from the burning oil helps calm the nerves when having a stressful day, it can strengthen the immune system or clear out illnesses of the respiratory tract.

It has been added to shampoo or creams as well as lotions to heal dry skin and topically handle tense muscles or create shiny, more vibrant hair.

Many massage therapists like to mix caraway into their oil to create an overall powerful blend that relaxes the muscles deep into sore or damaged tissue.

Caraway Oil’s Medicinal Art

Incredibly, only 4 ounces of caraway oil can be pulled from up to 6 pounds seeds. This means that what oil is on the market is going to be extremely concentrated and will be packed with miracle nutrients.

This special caraway oil is used for many different ailments medicinally, and can be broken down into the parts of the body it allies with the most, including:


  • Expectorant
  • Antihistamine
  • Relieves cough
  • Relieves bronchitis
  • Redistributes fluid blockages due to Pneumonia



  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Emotional distress
  • Suicidal thoughts



  • Creates shiny hair
  • Soothes itchy scalp
  • Cures dandruff

Caraway Essential Oils

Caraway seeds and essential oils are full of important components such as Furfurol, Cumuninic Aldehyde as well as Limonene which is where so many of the health benefits originate.

For this reason it has extremely helpful aromatherapy health benefits which even help to relieve emotional distress. Caraway blends well with carrier oils such as ginger, orange, chamomile and lavender.

Caraway Oils Healing Properties

While there are thousands of uses for Caraway oil, the most common reasons one might use caraway supplements are to help relieve the symptoms of:


Millions of people suffer from allergies every day as a result of the histamines in the air. These histamines cause painful coughing, nasal draining, and itchy eyes. Caraway essential oil provides a neutralizing effect to these allergens compared to over the counter allergy medicine. The oil decreases swelling in the nasal passages and calms down itchy eye symptoms.

Scarce Milk Production

Many women have trouble feeding their own child because they don’t produce enough milk. Caraway oil, when mixed with honey and taken internally opens up the milk ducts in the breast and increases production. It increases the quantity of the milk without negatively affecting the quality of it so that the nutrients can still come through.

Cardiovascular Concerns

Caraway oil is an ally of the heart. It is known to strengthen the muscles around the heart, helps to balance out cholesterol in the body but then also prevents the hardening of the arteries which can come from a fatty diet. Caraway oil redistributes fluid, and removes blockages for overall heart health.


Acting as an antispasmodic, caraway oil inhibits the triggers in the brain from causing seizures and spasms which lowers the overall numbers of spasms a person might have to deal with. In this way it is also beneficial when it comes to relieving spasmodic coughs which leave a person breathless after suffering from pneumonia or chronic bronchitis. Those afflicted by epilepsy will find adding a supplement of caraway extract will aid in calming seizures down in combination with their regular medication. Talk to your doctor about Caraway as an anti-seizure supplement today!


Caraway oil operates as a crucial disinfectant in many parts of the world. This helps in areas where it isn’t easy to just go to the doctor. Caraway oil can be applied to external wounds, because it stops bacteria from taking root. It also works in cases of internal infections such as respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Fluid Buildup

This ailment is something that almost every human being suffers from in one form another. Whether it comes as simply as water retention, or a fat build up in the body, caraway oil acts as a powerful diuretic. It lowers blood pressure, redistributes fluid in the body and even breaks apart fatty deposits so they can be purged. Caraway oil removes uric acid from the Kidneys, allowing them to function properly as well.


A vastly under rated disorder, emmenagogue refers to the time in a woman’s life when she is dealing with Postmenopausal symptoms and is dealing with what is called obstructed menstruation. This is when a woman experiences a blockage where the blood cannot be distributed appropriately which causes severe pain. Caraway Oil relieves swelling which tends to cause the obstruction which allows the blood to move freely.

Caraway Oil Stimulates

As a stimulant, Caraway oil provides a warming effect throughout the body which makes it helpful in stimulating the mind and mood to improve mental health as well as fatigue and stimulates the cycles in the body and excretory systems.

Caraway oil supplement also serves to keep you awake as well as alert on long drives or to keep you up for long days at the office.

Caraway Oil As An Insecticide

As mentioned, caraway oil relieves infections inside and outside of the body. The same applies when it comes to applying caraway oil as an insecticide. Not only do bugs, worms dislike it in general, so you can sprinkle some around your garden to keep slugs and the like from eating your tomatoes, but you can also consider it the best intestinal worm treatment out there.

Safety and Sensitivity to Caraway

As a general rule, one should always refer to a medical professional before including any supplement into your daily routine. However, Caraway seeds, and caraway oil are considered safe for the general populace.

The only consideration should be for pregnant women, as taking Caraway internally can increase or even cause menstruation which can be very dangerous to the unborn fetus.

It does help to increase the flow of breast milk while nursing, it is important to ask a physician on how you should approach including Caraway oil in the best way for you specifically.

Some individuals also found themselves sensitive to Caraway oil when it came to topical use. It is recommended that not only should you use a carrier oil (such as almond, sunflower of coconut oils) to dilute the oil itself, it is also recommended that you do a sensitivity test.

It is recommended that you do not combine Caraway oil with any type of mint oil as that has been known to cause rashes for sensitive users.

Sensitivity tests:

Mix four parts carrier oil with one part caraway oil.

Place one drop on your under arm and rub into the skin gently. This is called a skin patch test. If you have a reaction, such as redness, burning, tickling or swelling, discontinue use and refer to your physician. If not, then your body will be fine to use caraway oil topically.

Caraway Extract – The Miracle Supplement

Hopefully by now you have a stronger understanding of what this miraculous supplement can do for you. It remains a solid part of our daily lives when it comes to cooking and liquors, but taken as a supplement provides a tonic for your entire body on a daily basis. Don’t let Caraway oil fall by the wayside. Let it heal what ails you!

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