Candy Club – Monthly Premium Chocolate Sweets & Fruity Treats?


Candy Club is a company that offers curated boxes with various candies and sweets, which are determined as a result of taking a quiz about your personal preferences. Membership is inexpensive, and you can even offer the boxes as a gift to a friend.

What is Candy Club?

Everyone has that one type of food that they just can’t get enough of. For some people, pasta is the “end all” of food. For others, a hearty meal of steak and potatoes will do the trick. However, there are many consumers that share a very needy sweet tooth.

While consuming sweet snacks won’t be the best thing for your teeth, there’s something to be said about the way that sugar-rich foods can trigger a happier balance in your brain. Unfortunately, getting out to the store for your own sweets can be hard, especially if you bring along your children and their sticky fingers. Luckily, you may find what you need from Candy Club.

Candy Club gives you the chance to have a whole box of candy that is catered to the things you like. This type of offer can’t be found anywhere else, unless you regularly shop online for candy.

Instead, you will be able to try out flavors that are familiar, along with new candies that you may never have heard of. Some boxes allow you to purchase chocolate, but the company considers the climate and weather of your shipping address first, since chocolate is prone to melting in higher temperatures.

Sometimes, it’s hard to break the habit of eating the same type of candy all the time, or any food, for that matter. Even though it’s good to know what you like, it’s important to be flexible and willing to try new things once in a while. With the ability to test out up to three signature candies in every box, you may realize that you have a few new favorite snacks to add to your cravings.

How Does Candy Club Work?

The simplicity of this amazing program is what appeals to consumers. However, this membership isn’t just about receiving random shipments of candy. The creators of the program cater to the types of candy that you like, starting with a Candy Quiz.

The Candy Quiz helps the curators of each box find the best candies and confections to meet your preferences. You won’t have access to this quiz until you make your payment for the plan that you want to partake in.

Once your Candy Quiz has been reviewed, you will be shown recommendations for your curated box. This list of recommendations will tell you what’s already in the box, giving you the time you need to decide if you like the current box, or if you want to switch out any of the candies in it. You will be able to adjust this curation with each month of participation in the subscription service.

After you’ve approved the box, your shipment will be sent out, which will occur on the same day for each month you participate with Candy Club.

Pricing for a Candy Club Membership

The amount that you need to cover for your Candy Club membership will depend on the length of time that you would like to receive the packages. You can choose from:

  • A month-to-month plan: $27.99 monthly, plus shipping fees
  • A six-month plan: $22.99 monthly, plus shipping fees
  • A twelve-month plan: $19.99 monthly, plus shipping fees

With each of these subscriptions, you will need to pay your full balance for the program before you begin. That means, the six-month option will be $137.94, and the twelve-month program is $239.88. They will automatically renew at the end of your agreement, unless the membership was purchased as a gift. You can cancel this enrollment with a call to the customer service team.

Even though you’re using a subscription service, the creators behind this program give you the option to return the products with their satisfaction guarantee. You have up to speak with customer service beforehand, and your membership may be completely cancelled to refund the payments.

Contacting the Creators of Candy Club

Candy Club’s website is comprehensive and straightforward, which is much of the appeal of getting a membership in the first place. However, you may need to reach customer service for more information, or just to thank them for offering a candy delivery service. They can be reached by phone or email.

Call 888-598-5995 to reach a representative. They are available on weekdays exclusively from 6:30am to 5:00pm PST. If your question doesn’t need to be answered right away, or you don’t enjoy being on the phone, you can send an email instead to [email protected].

Candy Club Review Summary

Candy Club is a great way to reward yourself at the end of the day, or to offer a fun gift to a loved one. You spend much less than you normally would spend on candy in the store, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.

Even though your dentist probably won’t be thrilled with this indulgent type of curated box, you can be certain that your taste buds will appreciate your Candy Club membership.

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