Burst Toothbrush: Sonic Oral Care Brush & Whitening Strips Kit?


Burst Oral Care is a collection of products that allows consumers to give themselves a whitening treatment at home with the use of either a toothbrush or whitening strips. Consumers can take part in the treatments with a subscription to keep their teeth healthy.

About The Burst Toothbrush Oral Care Kit

Taking care of oral hygiene starts with brushing teeth every night. However, there are some lifestyle and dietary habits that can cause the teeth to become yellowed and stained, which cannot be remedied with twice-daily brushing. Instead, consumers have to get whitening treatments, often visiting a dentist’s office. However, Burst Toothbrush has solutions for home.

Burst Oral Care offers both a toothbrush and whitening strips with a subscription. The user sets up the subscription online and has the products delivered to their doorstep. The subscription can be cancelled at any time, though the users are encouraged to share their experience with friends. The subscription is inexpensive, no matter which option is chosen.

Products from Burst Oral Care

The selection of whitening products is limited, but that makes the process less complicated. Read on below to learn about the toothbrush and whitening strips.

BURST Sonic Toothbrush

The BURST Sonic Toothbrush comes with:

  • The toothbrush
  • A USB charger
  • A toothbrush head
  • A wall socket

According to the claims by the website, this system is the most powerful product on the market for brushing teeth. With 33,000 sonic vibrations in every minute, the user cleans their teeth with charcoal bristles that naturally attract impurities. There are three brushing modes for consumers to customize the experience, choosing to whiten, massage the gums, or to gently brush sensitive teeth. To encourage better brushing habits, the toothbrush features a Quadpacer Timer, which vibrates every 30 seconds to indicate to the user that they need to switch to another area of the mouth. It also automatically shuts off after two minutes of use.

The total cost of the set is $69.99, and the user gets free shipping. The user will need to pay $6.00 every three months to replace the toothbrush head. This product is only available with a subscription.

BURST Whitening Strips

BURST Whitening Strips come in a package that contains a seven-day supply, which is 14 strips. Most consumers may see significant whitening after the first application, though the whole week of use should eradicate the stains that the user has had for years.

On the whitening strips, consumers will find strips that are long enough to cover both rows of teeth. The strips have been pre-treated with a hydrogen peroxide gel that soaks into the porous texture of the teeth to eliminate the stains and replace it with whiteness. It helps to break down the stain molecules to reduce the stain’s severity.

The treatment only needs to be repeated every three months to keep up the brighter smile, which only takes five minutes.

Unlike the toothbrush, consumers can choose to either subscribe for $14.99 per shipment, or to buy it as a one-time transaction for $19.99 per package.

Contacting Burst Oral Care

Even with the information online, consumers may have other questions about the products or the subscription. To reach out to the customer service team, consumers can either call or send an email.

Burst Toothbrush Conclusion

Burst Toothbrush helps any adult that wants to take responsibility for their own teeth whitening. The curated boxes only require new deliveries every three months, though consumers can do the treatment whenever they feel ready. The directions are simple, and consumers will not have to go through the hassle of scheduling the remedy with a dentist.

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