Bull Dog Skincare: Men’s Beard & Body Grooming Essentials?


Bulldog Skincare is a brand of skincare products for men that want to maintain their complexion with products that account for their individual pH levels and physiology in the male body. The treatments can be ordered from the official website, and are offered at an incredibly low price.

What Is Bull Dog Skincare?

Everyone needs to place importance on giving their complexion the support that it needs. Most skincare companies focus on women, due to the ever-changing hormones that cause them to experience inflections in their skin. However, men are often ignored in this industry, leaving them to use facial scrubs and moisturizers that have feminine scents and ineffective ingredients. The Bulldog Skincare brand aims to change that.

Bulldog Skincare uses natural ingredients to nourish the complexions of men. There are two main facilities that develop all the products, and they highlight the importance of integrity in their business. They also offer free shipping to consumers that spend more than £20.00 in an order.

Read on below to learn about the other ingredients available with Bulldog Skincare.

Bull Dog Skincare Men's Beard & Body Grooming Essentials Products

Consumers have a wide array of products to choose from on the Bulldog Skincare website. There are multiple collections available that target skin clarity, aging, and other issues. Those collections include:

  • Original, which helps men that have combination or normal skin
    • Moisturizer: £6.00
    • Stubble moisturizer: £7.50
    • 24-hour moisturizer: £10.00
    • Face wash: £4.50
    • Face scrub: £5.00
    • After shave balm: £5.00
  • Sensitive, for men that have a higher risk of a bad reaction from excessively dry or oily formulas
    • Moisturizer: £6.00
    • Face scrub: £5.00
    • Face wash: £4.50
    • After shave balm: £5.00
  • Oil Control, to manage complexions that are prone to acne from an overabundance of sebum
    • Moisturizer: £6.00
    • Face wash: £4.50
    • Face mask: £6.00
    • Blemish targeter: £6.00
    • Face scrub: £5.00
  • Protective, to defend the skin against UV rays that can damage the skin
    • Moisturizer: £8.00
  • Age Defence, to reduce wrinkles and help the user to look younger
    • Moisturizer: £8.00
    • Serum: £12.00
    • Eye Roll-On: £10.00

Along with the face treatments for the skin, consumers will also have access to body care and shave products, supporting their skin in multiple ways. For the body care, consumers can wash up, moisturize, and deodorize their body. All these products are £5.00 or less.

For the shaving remedies, consumers will be able to find products for their particular skin type to reduce irritation. There are both gels and creams, and all the products are £5.50 or less. For men that want to keep their facial hair, there are a few beard treatments to keep the hair smooth and soft, rather than rough and dry. To make sure consumers get everything they need to maintain their preferred facial hair, they can also buy a shave brush and bowl set (£8.00) or a beard comb (£6.50).

Contacting Bull Dog Skincare

Since the concept of having a skincare company that is just for men is still fairly new, some people may have questions. The customer service team does not have a specific email address or phone number. However, there is a “Help?” box at the bottom-right of the website that consumers can fill out.

Bull Dog Skincare Conclusion

Bulldog Skincare is meant for any man that wants to have skincare solutions that are specific to their needs, rather than being meant for unisex or women-specific care. A man’s complexion is much different, so consumers need to manage their skin the right way. The company works with the foundation of exclusively researching men’s skin texture and managing the issues they may experience. The formulas work with shaving, beard care, complexion management, and bodily hygiene.


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